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No real disagreement, but it occurs to me off the top of my head that you could have made a lot of money buying tobacco stocks in the 70's.
Great local hike yesterday as one part of a fun weekend with the cool gal I'm currently dating. It's one I'd been meaning to do for a while but hadn't gotten around to (the hike, that is.) The trail leads to a bunch of half-completed buildings constructed in the hills by a bunch of WWII Nazi sympathizers who figured they'd need a place to live while they waited for the Reich to conquer America. They're not using it anymore. It's all heavily graffiti'd at this point (we...
I suggest splitting the difference and renaming Bhowie "Judy Blume", which sort of rhymes with Moon.
We definitely need a WAYWN picture thread for this. (I first read it as "all in good fem", but it works this way, too.Sucks, man. Give yourself a day or two to wallow in self-pity and write some Gram Parsons knock-off songs. Then, she's dead and gone. No reason to talk about her or worry about what she did or didn't do, or will or will not do.Also, sex with other girls is a big help.I'm just gonna leave this here for somebody else to play with.Boooo!+1
Imagine that, bad earnings being a drag on stock prices.I'm not sure what the question is here. Yes, juries return goofy verdicts. But they're supposed to award what they think appropriate, guided by whatever factors the judge gave them. Those factors don't include many of the considerations reviewing courts use when reducing awards.I haven't really paid attention to this. Are you sure it's just lost wages gong into that number? You're right that a lost wage claim...
Kobe says and does lots of things that can fairly be characterized as idiotic. Not sure why this one is something you'd seize on. What should he say? "Screw it, I'm giving up on this season already and am just going to coast in the hopes I can stay healthy and extend my career until we pick up a few more draft picks"?
Foxx, if I understand correctly what you're looking for, there are fit pics of the tan Solaro in the HOF/WAYWN thread.But they're only viewable by people who've committed to the current Formosa SC project. Just kidding.
Black, gray, or tan pants. Wool pants preferably, or else cotton. But not jeans.
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