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I had durian cake for dessert last night.
Sucks, my friend. In a few days I'll be staying here.
This is like Styleforvm's version of the St. Crispin's Day speech. I feel so inspired!
FTFYAren't we all, really?
Well, Germans are notorious liars, so they could actually be Dutchz after all.When I lived in Pennsylvania we had a hex on our garage that they had made. It was supposed to keep away evil spirits or some such. I remember thinking it was funny that they called it a "hex", because I had always thought of hexes as the kind of bad spell or juju an evil spirit or like-minded person might cast upon you.
Aren't all American Dutchz from Pennsylvania?
Good catch. It did seem a little weird as I was typing.
At home, the Riverside. That quote in particular is just a random Google find, though. Is it off, I was just retyping and not reading that closely.
Because of some random free association, I went back and read one of my favorite literary passages -- Kent's dressing down of Oswald -- for the first time in a number of years. It always makes me smile. Oswald Who do you take me for? Kent A knave; a rascal; an eater of kitchen scraps; a base, vain, shallow, beggarly, three-shirts-to-his-name, wage-earning, filthy, untailored knave; a yellow-bellied, litigation-happy, wretched, mirror-primping, officious, finicky rogue;...
Those gougeres alone are worth the trip.
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