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Re: the Jordan/Lebron respect/intimidation thing. There are probably lots of reasons for it, but one of them might be:
I realize everyone is trying to be helpful, and most of the points being raised are legitimate. But I'm just noting that we've now heard complaints that (1) Mauro doesn't give enough advance warning about will be offered in coming months; and (2) Mauro posts pictures of things that won't be available for months.Everyone's personal shopping experience is a relevant data point. But while I know each of us is the most special snowflake in the flurry, I think people are way...
Only when indesertum makes a rambling six-page post trying to explain the salary cap by way of an analogizing to the plots of various Molly Ringwald movies.
Agreed, although it would be such a mismatch that it would hardly be sporting.
Dude, Thievery Corporation is older than me.Well, not really. But pretty f'ing old, nonetheless. Didn't they first hit it big on AM radio?
Well, you know what they say about guys with short hands . . .
Or if he were '68 Gibson or '72 Carlton for that matter.
I think you should branch out from the Kiss sites and starting trolling feminist sites as well.
Presumably you aren't actually assuming that the goals you believe would be advanced (transparency, accountability, etc.) are generally shared by legislators and their associated lobbyists and interest groups?
Don't be offended, foo. He's talking about me and some others, not you.
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