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Just pick more losers to offset gains on the winners. Problem solved!Always seemed to work for me.
Shaq is just like Dylan at the Royal Albert Hall concert. Same-same.
Non-sequitur?We also read the news.Post what you want and hug it out with pB, or not, if you want. I'm cool either way. But if you're posting headlines on the assumption non-NYers won't know what's going on, otherwise, you're wasting your effort. You guys are, indeed, the center of the universe, and we follow your news.
I'm not sure what you should conclude about us from that, but it's probably not that we can get our collective shit together . . .On the bright side, I will always be grateful to Arnold and the Recallers for creating the set-up for one of my all-time favorite context-dependent, you-had-to-be-there-jokes, which involved one of my former partners announcing that he was staking out a "Bustamante position" on a contentious issue of firm politics.Because at the end of the day,...
Well, that depends on the types of injuries you're concerned with, and of course where you were starting from.
Ackman's been saying that since, what, 1986?
Yeah, that was recommended to me because the different ingredients may infuse at different rates (and sometimes the same ingredient may infuse at a different rate because it's fresher or you chopped it more finely or whatever), and you have more control this way. Then you basically just titrate for the final product, obviously.Plus it's more fun and makes a bigger mess, which is a large part of the overall point.For what it's worth, toasted dandelion root is pretty awesome.
In list view, what shows up in the summary box is "All I will say is many people think I might be a closeted."
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