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Ordered this 3-piece Havana today: First time ordering from the site, although I've shopped in-store previously. Here's to hoping it gets delivered in a timely manner.
Hear, hear.I often wonder if the anti-cummerbund party, the long-necktie wearers, and the notch lapel enthusiasts feel an affinity for one another.
Are these still available, by any chance?
Those loafers are far too casual to be worn at a semi-formal event. Reserve them to wear casually with shorts and chinos.
For NYE, I will be wearing blackwatch trousers with my dinner jacket as well. Black bow tie and cummerbund. Tartan trousers are a nice touch, but a tartan bow tie/cummerbund/pocket square is a step too far, IMO.
The original poster need not concern himself with being overdressed, particularly with how he plans to wear the tie. Far too much is being made of the simple wearing of a tie. Wear one wherever and whenever you wish, in good health. OP, a slimmer width tie is fine. Stay away from an overtly skinny tie.
I understand that Brooks Brothers shoes under the Peal & Co. label are manufactured by either Crockett and Jones or Alfred Sargent. Does anyone know who makes Brooks' velvet slippers?
I quite like the Ashbourne in Camel Suede. As archibald pointed out, it will not be as versatile, but a light suede shoe is required summer wear, as far as I'm concerned.
The pattern is fine. But the pattern is not the issue. I second the very serious doubts voiced by others in this thread. Strongly consider sizing up, or at least reevaluate after losing the weight.
If you decide to wear both, let us know how it goes. Better yet, post a picture. Good luck.
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