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If you're not hiding anything illegal in your car why would you object to this?
Generally agree. I've weighed is on this before, so I won't ramble on too much. But I mean, they're all paper losses and paper gains until you see. Or, looking at it another way, they're all real losses and real gains if you're measuring the current value of your portfolio.If you believe strongly in the long-term (whatever that may mean to you) value of the security and see interim drops as opportunities to pick up additional shares at nice discount that you believe...
This is cute, but imagine how much cooler it could have been if they'd made it a bobble-knee rather than a bobble-head. http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/cws/white-sox-charities/support-us/bo-jackson-bobbleheads/ Or they could have kept the bobble head and gone with the time he broke the bat over his head as the model. They probably ruled that out because he was a Royal then, though.
That's when you go hit the head get another beer. Win, win.
Rota houndstooth is bananas.
No to all of that. Anyone who supports any of those proposals should go lie on the ground next to Terry Forster and his toy truck.
Anybody who starts a gofundme page should be forced to lie on the ground next to a fat kid with a toy truck.
Serious question: don't police unions contribute substantially toward widespread distrust of and hostility toward cops? I get that their raison d'etre is to stick up for their members. Fine. But having a modicum of intellectual and general honesty, and acknowledging that there's such a thing as bad shooting or bad use of force would go a long way to showing they can be something other than lying whore apologists. I occasionally hear interviews with the guy who heads...
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