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Drake's? You might also try Budd in London. They have a website, but sometimes stock in store differs so an email might be worth a shot.
I understand the sentiment here but there are some distinctions that have been well and truly lost. There used to be a firm division between fitters and cutters, for example, with some expert at one task but hopeless at another. We are seeing a return of specialist fitters but really because of necessity (tailors who send garments back and forth to be made up along the way). Making, too, was often not done by the cutter but another team of specialists (pocket maker was...
Shuron frames are great. Fit is often dictated simply by dimensions but, I don't know, perhaps the materials used by the company help. Mine (script glasses) have lasted a long time and fit well. They were a bargain, too. The frames were about $80.
Here's a picture I saw over at the FNB forums Ivy section. From memory, it's a doctor making house calls on Long Island or somewhere in the north east. Maybe fxh can help out. Note the M 65 over a suit or, at least, doctor's garb. Presumably the M 65 was the man's very own and not some contrivance. Interesting nevertheless ...
Apologies if this doesn't belong here and, if so, please remove my post, but I have a few cut pieces of Fresco 0520 (mid blue) that someone backed out of. I'm happy to send them anywhere. PM me for details. I have 1 x 3.5 m and 2 x 3 m pieces. Thanks. All sold.
I know I sound like a broken record, but Hankyu Men's in Osaka will be worth a visit. Strasburgo focuses predominantly on imports except for the occasional trunk show by local shoemakers.
Sure, if you send me a message, I can pack it up and send it off this weekend.
If anyone would like my copy of Ametora by David Marx, let me know. I'll even pay the postage and perhaps after you're done with it, you can pass it on to another member here to read. First in, first served. My very small bookcase thanks you.
Ah yes, the Rolex watches. Ian Goodenough helped everyone out with this. http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2016/feb/10/liberal-mp-gives-rolex-a-hand-following-fake-gift-watches-story
We need some gossipy dirt. I was reading about Tony Abbott's free return airfares to the US on his latest speaking engagement when I noticed something in the updated statement of registrable interests document. On page 9 of 60, 'annexure B', I see 'a gift of business shirts from Mr Charles Nakhle of Nakhle Shirtmakers'. So now we know who makes his shirts, but who makes the God awful suits?
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