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The absence of chin music is reason enough to scorn Japanese baseball as soulless, effete imitation.(I'm not entirely serious about that. But maybe a little.)
I think you misread his post. He doesn't care who his mom might be cheating with.
We don't get that many cold days in LA, so I can probably get by with just two.
A few seconds of Googling will yield far more entertaining staged "fights" between glammed-up 20-something chicks.Don't test this theory at work, though.
Then what will I drive when the Maybach is in the shop?
HRoi ain't French.
I think NBA scouts and GMs all have this chip in their brain. They see a tall, gangly white American kid who is kind of a tweener forward, maybe not a dominant athlete but effective at the collegiate level at getting his own shot and scoring a lot, and that chip lights up and makes them think OMG HE COULD BE THE NEXT LARRY BIRD!!!!!!!!
Yeah, not that I've seen him play that much, but he seems kind of like a middle class man's Adam Morrison.
At what?
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