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Fair point by veni, although in defense of those who excitedly posted about what they'd picked up -- I didn't even notice the request not to do so. I suspect that others, like me, upon getting an email about an NMWA sale immediately jump to the link to get an extra five seconds' head start on shopping . . .
What if they're dressed kind of sexy?
Hopefully you can keep doing well on those stock trades to fund all of the interesting things you learn about in this thread.
I've never read the Daily Beast*, but why are they quoting some shithead who admits being unqualified to render the opinion s/he/zie then proceeds to render? Fine, that person's an idiot. But so are lots of people. Walking into the employee lunchroom at my office at pretty much any time and you'll hear people opining emphatically on subjects they know nothing about. But why is what anyone of them think about random subjects relevant to anything?*Fuck, I just looked at...
Well, duh. Why go to the trouble and mess of bloodletting when a few shots of cider vinegar will accomplish the same thing?
I know you guys worry about all the new immigrants, but I don't think it's yet reached the point where people associate Denmark with ISIS.Is Carlsberg as shitty a beer there as it is here? Or at least was when I last drank it 25-30 years ago?
ITT people post about what they think has been licked.
Especially his podcasts with Jalen Rose. So annoying!
True.My own instinctive reaction to people suffering from Lyme Disease is now totally, unfairly colored by the FB postings of a friend of friends who did a GoFundMe campaign to fund his stay at a fancy alternative treatment clinic in Switzerland, and whose frequent FB posts mostly consist of:1. Personal health updates (almost always dire)2. Articles about (at least loosely) Lyme Disease, which tend to posit a medical/insurance establishment conspiracy to deny its...
LOL. You mean the sort of victim-complex pussy who would hide behind a sock account to whine like a petulant little bitch? You're right, that's terrible.
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