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Our mate pat is a non-smokerNever had any smelly ties
check this one out:
i TOLD you to write down the reference numbers as well as the THICKNESS of the materialotherwise MONSTERKNOTS are the result! and people try to have that REPAIRED!
Can you please tell us about the age of the silk? I remember you can determine the age with one single touch.Also, paid ties always have flatter edges than free Passaggio ties.
I did One of the few bespoke tailors visiting Moscow on a constant basis.
sorry, lurk more.he posted pictures of both his ties and shirts.
OMG so obvious!OMG so in your face!!!
as always in naples - it depends on who introduced you, who you are and how much the tailor likes you...
a double four in hand would be way too bulky for my taste with a standard lined 3 fold tie
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