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don't hate on t4
rofl tk olololz
@WeakMonday , too funny
ALL my suits have besom pockets. my tailor considers besom pockets most elegant for suits. i simply do not care...
the place you talk about is called shinok.all restaurants by alexander rappoport are very good in my opinion. dr zhivago for russian food, voronezh for steaks (and great pastrami sandwiches...)
the prices have become better due to the ruble devaluation. the luxe shopping mall TSUM is even advertising their MILANESE PRICES everywhere... good luck
is that a REAL ostrich chair??
Upcoming bespoke projects... DB minnis chalkstripe flannel suit DB minnis green flannel suit Dormeuil sb sc A Harrison sc, not sure yet whether i want it SB or DB Plus a proper navy blazer with gold buttons, no pics yet All will be made by Don Raffaele Iorio, Naples
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