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Bakers make people fat. Up against the wall with those fuckers.
Um, what? Who is "believing [themselves] to be something [they're] objectively not"? Aside from you believing you're being logical and fair-minded, of course.The issue for trans folks is not that they "believe" themselves to have been born with different genitalia than they were born with. The issue is using "the naughty bits you were born with" as the basis for requiring people to use one bathroom or another. Why not divide bathrooms along the objective lines of "fat...
Don't doubt it. Serious question, since medical malpractice is a subject about which I have limited personal knowledge:Do you think that's more a function of the state of the law with respect to medicine, the state of the industry, or just general Murican litigiousness regardless of industry/subject matter?
Eh, I've "heard of" lots of either outlier, or inaccurately reported, cases in pretty much every field of law that don't fairly represent where the mean really is. For some unfathomable reason, the lore within every business sector tends to be about how wildly unfair the standards applied to their particular niche are.I've represented plenty of doctors, and a few groups of doctors. While there are plenty of docs I think the world of as people, in general my experience has...
No way. If you don't share my opinion about this zombie tv show, you're clearly a nasty, deplorable bitch.
Stopped clocks and all - that's not at all inconsistent with being a bunch of morally defective halfwits.
Watched 5-10 minutes then got so bored and irritated I gave up. Have been watching FTWD this weekend on Amazon Prime (had only watched S1 E1 before). Enjoying it a bit more than I enjoyed the last couple seasons of the original. But the Chris character is pretty much the most annoying pussy who ever lived.
And good plan - wait to get aggressive on the base paths until you're facing a guy who actually has a decent pick-off move.
It helps to catch the fucking ball.
Understood. In some ways choosing among different forms of government is just about deciding who allocates the free shit.
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