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Maybe because that reflects their experience, which is not negated by the fact that yours has not been exactly the same?
I don't think you get to count the service life of your sexy robot body in calculating the middle.
Does your tv not have a second hdmi input? You can get a Roku/Chromecast/Firestick for like $30
Isn't he an intern because he doesn't have a job?
You are off to a fine start.
Maybe. Being drunk doesn't seem to do the trick unless you watch them in an ironic drinking game way. Not sure if senility will be any different. But hope springs eternal for crotchety middle-aged cynics.
I you guys and all that, but you make me thankful that I've gotten old and lost enough of my youthful wonder and enthusiasm that I can't really give a shit whether the design of the handle of a particular light saber in a movie that none of us have seen yet is tactically optimal.
And this song always makes me smile:
Probably cut himself with the crossguard of that saber.
Depends where you came from.Here's what I'm currently not getting:That thing where somebody posts a picture of a little girl who has a physical birth defect or some sort of evident developmental disorder, writes some story about how another kid something something mean to her on the playground. and then asks everyone on the interwebz to comment on how beautiful she is or "like" if they think she is beautiful. Assuming the story about schoolyard...
New Posts  All Forums: