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Maybe we should all post our measurements so we know who to turn to for sizing advice.
Big or little?
Maybe somebody is forgetting to divide by the number of classes.
So long as the transparency thing doesn't carry over into the shirts. Makes it too hard to hide the fact that I've gotten embarrassingly skinny fat. :rimshot:Add me to the list of folks who need to get back tot he pull-ups . . .
Lucky you. The two Whole Paychecks near me are always super crowded, to the point where you sometimes have to circle around the lot waiting for a parking spot to open up.On the plus side, the ogling is generally much better at WF, although in both places it's best if your taste in women extends to the (faux or actual) crunchy/granola/yoga/retro-hippie type.
Feel better, man.
What about, "F**** you, dumbass"?
I'm sure. We were fortunate enough to be able to stroll around both places in the middle of a weekday, so it wasn't too crazy.
I'm not even sure what this means. What sort of field journalism?Also, my daughter and I were on Broadway in Soho last Wednesday afternoon, in beautiful sunny weather. Is it cool that we enjoyed it, or would we have hated that too if we weren't naive tourists?
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