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A woman I went to high school and college with posted #2 the other day. Then this morning a guy who also went to high school with us posted the same thing. Not knowing the context, I was bemused by the first, and assumed the second was mocking the first. Now I know.
Only 13 is really on point.
Sizing up will just compound the no butt problem, no? Sounds like what he needs is a brand/model with a small back rise relative to other measurements.
Did you mean non GMO or are you hedging your bets by splitting the difference on foodie trends?
My microwave has a turny thing in the middle. I put the food products on there, and hope that it suffices for stirring. http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/12/05/patton-oswalt-special/
I'm the evil genius behind Manton, Connemara, Mr.G, edinatlanta, and institches.
It's well and good to understand tech companies generally.But unless that includes a particularized knowledge of how to value tech companies, that knowledge isn't especially helpful in making investment decisions. We all know that Apple and Google will do lots of cool stuff and make lots of money, but they aren't exactly start-ups that are going to stand or fall on whether their signature product gains market acceptance. The question is whether they will end up making...
Nice view, though.
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