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Check your cis-privilege, as well as your height privilege.
+-- hey, wait a minute ...
That would be kind of awesome. One of your highly-paid players (Brady, Suh, etc.) gets himself suspended, and suddenly you might have to cut some other player because your cap strategy has been jacked up. Hilarious.
No hard evidence to back up your statements? You're violating the rules of this thread!
It's been a long time since I read up this so I don't remember the exact numbers, but for what it's worth there are studies out there suggesting that if you're smart about your choices, you get most of the bang for your buck (like 90% maybe?) from diversification in diversifying from, say, 1 or to to 8 positions or so. Beyond that, the incremental diversification benefits from adding further positions to your portfolio are much, much smaller (according to these...
Have you figured out his size in Schneider, Rota, and Inglese yet? Christmakkuh will be here before you know it!
The movie? Never saw it.
I recall DC having a pretty nice zoo. Monkeys don't live forever.
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