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Fuck if I know. I'm not a scientist. There's all sorts of stuff that naturally happens in our brains that doesn't constitute sound reasoning. As I noted, saying trans people who want to be able to use bathrooms based on gender identity simply isn't a case of "pretending to be something you're objectively not" is clearly inaccurate. That's at best faulty reasoning, and certainly comes off as biased.
I'm pointing out that your analysis and assumptions don't work even taken on their own terms. I assume that's why you've given a non-substantive response at this point.To your point above - we started down this road because you suggested that wanting to use a bathroom associated with your expressed/identified gender rather than your biological sex constitutes "pretending to be something you're objectively not". I pointed out that's not so - rather, it's wanting the...
You can say whatever you want, you just stand a good chance of being wrong and looking like an idiot, as you so frequently demonstrate.
Eh, I'm pretty sure that any post that asserts that a large*, extremely diverse group of people "want" or "think" one narrowly defined thing is naive at best. Even more so when the position you're ascribing to them is not one you share.*Group size, not person size. Also, your post contradicts the point you are trying to make. Assume uniformity of thought. If what they want is for everyone to be free to use whichever bathroom corresponds to they gender they are then...
If the question is directed to me, then I'd say no, not zero. That's why, whether we acknowledge it or not, I say we're making a value choice here. The question, very loosely stated, is whether whatever the perceived benefit is of sorting public bathrooms that way does or doesn't outweigh the perceived cost (a problem complicated that most of the benefits and costs are psychological/emotional, and seem likely to be borne by different sets of individuals. I can...
I don't disagree with your broader point.But noob's argument presumes bathrooms have to be segregated by biological sex. Clearly they don't. That's a value-driven choice. Suggesting that trans folks are "pretending to be something they objectively are not" by advocating for some change in the norms pretends that that choice isn't made, as though segregating bathrooms bu naughty bits is somehow the fixed natural order of things. Just say "everyone can use whatever shitter...
Waffles that were frozen and then reheated can definitely be soggy.
And gluten free of course.
Must be artisinal toast.
is he Marroquian?
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