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Or the banana throwing?I'm down with more Erin Andrews and less commercials.While there are certainly plenty of bigger issues for the league to focus on, I'm fine with the limitations on end zone celebrations. They'd become completely stupid time-wasters. Do we really need to watch some dude doing his elaborate, choreographed shitty dance moves from some fourth-string wide-out who caught a 7-yard touchdown pass when his team is down by 24 in the fourth quarter and up to...
He doesn't get invited because his birds aren't housebroken.
That's why if I watch at all these days, it's almost always on DVR with my finger on fast-forward.
From the headline I assumed this would be another pizza post.
Seriously doubt it.
Makes sense.
Inb4 GreenFrog.No pun intended.
Not even sure what this means. I mean, sure it sounds very cool and above it all, but every Presidential election is a choice between competing candidates.A vote for one is a vote against the other (or others). Either you give a shit about the outcome or you don't. The rest is sophistry.Do you care about who gets appointed to the Supreme Court?Do you want a much more restrictive immigration policy?Those are two issues lots of folks get all worked up about. They're both...
Dunno. On a whim (needed reading material for a couple of flights) I just re-read the first two books of the Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever series, which I first read when I was 12 or 14 or something. Hellfire - they're fucking terrible!
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