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I made some good money on Enron, but only because I represented somebody who had worked there. So yeah, I'm old enough to remember it.
I call bullshit.
Only of Biscotti's game.
The ubiquity of the straw fedora thing for women is pissing me off. I assume this isn't just an LA/beach community thing?
This could be read so many different ways -- especially on Styleforvm.
So we're at Sea World in San Diego. Lawyerkid is probably six, and my oldest niece is a year younger than that.(Edit: they may have been a bit younger - more like five and four. But definitely no older than six and five.)They have an ice skating rink set up for the kids. Because this is California and none of the kids can skate for shit (plus the ice is crappy because it's obviously manufactured ice and while it it's not the middle of summer it's San Diego), so half of...
Only because the dumbass thought it was Thanksgiving and he'd get paid double-time.
Funny, I just realized that it reminds me of a time about 7-8 years ago when my brother and I were at Sea World with our kids. Skipping a bit of backstory, this cow clocked by brother in the face with a pair of sneakers (her kid's, not hers). My brother responded by putting her in a headlock and slamming her against the wall. I then got into it verbally with her friend/girlfriend (my impression was the latter, but I had no way of knowing for sure) before the Sea World...
Nah, I've just always stayed away from artificial sweeteners.
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