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Have you noticed how the Danish never get Who jokes?
If only. Delta Business First, which is basically like being in Quantanamo. Also, they let so many poorz qualify for TSA pre-check that it's ruint.
Just don't get fooled again.
Chosen for jury duty, anyway.
Heard that. I didn't mean to suggest it's necessarily less or more convenient (which of course depends on where you are coming from), just that a move to an entirely different part of town seems fairly significant for a small business. And I agree re West Adams. Close friends live there, having beautully restored a couple of those great Craftsman houses there. I'm a fan of the neighborhood (almost bought a place there some years back), and it has been gaining services, and...
Hadn't realized that. Beverly or Melrose or wherever they were to West Adams is a significant move in terms of convenience, etc. (although I'd guess commercial rents are much better).
I don't care about the MVP, but simply asserting without support that "most people understand" it to mean what you think it should mean is weak tea. If anything, the conversation here illustrates there is no universal consenus on the point. That's a scientific fact.
Mostly just curious, in part because of the same wrinkle otc noted, combined with the length of the posts.
Were your earlier answers cut-and-pasted from somewhere?
I'm guessing you may know this, but one of the issues to be aware of is that many of the leveraged ETFs are designed to track the daily or weekly performance of the referenced index. As such, it may diverge from the index over longer periods of time - meaning that if the index moves against you but then eventually recovers, the ETF's performance may not recover proportionally.As someone noted at the outset of this conversation, it's important to understand what you're...
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