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Fair enough. There are all sorts of reasons people take public sector jobs, and that's certainly a consideration for some of them. I realize my use of "in part" was a pretty crabbed placeholder for all of them, but otherwise we'd be here all day. And of course not all public sector jobs come with great pensions. Indeed, the old paradigm of a fixed-benefit plan is much less common than it used to be. (As a random anecdotal data point: my current employer's 401K...
Sometimes they just write themselves.
Wanelo's the only one I'd heard of, and that's only because I have a 14-year old daughter. Think one of the umpteen million apps trying to be Pinterest for shopping.
Overrun by jacketless anarchists?
I used to make an awesome pumpernickel that you'd steam in a Folger's can. Haven't made it in years -- thanks for the reminder. Have to do that this weekend.
I guess that's a roundabout way of saying that you've never worked in public service and are just regurgitating generalizations?In most large organizations I've worked in, the very size of the organization means that the profitability of the organization is not closely associated with the compensation of most individuals. Nor, in a large organization, is it really possible for the small number of people whose interests are most closely aligned with organizational success...
Vocab skills around here are sorely lacking. "Ludity" means exemplifying the qualities of
A documentary, then.
So what distinguishes documentaries from fictional films is the former are "about" jazz and the latter are "about" obsession and perfectionism?Did you see Taken 3? I'm wondering what that was about.
Whatever is on the rack at your local Ross or Marshall's?
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