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Durant would be a decent second option on that team.
That proves my point ( that I know nothing about the negotiations).
Take it from edina. He knows whereof he speaks.
I don't know anything about the negotiations, but could that be in part a result of the differing interests of the union members impacting the union's bargaining positions? Generally speaking, the players who individually have the most perceived value (and thus can be argued to contribute the most to the union's negotiating leverage) are going to be those who are in line to get big free agent contracts. From an economic self-interest perspective, the high-value players...
Why am I not surprised that HRoi has this cap smoothing business all figured out?
He's a heroin addict?
Need to explain the interwebz to someone? Just show them this - pretty much the perfect summary of every online discussion.
At least they don't have any distractions.
Because they would never share?
Might depend on which measurements he's focused on, though. Waist is relatively easy/cheap to let in or out slightly. Thigh width, rise, etc. less so.
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