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Given that you're in a position to do the lump sum contribution and are comfortable that you don't need the liquidity cushion you'd get by investing incrementally, I'm a fan of the just get it done (lump sum) approach.
You should create a half-assed DIY rum spicing kit, make it available for purchase on the internet, and hire a few hipsters to talk it up as the new crafty thing for drinkers with refined palates.Profit.
That's such a great color.
You're probably right, but at least there are plenty of shitty older posters left.
Asshole.Just kidding. I totally get what you're saying. Given what I do for a living, I'm probably more constitutionally (pun not intended) to just easily accept the notion that the rule is x because the rule is x ...
This. When I was in college, I had long hair and a goatee. All by myself I ensured the average would never drop below the mid-80's.
Have you met Conne?
Well, yes, obviously they are different. I guess what I don't intuitively get is why that would bother anyone. It just is what it is. But I certainly agree that what constitutes "possession", or at least "maintaining possession" will sometimes be different in the end zone than outside of it.
Hakuna matata
Giant Sand does a nice cover of this (Isaak's original is awesome as well, of course.)Well, it's not that long. He was on all the NPR-ish "great new artist" type lists for 2014.
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