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Very important total look.C&A approves.
Prisco summary: Ordered four shirts in October 2012. On top of that a friend of mine ordered 3 shirts and my dad ordered 4 shirts. I have been his client before - he makes (made?) nice shirts and has been more or less on time. Ever since I have been waiting for the shirts. In April 2014 I talked to him - I have been to Naples, we had another fitting and he promised two more shirts as a compensation for the long waiting time. I thought all would be ok. I talked to him...
I think they call that kind of pocket square.... dandyelegant!
Very nice. Is that one of those cashmere fabrics which have been on ebay? Looked at those too.I once stayed at my tailor's place to have a look at how he is cutting the cloth - included too much shouting and beating the cloth for me ;-)
You should have ordered more ties ;-)
Yes I did - it is a guy who usually does not to bespoke shirts; he has a shirt factory and does bespoke shirts only as a favour to some people. The sample shirts looked very good though.Same here, also can't wait Thanks!
That POW is cashmere too. He found it somewhere hidden. Should have many years on its shoulders...Two suits are being made right now - more to be ordered later on
The mystery sportcoat is a peach herringbone cashmere by holland and sherry. A lot brighter in reality than on those pictures: At the same time I ordered three new jackets and trousers (not pictured, just flannels and heavy cottons) Now I have to wait... and to think of what to order for the next summer...
New order...
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