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Sparky Lyle.
Death threats, meh. Around here, this is what it takes to really get to somebody:
On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog.
Not really normal, or there'd be more fapping in the "alone time".
I was born in Harold and indesertum's neck o' the woods. I was secondarily a Rams fan but was indocrinated into the Steeler nation at an impressionable youmg age. I wonder if anyone here knows Theodore Kapuczynski's article The Soccer War. It is set amidst a border war that broke out between El Salvador and Honduras around a game to determine which country would get to send its team to the 1970 World Cup. (The game was played in 1969.)
When I get subjected to friends of friends' GoFundMe appeals that basically boil down to: "I have a proven track record of making bad decisions and ducking responsibility, please give me some money so I can stay the course, because if you don't I might have to make some hard decisions."
This was just posted to my FB feed by the Pittsburgh Steelers, and I am now all hibbeldy-jibbeldy about whether L'Incandescent and I will be able to keep our cross-purposed boosterism at a civil level.
You're entirely right. Just to be clear, that was not really an endorsement -- at least not if you're looking for real Greek food. Daphne's is basically an above-average option if you're stuck choosing a place in the mall food court or one of the fast food/casual dining places within two blocks of the movie theater. Blah rice and pita, standard American version of "greek salad", mediocre but perfectly edible dolmas and falafel. They have some version of tzatziki with...
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