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Wouldn't transparent metal be more structurally sound?
Not always a clear distinction.
Sounds like he's confusing you with Steve B.Got an email from "LeBron J" encouraging me to sign up at a site called BracketBuks. Seems legit.
I spend a good part of my work day giving thumbs up.
True. And it's so much easier, if also less exciting, than when my job used to be to clean up messes created by corporate and compliance folks not doing their jobs.
Only if the doctor was really Scottish.
Can we get a doctor's note validating that statement?
I can only imagine how frustrating that might be. One of my primary jobs is to be the person who definitively says "no, we can't do that" -- which is exactly why position reports directly to a board committee and is independent of any of the revenue-generating business units. Otherwise my job would be structurally crippled.So if you'd like me to call your boss and tell him he's a dumb-ass, I'd be happy. I have professional expertise in that role.
Fair point by veni, although in defense of those who excitedly posted about what they'd picked up -- I didn't even notice the request not to do so. I suspect that others, like me, upon getting an email about an NMWA sale immediately jump to the link to get an extra five seconds' head start on shopping . . .
New Posts  All Forums: