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And all this time I thought you were straight.Handsome pup, gomes.Rough approximation of the best dog I've ever had, a ridgeback/lab mix.
Wrong thread, brah.
I just incorporated any answer that included a "fuck you" on general principle.
Hammock for the new backyard. It's double-wide, if any of you are considering visiting.
Moving. Filed the change of address stuff with USPS. The previous tenants at the new place warned me that USPS has been screwing up the forwarding (or not) of their mail. Yesterday they apparently forwarded an Amazon delivery I had sent to my new place to the old tenants's new address, for no fucking reason whatsoever. Saving grace is the old tenants moved a block away, and are nice folks who are friends of friends, so it's easy enough to do a prisoner exchange every...
I really wanted this to be a joke about Koreans that I just didn't fully understand on the first read-through.
Only when you're saying, "Oh my, just listen to your bad self."
Fuck them, just take the truck back when you're ready. This is so much better than them screwing up on the front end and not having a truck available when you want to pick it up. Possession, nine-tenths, etc.
Birdman was disappointing. Some fun performances, but overall the film just tried way, way too hard.
I don't believe you.
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