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You mean how big Gianni's kickback is?
SandraNovember 3, 2014 at 4:05 pmInteresting look, but I still think dudes should not wear skirts unless they’re also playing bagpipes.ReplyName*November 3, 2014 at 9:46 pmWell SANDRA maybe you should go back the 1920′s where it would be unacceptable for ladies to wear pants and let us all know what it is like to be denied a right based on cultural standards.Reply
Another suggestion - the option to have steel toe caps installed right away would be nice to have.Also a VAT claim form would be great - especially for Europeans who live outside the EU but prefer to have their stuff shipped to a EU location.
Most of the people do over 200km/h on a constant basis in case their cars are capable of doing so (read: in case it is no Opel Astra A)
Because of you the Paones just started working as seamstresses at Rubinacci.
Ciao Enrico,thanks for your reply.Right now I am rather looking for experiences of other clients...
May I remind you that we are practicing cyber-love via whatsapp daily???Yes it is him...
I received the first message too.Thank you for being here to deliver the second one!
Some additional info...Tailor:Raffaele Iorio, NaplesStyle:manica a mappina on all of them, 3-roll-2.welted breast pocket and hip patch pockets for the sport coats, 1 button on the sleeveswelted breast pocket and jetted pockets for the suits, 4 buttons on the sleevestrousers with double pleats and cuffs
Hi, does anyone of you have any experience with Velasca Milano shoes? I have recently read about them due to their aggressive social media campaign. http://www.velasca.com They are roughly in the same price segment as the classical Meermin line. However no MTOs as it seems.
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