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The purpose might be the collection of kickbacks by Mr. C.
Do you want the poor old man to turn blind?
Untypical Royal Oak Offshore.He should be wearing a Rolex... or maybe a Nautilus ;-)
Did not get any more beautifulUsed to be a nice sofa back in 1974 I guess
Btw.... in the former Soviet countries these kind of caps are very popular amongst so-called "Gopniki".They wear light "loafers" in wintertime too.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GopnikIn a nutshell - great choice for Kazakhstan
VERY leuk btw!
You mean Pirozzi of Via Chiaia 197?Domenico Pirozzi And this is not to be confused with his namesake who is not as good as him. He tailoring in Via Chiaia 197 in Naples?C&A has some COMMISSIONS there! All in the dandyelegant @Gianni Cerutti style!
Looks like you confuse me with someone else. Cheers
Does my great customer experience continue here?How about asking what happened?
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