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I admit to being less than expert when it comes to scat pr0n, but are you talking about the actual dispensers, or what they produce?And thanks but no thanks on an explanatory link.
If only you had some fake dog poop or something to throw in the box to emphasize your point . . .
idfnl and I don't agree that often, but I agree with this.
I was worried less about the sandals themselves than feet that have spent an entire winter festering in heavy socks and boots.
I liked KSK's take on that. The headline was something like, "Eagles and Rams swap quarterbacks just for the hell of it."
Not that I don't love all of you unconditionally, but I propose that if sandals do become part of the inventory we start a tradition of putting all sandal fit pics in spoiler tags.
If you're not making your own yogurt at home you're failing.
They look great, man. Nice job.
Sounds like an upgrade to their Red Zone passing game.
New Posts  All Forums: