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It's one of those things the kids say just to convey intensity, like "literally".
Still no.
Lucky you. Shit's all over my FB feed. And purple-tinted pictures of Minneapolis. Etc.I'm lucky to have some musician/performer friends, because it allows me to pretend I'm cooler and more talented than I am. But on days like this it comes back to haunt me.
You may well have seen this, because it's all over the interwebz today. You have to watch or fast-forward pretty far in to get to Prince's bit, but his playing really is phenomenal. The smile on the face of Harrison's kid when Prince leans back into the crowd is also worth the price of admission.
I am glad people go to see movies, because I work for a company that makes movies and would prefer that the company stay in business. But I may be guilty of dat ole hippocratity because it's something I can rarely be bothered to do myself. I've probably averaged two theatrical movies a year for the last 4-5 years, and that includes movies I've gone to see with my daughter (which admittedly happens far less often now that she's a teenager and the last thing she wants is...
Alright, I'm already over the Prince shit. He was amazing talented and I enjoyed some of his music very much. But come on. I'd bet you that at least half of the people competing in social media to prove they are the most devastated by his passing haven't listened to any of his music since before he changed his name from Prince to that symbol. As more facts come in about his death, two lyrics come to mind: "Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down..." Prince was...
I don't disagree with your main points, but hold out hope that there will still be room for innovation. We're talking about data that's dynamic, not static. Naturally over time teams will model themselves after what has proved effective. If you're employing model A when most of the league is playing model C, the results you achieve might be be exactly the same when everyone else has moved to A or A.2. Put differently every system or program or combination of players is...
1. Felton was never entirely without skilz.2. Whether you're pursuing a point guard, a girl you had a mad crush on, a car, a cell phone, a limited edition beer, or a racehorse, it's important not to get your ego so invested in the chase that you don't realize that if it finally becomes available after a decade it might be because everyone else has realized it's now ten years older and worn down than it was when it first captured your fancy.
Which team I would rather have depends on whether I'm an owner or a fan, to a certain extent. While winning and marketability are related, they're not conterminous.And "stats vs. analytics" is something of a false dichotomy. Analytics is all about stats. It's just a question of which statistics most effectively convey the information you personally deem important.
Rack rate runs a bit higher but no need to pay it - they regularly have 3/$99, 4/$150 type deals.
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