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My experience with SdC (also not this bomber) has been exactly the same.
Po-tay-to with herring, Po-tah-to with herring.
How's the weather up there in Santa Cruise?
Jesus fucking Christ. A pox on anyone who posts any sort of "quiz" bullshit, and a double pox if it's even moar stupider than most. If you claim it's "really hard" or "tricky", a pox on all of your stupid friends and family as well. How about San Francisco for starters? And a dozen more I could name off the top of my head. Dipshits.
You youngsters clearly missed the heyday of Swedish Erotica if you think this.
+1, although I prefer to think of myself as the voice of disco
I think that's what wojt meant by the "late Larry Bird" reference.
Yeah, that's basically the rule here when you're trying to get the judge removed for cause. When I first started practicing here the fact that you basically get a peremptory challenge you can exercise against the first-assigned judge (or the second-assigned judge, if your opponent struck the first judge) struck me as weird.
Both of these seem pretty accurate. Shitty refereeing aside, the fact that Cleveland stormed out of the gate and bitch-slapped GS during the opening minutes seems to undercut the "fix" stuff somewhat. It was pretty clear this was going to be Cleveland's night, unless you think the NBA Illuminati were using telekinesis to make GS jumpers miss and shining laser pointers in the eyes of GS interior defenders to distract them, thereby giving CLE cutters open paths to dunks...
New Posts  All Forums: