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Can you get on the disability dole for incontinence?
WTF, dude? Why do we even bother trying to enlighten you if you're not going to pay attention?
Rach, then?
And we all know molto scorns Vietnamese dongs once they've hit puberty.
What part? There are some Fosters Freezes around.I'm sure there are also some hipster foodie places that serve it ironically/assholeishly.
At first glance I read "crepes", which definitely made me curious.
Can't speak to the comparison, but the APCs will stretch out in the waist, more than it seems the laws of physics should allow. If you can button them now without them binding or cutting anywhere, the waist will be loose after a few wearings.
Every damn Go Fund Me campaign. They've even metastasized off the interwebz. People are now nailing flyers for them to utility poles, which are only supposed to be for lost pets, people running real estate scams and burglars posing as house cleaners or gardeners.
32 is the better choice
New Posts  All Forums: