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True, a solution to the problem of their potentially not making their contempt for their customers completely clear!
Or you could take the more cynical view and say that what most of the audience "expects" is a bit of safe "controversy" and naughtiness that allows them to feel superior, argue pointlessly, and get all worked up. Not sure that either the NFL, nor the networks that now have people turning in the beginning of the broadcast to seem what particular teams, players, and coaches do during the playing of the anthem, are terribly upset about this. Brain trauma, domestic violence,...
I've had a checking account with WF for years, largely because of convenience and inertia. I actually sent an email to customer service a few years back bitching about the fact that I was often unable to get online access to my account or use an ATM without having to wade through some bullshit ad for a "product" I didn't need.
Sorry if I'm mansplaining stuff you already get here, but people wear baseball caps at all sorts of angles. Most heads aren't spherical, so that can make a real difference.
Just stumbled onto "The Undefeated", which is some sort of sports reporting website. Holy fuck the writing and editing are bad. I realize that the intertubez have an insatiable appetite for clickbait about sports, celebrity gossip, and cat videos, but it still amazes me how many people who write like below-average third graders are "professional" writers. I read four or five paragraphs of some puff piece on Steve Kerr's take on Kaepernick and such, and now my eyes and...
That's ridiculous. If it's the first interview, how do they know she needs make-up? Some chicks have a natural beauty.
That's a fair point.
In fairness, I can see -- at least in many communities -- how easy it would be for them to develop this on the job if they weren't hard-wired for it already. Some of that probably comes from the hyped up "thin blue line" feedback loop, but it's not without some basis in reality. All the more reason agencies -- dare I say "institutions" need to recognize those natural human tendencies and account for them in their training, policies, etc. (Which many presumably do, to...
It's possible that FLMM was not being 100% serious.
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