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That reminds me of a really interesting realization I had one time in the middle of a trial.*My clients were of Chinese ancestry but were living in Vietnam until Saigon fell. They made it out by the skin of their teeth, moved to the U.S., and built a very successful business here.I'll skip a lot of irrelevant backstory, but part of the trial involved the theft of significant (like, worth more than Pio makes in a year!!!) amounts of cash, expensive jewelry, Chanel dresses...
Yep. This is an NBA-style trade. Browns have cap space, won't be contending next year, and are trying to build for the future, so they agree to take the deadweight contract for draft picks.
Not sure what you ladies are bickering about.MCW sucks and his three teammates ran the break like idiots and compounded the problem are not inconsistent concepts.
My condolences, GF. Shitty, shitty shitty. You'll get through it, but that doesn't mean it isn't awful. I'm sorry.
Did Kyrie tell you that?
Not law-talking, apparently.
My condolences.
The fact that you felt compelled to give a self-justifying response proves you're defensive.OHSNAPPP!!1!
And just on the cusp of mysterious--yet-supposedly-symptoms-that-show-up-several-school-days-per-week-that-miraculously-disappear-when-the-weekend-rolls-around stage.
Definitely. Last year I think. And on reflection light wool not linen. The wool Leder shirts seem to work better for me than the linen in terms of fit and drape. Not sure if it's different cuts or a function of the amount of "give" in the fabric. The narrow sleeves are a bit resteictive and clingy im the linen one (navy and black check) I have, eapecially in the forearm - and I don't have thick arms. The two wool Leders I have don't have that issue.
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