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Yep. And judging by their set list, they haven't written any new music since then. They definitely look their age, and while one of them is still in pretty good voice the other one totally has old man voice.On the plus side, Modest Mouse is a much more dynamic live performer than I would have expected.We agree about this. (Not the part about your girlfriend - I'm just taking your word on that.)I think their most recent album is decent. They were reasonably fun live (I'm...
Ha, I thought of you. It was actually a very strange line-up of bands:
SF keeps crashing when I open the Self Edge affiliate thread. The thread starts to load and then dies. The latest pictures seem really big - not sure if that's related or not.
Saw Interpol as part of a multi-band thing last night. Still not getting it .
I said prove it and you post opinion.Point being that MJ had mad skilz? OK, debate settled.
Well, I guess it's useful for whoever finds it useful. (I never look at it myself.) But as I noted, it does give a rough approximation of whether people were generally positive or not, which gives some sense of the viewing experience. Keep in mind that another way it's not akin to a "test score" is that there's no single "correct" way to experience a movie -- even people whose reactions are comparable in valence and intensity may like (or dislike) very different things...
I'm pretty sure you can change this in your settings.
This. On that subway slap video, the woman was telling the guy he sounded stupid because he spoke with an accent or speech impediment.
I haven't followed closely, but I think the Rice decision turned in part on what for want of a better term you could call procedural issues. Leaving aside the Grantland-esque conspiracy theories, the NFL created a messy record about what information was available to it and being considered when the initial suspension decision was made. I understand that was important in the arbitrator's decision. And timing-wise, because the Peterson thing came a bit later the groundswell...
You could certainly come up with a defensible top 5 list from that time period that didn't include Isiah, but I think he at least would be in the discussion. Dude was a complete a-hole but a terrific player.
New Posts  All Forums: