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Shuron frames are fantastic. Mine have been indestructible and are a bit anti-fashion. I have a pair of Ronsir frames. They are unexpectedly light and, unlike other frames I've had, they fit very well and don't place too much pressure on any one part of my head.
Great stuff, T, excellent cut on the lapels and shape through the chest and waist. Keep the pictures coming and thank you for posting.
They have plenty of stock and if you email them and ask before ordering, they'll let you know what's in. It's the made to order stuff that takes a while.
To give that picture some context, remember that at the basted stage, there is no collar. This leaves shoulders looking squarer, as they do not feed cleanly on to the neck, as they do with a collar. Also, it exaggerates width. A 'popped' collar on a shirt has a similar effect, for example. The canvas you see is not the lapels themselves. It will be trimmed and smaller, although, undoubtedly, the lapels will be large. It is a peacoat. And on that point, this may explain the...
Ryan, I'm not sure how much you will use per day, and maybe 500 MB wouldn't cut it, but Optus offer a $2 a day (effectively $60 or so dollars) prepaid SIM with unlimited calls and texts. That gives you about 15 GB of data a month, but I understand that is not how data really works (and Optus do, too). You may find yourself downloading 2 GB one day and very little the next. We can't spread our data use out so conveniently. However, as others have argued, perhaps consider...
Excellent! That reminds me of Sator's heartfelt request for us all to wear heavy-weight worsteds to the beach.
tchoy, I've already been in contact with subskin, but this is great news and I am keen. Thank you for having a hand in this. Best, A
Drapers has a very nice bunch of cottons.
Did you check for explosives first?
This is a very interesting point. As Bourdieu argued, we show our class in what we consume. This is true in all societies and probably aligns more with your sentiments than those of the magazine's. Class as a sociological phenomenon is not unique to the UK. How clearly the UK articulated and delineated class was special, but that misses the point. Class is not, ultimately, constituted by these things. Instead, they are the symptoms of class.Grayson Perry recently looked at...
New Posts  All Forums: