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Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus Awesome pictures go here Fantastic!
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Sartorialist vibe, Andrew. Yeah I think maybe it's the gravel, depth of field and subject placement that does it. If only this guy had some funky shoes on or something! Cyclists in Tokyo and London dress quite differently from those in Australia, less lycra.
I went to Japan for a bit recently. This was my favourite picture. I know, I know, 'tis not a bike forum, but they're everywhere in Tokyo.
NOW SOLD 4 m of J&J Minnis Fresco for a very good price including delivery to just about anywhere 0513 on the darkish side mid grey (see picture) in 9/10 oz which is maybe the best of the Fresco weights for most climates 150 GBP, 240 USD or 178 EUR The cloth is absolutely new, will ship from the mill and is entirely free of any defects (not seconds or anything of the sort). If you have any Qs, please just ask. My selling policy is first to come and to pay in...
Quote: Originally Posted by tim_horton The one I mentioned is cotton at 9oz/260g, not 300g. Though honestly it's all Greek to me. How many grams would be considered lightweight in cotton? Sorry, didn't spot that! The cotton is nice but I would worry about is durability.
Quote: Originally Posted by tim_horton Does anyone have any experience with these fabrics? I was thinking #9272 for an olive sports coat, but am unsure how heavy this is. I'd rather it be on the light side. It's not on the light side. For that, try something Italian. LBD Harrisons do linen in about 300 gms. You may want to consider that. It is in their Mersolair bunch but only about an ounce lighter than John G Hardy linen.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSYJ6...eature=related About 2 minutes in, you can quite clearly hear the place name as I have always known it to be pronounced which, as I said earlier, rhymes with 'beauty'.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan It doesn't look printed to me - if it was shouldn't the dots have the same texture and pattern as the surrounding cloth? Yep, you're right. The spots are woven according to the Drake's site.
Paraboot Avoriaz in suede can look very nice. I saw a pair in green suede at the Paraboot shop in Aoyama, Tokyo recently. They look nice in plain leather, too. The photo comes from Leather Soul.
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