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Maybe they could be featured on a Celebrity Death Match episode.
Russell will fit well into the sartorial traditions of Southern California car dealership owners.
LOL. Didn't Wyman Michael Manderly Moore declare unequivocally a few months ago that Trump was going to win the GE? I guess he wants to clutter up the webz with some unverifiable/unfalsifiable "I know some inside baseball stuff" fluff so it's slightly harder for people to Google evidence of him falling flat on his face. http://www.alternet.org/election-2016/trump-self-sabotage-campaign?src=newsletter1061977
Diversification/planning by using current shitload of assets to purchase businesses likely to provide long-term cash flow. Bonus if it's a business where sports celebrity status can be leveraged for marketing purposes.
Santa Cruz Island is great. Haven't camped on the other Channel Islands (other than Catalina) yet, but want to.
I'm no expert, but I doubt it. Fed (and fed commentators/prognosticators/bullshitters/attention whores) have been paying the maybe yes/maybe no game for how long now? Does anyone still pay attention? The people who write clickbait about the market and/or have a business interest in promoting trading and interest in "news" supposedly relevant to trading get a lot more attention with "something big might be about to happen, get ready!" headlines than "yawn, same shit...
He has no way to get attention except by staying stupid shit so he can claim to be "controversial".
I don't think you're telling what L'Inc might call a fact of truth.
I went to one once with a gal I was dating. It was a lot of fun - although not enough to make me want to have a membership and go multiple times per week or whatever.
Well, except the cases where you get killed.
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