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Oversimplification, but I think the key is to remember it's a dating app and not necessarily an instant relationship app. There's an inherent pressure to treat it like a video game and try to "win". But really, it's just putting you in touch with people you can go out and have fun with when and if you want. Even though I'm basically a misanthrope, once I got used to the weirdness of online dating (stay off my lawn, dammit!) I actually had a lot of fun meeting some nice...
I think that gets to one of the many difficulties here - the lack of consistency or clarity in how we use various terms. For someone's answer to your question to be meaningful, you'd both need to be using the same definition of "risk". Cash is generally considered "low risk" as an asset class because its nominal value is fixed (or if we're talking money market funds, say, the risk of breaking the buck, while not absolutely zero, is very low). But keeping your entire...
Well, I am (or at least was) primarily a litigator, so I didn't have to be as smart as many of my colleagues. Tell me who to sue and I'll load up my guns. But there are multiple answers to your questions. Sometimes it's the white hat/public service appeal. And as public service goes, the SEC pays less terribly than some other places. There's also the quality of life issue (even beyond what comes from feeling good about the work you do). Many of the folks there work very...
To the extent the SEC is neutered, that's largely an intentional consequence of structural design. There are certain, limited things the agency can and does do well. But it's structutally hamstrung from being able to lead change - it can really only do what the political branches it empower it to do, and at best political will lags considerably behind real-time developments. But I used to work there, so apply to my comments whatever bias discount you feel appropriate.
It is. I saw (didn't bother to read) some piece on her "return to the public eye" somewhere on the interwebz today. There must be some "comeback" PR campaign afoot, maybe in connection with the show you've mentioned.
Which one was she again?
They sure can dance, though. Amazing sense of natural rhythm.
He may be the only one of us who isn't.
So much for the saga's tradition of realism.
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