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Only when attempted by certain lame poasters.
Especially here, where everyone is incredibly open-minded and eager to learn from others.
This is an important point. Of course, to me that underscores the real problem with his comment, about which I'll say no more here . . .
Why is that?
Dear God. I regret that I've lived long enough to see that, with Mick looking like Larry David dressed up for bar mitvah in Sherman Oaks.
I lived just outside of Harrisburg for a few years as a kid. It was pretty darn Midwesty.
Because WW2.Do you mean VAT? Because that's how it was set up. European residents pay VAT, and (theoretically, anyway) reap the benefits because the revenues flow back to their governments. The U.S. is not part of the system, so it gets neither the benefits nor the costs.
I'm pretty sure it isn't.
No, it isn't tautological. There are all sorts of intangible values involved in living in our society. You can't just include those variables you like and exclude those you don't like when assigning a value to "lifestyle inequality".
I think that's a good point. There's also the fact that when we're younger we're more free to be carefree knuckleheads, figuring we can clean up our messes later. It's definitely a feeling worthy of nostalgia. But that's a little different than suggesting that there's little difference between our current lives and those former lives, or our lives and those of people who earn substantially less in very different sorts of jobs. I'm pretty sure that most of us posting...
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