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What's with the patriarchy - are you a rape apologist? It's spelled "womyn".
One of the best ryes I've had is Black Maple Hill, but it can be hard to come by.
Yeah, that doesn't sound too terrible.
I've only been to Cabo once and found it pretty blah. (Could well be a function of the particular place we stayed, etc.) Didn't get any diving in. While it's a slightly longer trip, Cozumel is pretty great for diving. And not that you'd have a ton of time on a weekend trip, but the Yucatan is pretty awesome out of the water as well.
Hope that means you know your folks are safe. Safe travels yourself.
Smacks them upside the head, so to speak?
That's where I was in college, so you could well be right.
Inspired by Wanker's video, I went back and listened to Yaz's Upstairs at Eric's for the first time in forever I was never a big fan of the 80's synth-pop sound to begin with, and the boring, simplistic synth sounds of this album haven't aged particularly well. But Alison Moyet's vocals really are lovely.
Way back when I was in college, "hell of" (generally pronounced "hella") was regularly used by surfer/valley girl/douchebro/hipster as an intensifier for descriptive terms. E.g., "she was hella pissed", "that Melrose Place episode was hella sad", etc.
New Posts  All Forums: