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Eh, it really means, "what's done is done and they won the fucking Super Bowl, so let's try for some sort of soft landing we can walk away from without further muss."Also, absent a confession or secret video, what did people expect the report to say? It's a report by a law firm of their investigation of a sensitive (in a big fish small pond sort of way) controversy for a big client where there is no compelling direct evidence and some people are probably lying. Absent...
My favorite announcing moment: Reggie Muller going on for several minutes about how Jordan should be pulled from the game if he can't hit free throws, the same way you'd bench a player whose poor defense or rebounding was hurting the team. Not five minutes later, Miller starts a new conversation about how he "commends" Doc for leaving Jordan in the game.
Nice to see you around these parts, H.
Since this is SF, I assume you guys have fully analyzed the decision to have KD wear a knit tie in those Sprint commercials. Discuss.
As used to and appreciative of L'Inc's textual idios'incracies as I am, his using "dat" in the manner of GF totally messes with my mente.
Thank you, sir. I was quite proud of that one.
Generally, this. I do occasionally meet one who is truly beyond-the-call-of-duty helpful and awesome. Definitely outliers, though.The lady who delivers my mail at home is nice enough, although lazy and not the stickiest stamp in the roll
When I lived in San Francisco a (gay) friend told me I might catch the geynez if I didn't stop brunching so often. (His tongue was nowhere near my cheek, but it may have been in his.)
Thanks, d00d. I am but a student at the feet of the miglior fabbros. (Despite my eyetie ancestry I don't speaka the language, so I don't know how to properly make that plural.)
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