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Surely fusible interlening is just an alternative, the merits of which depend on the end use and the particular whims of the client(s), to the 'old fashioned' sort of interlining and in that respect it can be soft and hard. Maybe it can be harder than the old stuff, but it isn't always, right?
s3lam Fantastic buyer, instant payment, great communication and no hassles at all
I bought my first Sam Hober tie a while ago. I don't buy a zillion ties at once. In fact, right now I only own two from David, but the customer service I get is only matched by the ties themselves. This thread has just reminded me of what an asset David is and to order some more before production grinds to a halt thanks to the forum
Pantalones loco
Quote: Originally Posted by banis AWESOME!
For sale is a pair of APC Petit Standard jeans in size 26. They are brand new, never worn. Price $130 US including shipping (airmail) to anywhere in the world. I paid $175 exc. shipping. Thanks, Andrew For full measurements, etc. see this link http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=665
Quote: Originally Posted by tshaw Andrew - Love the 'closeted' look! Ha ha, zing!
Quote: Originally Posted by Sterling Gillette The jacket looks excellent! Cheers, F! It is a pleasure to wear. The trousers are rather ordinary but my hips are a ridiculously hard fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Anyone ever see Minnis Fresco 0511 in the flesh? I need cloth for summer odd trousers, but it's impossible to tell what it looks like based on the website photos. Looking for a very light grey. I'm skipping right to the end and saying it's not a super light grey. Most people's reaction to 0511 as being the lightest grey in the mid-weight Frescos is that 'it's not as light as I expected'. For that, you need...
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