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Mmmmm so arousing.... masculine men...Kind regards and COMPLIMENTI from Moscow!
Versace Silk Shirts.
tHANK YOU dear, really.I think a double breasted solaro is the best first bespoke suit for everyone to COMMISSION!Followed by a white velvet dinner jacket.Please tell me more about getting many instagram likes.Btw, where is the overview of who wants what???????? dont be lazy ok?????
But how will it look with THE SOLARO?
I will contact some Russian highrollers too!
Yes, I once bought a length at Buonanno (before they had their pre-close sales) for €90 in October 2012.Don't expect the shirt to be finished though.
FYI, Patrizio told me yesterday that my ties are ready and that they will be shipped today. Or already have been shipped by now....
Dear Mr. t4phage, I think I like 1&3.
C&A prefers reppe silk ties with a beautiful sheen to them.I learnt a lot from him.Today wearing a black reppe silk tie together with my bordeaux-coloured shirt.
Looking forward to receiving the reminder!
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