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I know this makes me an insensitive jerk (big news, right?) but I'm already sick of hearing about David Bowie.
Only in the front. All party in the back, baby!
No, you've totally pointed out where others got things wrong or missed things. Credit there. But the fact that lots of people, perhaps the majority, are clueless isn't inconsistent with the storytelling also being weak in places. That's the point I've been making all along. Much of this is subjective, of course. But it's not like the only two possible answers are "it's perfect film-making" or "it's the worst movie ever".
Civil rights suits would generally be brought under 18 U.S. Code 1983 (colloquially "1983 actions") for violating the plaintiff's Constitutional rights while acting under cor of law. This is usually the legal claim under which people sue police for alleged misconduct. For a whole slew of legal and practical reasons they're usually tough cases to win.
Counter-intuitively you can probably do better than that in Beverly Hills.
Thanks; I just assumed it was a typo.
Well, women and white walkers.
It's been 15 years but I recall thoae security protocols being applied to everyone.
Dude I love you, but every time someone proves you wrong you just fall back on the "it can be explained in other episodes" argument. This thread is a museum to circular arguments, non-responsive responses, straw man arguments, and moving goalposts. Of course, so are SF and the internet generally ...
If you mean the football, Cousins' answer is apparently "no".
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