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Almost every sports nickname sucks these days. This has been true for at least the last 10-15 years, since thinking up a nickname for everyone (or for yourself) became a thing -- probably not unrelated to the explosion in television and internet coverage of everything sports-related and the corresponding explosion of commentators desperate to say something memorable or unique. "Dr. J" , for example, was a cool nickname because it wasn't the result of someone trying to...
I don't look good in orange (wrongly completcted).
In the "preview" list (where pics don't show up) it read like what you had for dinner was "artichoke ravioli tiramisu". Sounded pretty inventive.
Ha ha. This is like twice in a week idfnl and I have agreed on something.
Clearly not.
Declaring victory and withdrawing? That's a tradition with a distinguished history.
In the woods, right? Or is that the pope?
Yes, a difference between a predicted price and the eventual actual price on an item you don't have to buy is some heavy shit to bear.
I kind of like the Abraham character, as long as they keep him cartoony and one-dimensional as he's meant to be. His breakdown after it was revealed that Eugene was a liar was painful to watch, as were his recent "moody" scenes. But when he's blowing shit up and gleefully whacking zombies he's OK.You're definitely right about the priest (Gabriel, I think) and Eugene the mullet guy.
hahahahahhahahaThis totally made my afternoon.
New Posts  All Forums: