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No, that would be this one.
I thought it was because of the dedicated direct feeds to HFTs like stitches, FC, and Murl.
But aside from that it's fine, right? I'm glad for the sake of my bank account that I'm pretty much a sound system Luddite.
Paging Artisan Fan.That photo makes the room look uncomfortably claustrophobic to me, but I'm pretty sure I'd like it better in person. The distorted perspective of the long shot makes the ceiling feel low to me.
Kudos for ""the devil's cabbage"".
Wow, jarude's bitching pushed some buttons. He could do with being a bit less defensive, but isn't the point of this thread to come whine like little kids about whatever's pissing off, recognizing up front that most of the time we're just being hypersensitive pussies?
Like those kids in the training session he described?
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