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Seems more like a comment I'd expect Connemara to be making, rather than being made about Connemara.Just sayin'.
Is Zicam really homeopathic? If so, doesn't that basically mean that for all intents and purposes there ain't none ob dat zinc nor nothing' else in dere?
Let's hope they don't panic when they arrive to check out the missing persons report and end up shooting some black guy carrying a big stick.
I agree (at least I think this is a point of agreement) that part of the semantic difficulty in discussing such issues lies in the term "gender", for which I don't think there is presently a universal common understanding. Historically it had a relatively binary meaning, corresponding with (albeit not necessarily coterminous with) chatacteristics associated with biological sex. As common usage of gender has come to refer to something more like a spectrum or Venn diagram...
Well, since we're talking about an internet bathroom, I figured we could all just keep using CE.
The hell with that. I want to be an internet ninja.
Bonus: annoy your co-workers (same concept, different valence)
Fuck if I know. I'm not a scientist. There's all sorts of stuff that naturally happens in our brains that doesn't constitute sound reasoning. As I noted, saying trans people who want to be able to use bathrooms based on gender identity simply isn't a case of "pretending to be something you're objectively not" is clearly inaccurate. That's at best faulty reasoning, and certainly comes off as biased.
I'm pointing out that your analysis and assumptions don't work even taken on their own terms. I assume that's why you've given a non-substantive response at this point.To your point above - we started down this road because you suggested that wanting to use a bathroom associated with your expressed/identified gender rather than your biological sex constitutes "pretending to be something you're objectively not". I pointed out that's not so - rather, it's wanting the...
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