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It warmed up some in the afternoon, but it was downright misty by the beach Sunday morning and cool enough that my fiance put on a sweatshirt to walk to the market. But yeah, the ocean breezes and fog often peter out long before getting as far inland as Pasadena.
I pictured GreenFrog as much younger and more AZN than that.
I.E., "because Redskins."
Just dropped off my brown flannel and blue cavalry twill Rotas at the tailor and excited that I'll be wearing them soon. (The LA weather is even cooperating, with a hint of fog and the barest suggestion of fall-ish temperatures yesterday and this morning.) But I am uncertain whether I should be posting in the "making you happy" thread that I'll save a few dollars on tailoring this time around, or in the hibbeldy jibbeldy thread that the same size Rotas that used to need...
Which maker is the third tie from the top, right-most column?
Never too many.
Lots of people would take Kaine over any of the other three, hands-down.But thanks for playing.
He wasn't terrible against Pittsburgh. Two interceptions, but the second was an end zone INT in the closing seconds of a game that was already over. Washington couldn't do squat with the run game, which pretty much allowed the Steelers (who have a somewhat iffy secondary) to basically sit back and play semi-prevent and not get burned deep by Jackson or any other receiver.
Employments suits are few and far between for pro athletes. First off, there are virtually no "suits" in the sense of actual lawsuits, since everything gets grieved/arbitrated under the collective bargaining agreements. Even there, I think (although I'm no expert) it's pretty rare because the contract process (both in terms of what can be negotiated for, and in terms of how they are interpreted/implemented) is pretty standardized).That's a lot of jobs in corporate Murica...
Kershaw v. MadBum tonight. Baseball watching boner.
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