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is that a REAL ostrich chair??
Upcoming bespoke projects... DB minnis chalkstripe flannel suit DB minnis green flannel suit Dormeuil sb sc A Harrison sc, not sure yet whether i want it SB or DB Plus a proper navy blazer with gold buttons, no pics yet All will be made by Don Raffaele Iorio, Naples
Made by your very own jamaican tailor?How is your menswear shop?How is your top wife?How is your cancer illness?
Enough M. Brosi talk I think!
@dieworkwear you might have overlooked this one while creating your funny chart - I (and other users too, I am convinced) would be happy to see your answer here.
Yes, I do have first hand experience with him, so do other forum members. However I do not know whether they want to tell about this.He is a Neapolitan tailor, does soft coats and hates anything exaggerated.Works out of a very small workshop inside a multi-storey residential building, nothing fancy, no frills. Coffee is included though.Prices, as always - depends on who you are, who introduced you, how the tailor likes you etc. I'd say his prices are within the price range...
But Norman wanks alone??
I was busy masturbating, sorry
What happened to the lower back of your jackets? Have they been like that from the very beginning or did you e.g. gain weight?
Especially the lower back, top
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