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For you, not much at all.
Probably just on leave getting fitted for his sexy robot body.
I assume that's serious despite the date. Tip of the hat, dude was a beast.Ha, thanks RFX for the clarification.
The fuck you say? What matters is how many "thumbs" my posts in this thread get, and nothing else.
I have a medium on the way. When it arrives I can at least give you my sense of relative sizing.
Could be.Or maybe it's just that it's an internet discussion board, where pretty much by definition people do nothing other than post and reply to stupid comments because it's all meaningless except as a passing distraction?
Maybe I'm misunderstanding your use of "once you reach a certain level", but intuitively this seems wrong to me.I think it's only at a certain level that people feel secure enough in their ability to have whatever level of comfort they want inside the apartment to start caring about stuff like what does the building look like to people standing outside in the street?There are things about that Brillhart house that appeal to me, but in looking at that second-to-last photo,...
Clearly you're still in the blissful but brainwashing throes of relationshipdom. Who needs plates? Unanticipated bonus #2: Nobody complains or rolls their eyes if you eat your dinner standing at the sink. (Well, except my kid. But she likes to eat in my car on the way to school, which I'm not a big fan of. So we have kind of a MAD thing going.)
New Posts  All Forums: