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It was called My Dinner With Andre.
Funny, just this morning a usually-not-crazy friend posted to FB a video that I only briefly glanced at, but the gist of which seemed to be that Google intentionally skews the search results that come up when people search for info about Hillary Clinton (skewed favorably to Clinton, I think).I have no idea which conspiracy theory is correct -- that Google is failing us by manipulating search results in ways that are contrary to our personal political biases, or that Google...
Sort of proves HRoi's point, no?
I'm confused. Is Mouse a rapist or a feminazi?
One more observation. I don't disagree that these are important issues and questions, but let's keep some perspective. I'm reasonably satisfied with the amount of sex I've had in my life. And I don't just mean "hey, back in the day I knew my way around a corset, heh heh." I've been single the last five years or so. It's gone fine. I've had sex with women I knew well and had an established level of trust with. I've had sex with women I didn't know quite so well. Sometimes...
Well, there are all sorts of moral, legal, and semantic issues intertwined here. A few observations that certainly don't constitute a clear "answer" but may (or may not) be a bit relevant: 1. Even if we form a little group of us who all consider ourselves "normal" and "reasonable" (excluding those we decide misogynists or feminazis or whatever other perjoratives we want to use), I don't think we'd all agree exactly what "rape" means as a moral or social concept. I...
According to what I'm reading in the "making you happy" thread today there should probably be a fee for that.
Because she's doing it especially for you, honey.
Fucking old people.
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