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She probably didn't know what to say because Khmer people don't understand deodorant and such.
What if someone says, "Mecca of Basketball" ironically?
I'm not sure I follow the distinction. We respond aesthetically to Faberge eggs as well. although one difference might be that with eggs (I could be totally wrong here, since I know little about them) awareness of and conscious allusions to the idiosyncratic design features of prior eggs may not be a common element of the aesthetic.But then I live in an apartment, so my opinion may not be valid.
Offer to pay those motherfuckers off with pennies when they deliver their illicit cheese. When they refuse to accept it, Treasury will put them out of business. BOOM!
If we're being precise, that would depend on the express and implied terms of the transaction(s) giving rise to the debt. I'm simply pointing that that your statement about what is "flatly and undeniably ... always" {I'm too lazy to flip back to the prior page on my phone, so apologies if those are not the exact terms you used - I'm quoting from memory} true is not, in fact, always true.
"Would You Hit It?"
It's simply not the case that you always have an absolute legal right to pay with whatever form of U.S. currency you choose. Get over it. http://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/faqs/Currency/Pages/legal-tender.aspx
I have the moonless cardigan in size 5. I posted fit pics on Friday. I would say the OS in M might be a touch slimmer than the moonless in 5, but they're such different pieces I'm not sure that's a good comparison. Overall, I'd say that the OS medium and SS 5 correspond well to my default chest size of 40 and general preference for a trim but not super tight fit.Hope that helps.
I'm not really knowledgeable enough to say. I've eaten in Cambodian (self-described) restaurants in the Bay Area (there's a significant Southeast Asian community near San Jose, where my brother used to live), and LA maybe 5-10 times. I don't have the chops to judge whether any of what I ate bore any resemblance to what Khmer folks eat in restaurants or at home in Cambodia. And I take the distinction you're drawing between fried eggs and omelettes. I don't believe I've...
You've spent time there and I haven't, so I believe you. But given the history of French influence in the region, what I've seen of Cambodian food in the U.S., and a bit of time in Thailand, I find it surprising that Khmer people in 2015 wouldn't understand omelettes.
New Posts  All Forums: