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You guiz use too much big words.
Oh, we know Hroi got the "reference".
The first photo made me briefly wonder if they meant "The Walking Dead" rather than "Dead Man Walking". http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/susan-sarandon-tweets-worst-time-dnc-article-1.2726683?utm_content=buffere8ccf&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
Probably a reaction to Cory Booker or Michelle Obama or whoever saying a President can't run the country through Twitter. There goes that business model.
This:(stock photo - no windscreen on mine, and I put an extender on the left mirror because I didn't find the view of my shoulder particularly helpful)I'm hoping to pick up something older and with a bit of character that I can tinker with (some of those cbr photos upthread are nice, and I've seen some cool moto guzzis around) but for my first bike I wanted something easy and reliable to practice on. I'm happy with the choice - it's lots of fun to ride.I'm sort of...
Don't really know about relative quality among brands but there are lots of choice on Amazon.
California crack:
"Even after we started repeatedly tasing the suspect, he kept making small, sudden movements like he might be about to leap up and attack us. What could we do other than shoot him for everyone's safety?"
That was pretty much the core. The central trope of the speech was President as role model/teacher/leader/priority setter for the country our kids will all have to live in, describing Hillary as the person in this election you want playing role. The goal, obviously, was to find a positive rather than a negative way of underscoring the "look, it's her or Trump; that's your fucking choice" argument. It was well done. Solid B or B+ speechwriting, A- delivery.
Probably not. Those dirty jews love to keep secrets.
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