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I took it as mostly general, but with today at the very least not really reversing the trend. While I see some red on the tickers because some indices are technically "down", so far today looks like pretty much of just a breather. At last glance Dow was technically "up" and Nasdaq/SP both technically "down", but they're all within about 0.1% of yesterday's close, which seems more flat than either green or red.
Well, I guess. Generally speaking, when new management is brought in and the organization starts performing better under their leadership, I think that's usually considered at least some evidence that the new management is doing a better job than the old management (admittedly a low bar in the case of the McCourt --->noMcCourt Dodgers). It could be coincidental, of course, just as with almost any organization. But that's always the case, since as outsiders we have...
Seemed to work out OK for the Dodgers. And while Magic doesn't have a super deep resume as an NBA executive, he's definitely been an executive for much of the past several decades. I haven't closely followed the off-the-field part of the Dodgers stuff aside from celebrating McCourt's departure, but the on-the-field product has definitely improved since Magic got involved. I'm sure he's less of a nuts-and-bolts baseball guy than, say, Theo Epstein, but perhaps that's not...
Whichever design wins, I was seriously impressed by all the designs and have enjoyed seeing them. Really excellent work, guys. Thanks for sharing your efforts.
Yeah, JB sucked, even by my low airplane entertainment standards.
But that would get LAL where, exactly?
Solar!! And hyperloops!!
That sounds very labor intensive. Each cup probably requires the efforts of two young ladies.
Same. If it's not uncomfortable and you likely won't be layering anything heavier under it, I think you're good. Looks very good in those pics.
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