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There may be a sort of reverse Dunning-Kruger thing going on here.
So when you're absent-mindedly running the mouse pointer over online topics while on an overlong conference call, and you start reading what you think is an article about Mark McGwire and the anniversary of his breaking Roger Maris' s single-season home run record but then belatedly realize is actually an article about Nick Cave's first album with the Bad Seeds since his son died, it's momentarily hella confusing. At least I imagine it would be, if say that had happened...
^Picked from an octopus's garden in the shade?
Chipotle Eaters anOnymous
How the hell is Elton Brand only 37? He has to be at least 67.
Those both sound like porn names.
"Depends. Got a picture?"
Every time a new lawyer I know is nervous about their first court appearance, I tell them to look around the room when they get there and apply a similar analysis.
I believe that's called contrarian investing.
Just remember to buy at the bottom.
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