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It's because you're Asian-ish.
I give them fake names half the time anyway.
I saw her first, dude.Anyway, this is her: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0686376/Most of her other pictures, while also lovely, don't have that same hipster vibe.
Just swinging at an irresistable softball.I wasn't a fan of the Maloufs but have had no beef with the franchise since then, and crappy owners can't be blamed on fans anyway.My little brother lives in Davis and is a Kings fan, and contrary to what most of you might expect he's the nicest guy you'll ever meet. I wouldn't want to be a Kings fan, but it's not like this is a great time to be a Lakers fan, either.
As someone who used to do a fair bit of scuba diving, I have to say that a yoga porn torrent sounds much more entertaining than a scuba sex torrent.
Not especially topical, but I'd rather have one more attractive female actress in the "recent images" box than Geddy Lee.
I boycott vacation destinations where they fly the Confederate flag or commit technological espionage against crummy baseball teams that aren't a threat to them anyway.Ooh, thanks for the reminder. I think I have part of an order that I forgot about still waiting for me to swing by K&L and pick it up!
Ah, cool. I like Formosa when I'm in the area. And if you want to get drunk more economically, there's a BevMo a block or so away.
No, they don't.
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