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Same deal. You're basically paying for the happy ending in either case. Only chumps don't get one.
Leaving aside the problem of ascribing monolithic views to a loose association of individuals, what's your basis for saying people who support the BLM movement (not sure if you're actually referring to a particular "organization" as such) ignore black on black violence? That's a convenient ad hominem but isn't really true. Ataturk, rnoldh, suited, and Sean Hannity don't count as sources, sorry.
Stop appealing/resisting and start complying unless you want to get tased!Well, you'll get tased anyway, but still.
One problem. Another is the effect of lying and stonewalling by authorities and apologists who think the appropriate response to even the most obvious and egregious examples of racism and brutality by bad cops is unrelenting gaslighting and victim-blaming.
Hroi probably has an opinion on those penalties for early withdrawal.
Are Senators in TSP? Not all federal employees are. (Even in agencies that are now on TSP, there can be long-term employees still grandfathered into the old civil service defined benefit plan that was in place before TSP became the norm.)Not sure if otc's reference to a pension was meant to be generic, but if Senators get a traditional defined benefit pension maybe they're not eligible for pre-tax TSP contributions? I don't know one way or the other, just throwing it out...
I'll play. I haven't followed football as closely the last few years as I used to, but what the hell.
Thank fucking god somebody will finally take those VRX shares off your hands.
And losing the game by 3. (Admittedly an exhibition game. That's why they play the exhibitions, I guess - to get their egos and judgment back into game shape.)
or Bear Island
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