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Couldn't agree more.
I don't think cross-forum socks tend to work very well.
Not that people wouldn't drive like idiots anyway, but that's one reason I hate the prevalence of oversized vehicles and tinted rear windows - you can't see shit ahead of them. If I can't see past your car I'll leapfrog you on principle or speed up to prevent you from getting into my lane ahead of me.And yes, goddamit, it is MY lane.
Agreed. Some good acting, but the screenplay was just OK with some forced passages. Directorially, I thought it was a bit pretentious and tried to do too much.
Yeah, you can't even tell they're totally uneven (mine, not the coat's) from a poorly healed broken collar bone and general bad posture.
Agreed, thanks. I was following my tailor's suggestion to button it the first few wearings to soften the roll and forgot to unbutton it for the first photo.
Formosa #1 is finally back from my excellent but - let's just say deliberate - tailor. He was effusive about what a pleasure it was for him to work on such a well made jacket. So: Formosa/Inglese/Rota/Drakes Schneider lambs wool jacket S&C scarf, Bella Figura specs: OS jacket: Oh, and for reference: I'm a bit over 6'1", 180 pounds. Formosa is 50L, the OS 50 stock, Rota 50, and Inglese 40/15.75. Even though I have what Mauro calls "monkey arms" that are often too long...
True, but so are Huck Finn, Slaughterhouse Five, Lolita, etc. I think it's as much about their having been anointed as part of the book-burners' canon as about their content at this point.
Wanted to like this, but it felt forced to me - like a wannabe Twin Peaks. I think Sugarbutch's comment is spot-on. (Much the same could be said of TP - cool vibe and some fun characters, but ultimately fell apart as story-telling.)Yes.
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