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Proves Westbrook sucks.
I think that just means it's closed right now. Only open in the evenings.
I'm a lifelong Steelers fanboi, but I think an iffy coverage secondary combined with an inability to generate consistent pressure on the quaterbacm are serious problems.But I do love to watch Bell run. The frogger analogy Collinsworth trotted out during yesterday's game was hilarious.Also, Mike Tomlin strikes ne as a really good chatacter guy but not a great tactical coach. But the worst NFL assistant coach indoubtedly knows far more than me about football tactics, so that...
Because as annoying as they are, people figure "at least they're not half as shitty as the USPS!"
Not really, no.
It's because people on social media kept sending around those memes about how physics says bees can't really fly but keep doing so because nobody ever told them it's impossible. Word eventually got back to the bees, and now they're fucked.
That's really terrible. Poor Chargers fans.
What if there were a whole forum dedicated to men's style and clothing, where people posted pictures of their outfits and debated the history of and "best" way to wear different types of clothing?Horrors.
I think Reggs has us covered.
Well, sure. Nor do people rely on their non-currency investment assets to buy their daily bread. My point was that Goomba is right that currency inflation isn't necessarily a bad thing, depending on your situation. If, as he suggested, you're regularly converting your cash into other asset classes, it might even be a good thing.
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