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One button on each sleeve for sport coats. I would wear it with beige trousers and a light blue or blue/white striped shirt. Think about getting beige / cream trousers, they are very versatile. Light grey trousers too - just not with this SC.
http://www.english-shoes.ru/contact/I guess they do.
I would not combine a brown suit with a grey tie...
Did you buy anything from Mr. Simachev?
They are comfortable indeed - just actually way too pointy for me.
I made the mistake of buying a pair of 348-lasted C&Js some years ago. I do not wear them at all.
You should start your own film series...
Repost from...earlier this year. Double double breasted. [[SPOILER]]
The most unfriendly shop I have ever been in.A friend of mine wanted to buy a pair of JLs; he tried them and asked for another size in order to be able to compare - the answer he got was: "you will not buy anything anyway - I will not go downstairs and get another pair."Apart from that they have a nice shop window.
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