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I don't know what walker-kin means.
\\WTF is Rhode Island? /booth
Nah, I was just recalling an instance when you pointed out that there are times when it's exactly the word you're looking for.
You know what would be fun? Let's turn this into another Led Zeppelin sucks because they just stole all their musical ideas while awesome bands like Cake and Metallica forged their music from the pure essence of original creativity!!!! thread. That would be totally awesome.
Pretty much everything Calvino wrote is great, in my experience. I don't remember Invisible Cities super well, but I do remember enjoying it. It's probably a bit more If On A Winter's Night . . . or Cosmicomics than Baron In The Trees or Nest of Spiders, if that helps at all.
I don't get why Pizza Hut is getting a total free pass on their refusal to put baby Jesus on their holiday Triple Treat packing. http://www.delish.com/food-news/a44717/pizza-hut-triple-treat-box-pizza/
I'd be careful about wearing it out. Those PETA spoilsports are everywhere.
Yeah, it's so forced and unrealistic. I mean, you never see gay people in real life, so why do you have to see them on tv?
It's a personal style thing. I prefer to wear my Nudies under my N&F, but YMMV.
Was Imo's on the list?
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