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Get you a nice kickback??
This one is smiths- weighs around 370g i thinkCaccioppoli has a lighter version available
then he'd better change his user name + location too@Davarpanah please keep us posted... and good luck!
Sorry your ass fit sucks bigtime (I mean that half-belted ugly french beast), I do not talk to youI am here to get money from teh boss
All handmade. Will you please paypal me the €20?
second floor, box right next to the centre box - view and sound were decent, no worries.i'd go DB btw!enjoy!
been to the teatro dell'opera on new years eve, wearing a navy suit made me overdressedtheir interpretation of the nutcracker was a 100 times worse than the bolshoi's... but that's another topic i guess
don't hate on t4
rofl tk olololz
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