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You're not the boss of me.Also, is there an invitation email or something I should be looking for? Didn't see one in my inbox.
One of my nieces has a December 25 birthday. Her sister's birthday is a week before. My daughter's is about a week after. UPS makes a lot of money off us in December.Not sure how your family handled things, but with my nieces I'm super careful to make sure I acknowledge their birthdays separately (i.e., separate both from each others' and from Xmas), send presents in separate tranches, etc.My former bro-in-law, who is a super awesome guy but sometimes kind of a disphit,...
I'm sure James Harrison will cooperate happily. He loves Uncle Roger.
I try to time my birthday calls to Mom in a way that makes it likely that I'll get her voicemail.
If you say so. I'd suggest it's a better test for something else -- whether someone actually believes in thinking or simply sloganeering. If they choose A or B, they are probably the latter.Anyone who thinks that any incident isn't rooted in the specifics of that situation, or that the specifics of particular incidents won't sometimes reflect systemic racism, is absurd.
Yes, that explains every police shooting in the history of the republic. Our work here is done.
Yay, more false dichotomies for the win!
Hard to accurately target even a fat, sedentary target when you're wearing blinders.
Those probably aren't really old people. They're just lying about their ages.
That must have come as a shock to your delicate Miami sensibilities.
New Posts  All Forums: