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They want to make sure you're 18.
This is kind of brilliant: http://www.wired.com/2014/07/a-redesigned-parking-sign-so-simple-youll-never-get-towed-again/
Because in current usage, "ironic" means: the opposite of what's expected, or paradoxical or incongruous, or sarcastic, or wry, or snarky, or deliberately absurd, or coincidental, or surprising, or attention-seeking, or mocking or half-hearted, or offered up in a hedged way so you can backtrack if other people don't think whatever your'e doing is as cool as you hope they do, or you're lying or posing.
Awesome. And welcome back.
I can bench a metric century.
You order whatever standard SC/suiting size you want. Not sure we've officially agreed on the styling details, but I can't imagine there will be that much disagreement. And in case it's helpful, here's a pick of Greg wearing his version of this SC:
That's the G-rated explanation.
Different strokes, and all that . . .Somewhat more seriously -- You raise a fair point, but a full-length raincoat can be restricting and awkward to walk in (for the same reasons it does a boss job of keeping you dry). Admittedly, LA may not be the ideal proving ground for raincoats. But when it rains, I'm usually not exposed to the rain for all that long (given that we drive everywhere in LA), so the balance between maximum coverage and convenience/maneuverability tips...
I think the "locker room risk" thing gets overplayed. Rodman, WorldPeace, Bison Dele, and Rasheed Wallace all have rings. Oakley would undoubtedly have been considered a batshit crazy locker room risk had he not become MJ's sidekick.
You should consult with stitches and follow whatever course he advises.
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