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Can you please tell us about the age of the silk? I remember you can determine the age with one single touch.Also, paid ties always have flatter edges than free Passaggio ties.
I did One of the few bespoke tailors visiting Moscow on a constant basis.
sorry, lurk more.he posted pictures of both his ties and shirts.
OMG so obvious!OMG so in your face!!!
as always in naples - it depends on who introduced you, who you are and how much the tailor likes you...
a double four in hand would be way too bulky for my taste with a standard lined 3 fold tie
There are lots of small tailors around indeed, e.g. in Naples - many of them charge 3-figure Euro-amounts for suits.However you most probably will not find them on the internet - you would need somebody who would introduce you to them... which is not an easy task from the distance.Maybe somebody from the forum will be so kind...Good luck!
Maybe @SartodiNapoli can add his opinion about this Spanish shoemaker?
maybe anyone has their whatsapp number? usually the top choice for italians
from what i remember...the one on the very left is a printed flannelthe one next to it maybe toothe one in the middle is a brown jacketing - maybe holland & sherrythe two on the right might be maddersdo not remember too well what exactly i orderedi always buy my ties in his shopunless C&A is doing another special run with @T4phage pulling the strings in the backgroundpatrizio said that he does not like modern jacketings for jackets, calling them "empty" - however they are...
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