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They cover that in freshman algebra.You actually follow the directions about waiting time after baking or nuking something? Scalding the inside of your mouth because you're too gluttonous to wait is half the fun.I generally agree, when it comes to cutting and chopping. But if we're talking about making pastry dough -- which is definitely more fun and satisfying to do by hand - using the food processor is definitely faster when you include clean-up time.I'd think the...
Helps with night terrors.
Nice post, GF.
Firehose scene was solid (even though it was a bit goofy that knocking them down with the firehouse was consistently enough to kill them.)
I'm glad you beat me to it. Much better than my intended joke about meaty footlongs.
One of the many areas where us monkey arm guys have a competitive advantage.
Did you not see the different options that are available? Totally customizable: 1. Choose an animal. 2. Give us an address. 3. Choose how to wrap your package. 4. Pay anonymously with Bitcoin.
Get them a gift that's not on their registry: http://dangerousminds.net/comments/shit_express_will_send_poop_to_your_bitter_enemies
Eh, that would be great but I think it's unlikely. Those insecurities are far more deeply embedded and irrational than that, I'm afraid.
I wasn't clear if stimulacra had the option of rolling the 401k to Ameritrade or was just asking for comparison purposes. If the former, then I agree there should be lots of reputable funds available without transaction costs.Just to prove that I'm one of the cool kids - I have an Ameritrade account. I opened it with some sort of deal along the lines of 500 commission-free trades if you open an account with a minimum balance of $__. Stim, if you have the option and...
New Posts  All Forums: