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That first picture is baws.
My pleasure. And yeah, the L might be too long on you given the way this falls on me . . .
Why is Jeff Goldblum on Mexican bills?
I'm not sure if the second comment is really meant to relate to the first one (and by extension to gomestar's post) or if they're independent observations.With respect to the second, in LA we have a ginormous Asian community with tons of non-Americanized, "Chinese Chinese" restaurants. I've had fantastic meals at some of them, so-so meals at others. I never felt I was taking my life in my hands any more than when I eat at "non-ethnic" restaurants. Not sure why NY would...
Somebody (sorry, I forget offhand who it was) had asked about sizing on the B of P t-shirt. I'd call it TTS. For reference, this is the medium on me. I'm just over 6'1" and a 40L. It's a bit less fitted and maybe a touch longer than my M's in, say, American Apparel, pretty comparable to Sunspel if any of that helps.
Rams, baby, Rams.
Dude, I was absolutely, completely kidding. I think your posts are very helpful.
Wow, look at ryden. The kid gets a little taste of the limelight and suddenly he's stepping all over the boss's lines!
Dude had some game.(Old-timer joke.)
That doesn't suck.
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