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Your general point is a fair one. And given that some of my professional work has allowed me to pretend I know a tiny bit more about free speech than some people, I get disproportionately indignant when people throw it around in what I feel are incorrect contexts. Claims of racisms (or other ism) are thrown around way too freely, in part because of social media. Sometimes out of reactive ignorance, sometimes out of cynical manipulation. But real racism (or whateverism)...
Serves you right, Satan.Um, no. This is utter bullshit."Free speech" is not a justification or defense to being an odious dick, and the "free" in "free speech" does not mean "free from any consequences". And why should it piss you off that you don't know the identify of every ignorant, odious dick in the world? Does it piss you off when shoplifters get busted or shitty employees get fired just because there are undoubtedly lots of petty thieves and shitty employees who...
The absence of chin music is reason enough to scorn Japanese baseball as soulless, effete imitation.(I'm not entirely serious about that. But maybe a little.)
I think you misread his post. He doesn't care who his mom might be cheating with.
We don't get that many cold days in LA, so I can probably get by with just two.
A few seconds of Googling will yield far more entertaining staged "fights" between glammed-up 20-something chicks.Don't test this theory at work, though.
Then what will I drive when the Maybach is in the shop?
HRoi ain't French.
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