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Hi, is that a heavy woolen coat with light cotton trousers?
I'd order swatches from HFW anyway since the colours on their website and in real life differ a lot.
Not at all mate! *FIST* *FIST* *FIST*You will be able to see the result during our dandy passeggiata on Königsallee!
1. You want to say that he makes een mooie pakken???2. I might end up with a passaggio-kind-of-jacket - end of bolt ugliness
Cannot show too much... have some stuff in the making though. Shipped the unfunded liabilities directly to my tailor - he already cut them before the August holidays. Will visit him in September. Blue Sharkskin Suit, 370g Blue Herringbone Suit, 370g Lambswool Jacketing, 350g Grey flannel trousers, 400g Cavalry Twill trousers, 340g ...and a mystery bespoke jacket... I asked my tailor to pick something for me and to prepare the fitting - will let you know in...
Dear N,you are so right.... I have forgotten EVERYTHING about CROSS-CULTURAL MANAGEMENT.To come back to the actual topic - Don Iorio always delivers on time and keeps his promises...
Yes, Marco presented him to the forum. In the beginning Prisco worked just fine without any issues, however this changed at some point in time and many people have been waiting for their shirts ever since. I think Marco had some issues too.
I would love to have some material for an update - I managed to talk to him a while ago when I called him from an unknown-to-him Italian number. Nothing ever since.
What exactly do you want to hear about Prisco?How he doesnt answer the phone?How I have been waiting for my shirts since October 2012?How he is lying everytime he tells me something about the shirts? They must have been at the ricamatrice for 25 times already...
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