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from what i remember...the one on the very left is a printed flannelthe one next to it maybe toothe one in the middle is a brown jacketing - maybe holland & sherrythe two on the right might be maddersdo not remember too well what exactly i orderedi always buy my ties in his shopunless C&A is doing another special run with @T4phage pulling the strings in the backgroundpatrizio said that he does not like modern jacketings for jackets, calling them "empty" - however they are...
because i do not care about the things offered in the online shop
why don't you?
New ties in the making... Patrizio is offering a new thing - printed flannel. The fabrics are double-sided and have different colour schemes on the front and on the back. Nice and conservative prints. I also noticed that he is offering more and more jacketings for woolen ties - Drapers, Holland & Sherry etc
up until this summer I would have said yes.however this summer was THAT BAD that I was wearing hardly any summer stuff :-(
yesvery poorvery sorryoneone one one one one one one
no surprise i guess
just ordered three more one-button coats
who talks you out of one button and why?best choice for sportcoats imo
Wearing your pyjama in the club?
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