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It might be if some of y'all would start pulling your weight.
Verizon: Fuck You.
Eh, I never did plaintiffs' side PI work, so I'm probably not the person to ask.That said, I don't think it's really a Waze question specifically. There are a million apps and functions where the owners know they're enticing people to type shit on their phones while driving. You think Domino's doesn't realize (and hope) that tons of people will be ordering pizza through their app while driving home? Yes, Waze is more specific to the driving experience, but I'm sure they...
Like Sbarro? Just what we need, another shitty food option for the local "food court".
Cyberdusted you an explanation.
Did my joker pants, and they always get compliments.
Yeah, that is sort of an odd comment. I mean, maybe the pedal boats aren't your thing. But there are excellent restaurants, for one. If you have a hobby -- whether it's music, biking, woodworking, whatever -- there's almost certainly a really good independent business in that area that caters to it. If you have a dog, Silverlake has a nice dog park, and lots of people like to walk (with or without dogs) around the reservoir. You're also close to Griffith Park...
I hate you slightly less now that I know we wear different shoe sizes.
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