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Aren't they really two names for the same thing? Like Belgium and the Netherlands?
Vending machines, dummy.
He's about to have Hroi reporting to him.
Tiecrafters does a great job.
I stand corrected. Clearly you're not the least bit defensive and excel at dealing maturely with constructive corrections. Rock on.
Whatever you say, Peyton.
Is number of words a scoring category?
I'd be interested to hear what you think.I loved The Wire.I thought Treme was a definite drop-off. I still enjoyed Treme, but mostly for the sense of place and the celebration of the music. The narrative felt much more forced than that of The Wire, the writing lazier, and its handling political/social issues it examines much more ham-handed and sanctimonious.Also, while I think John Goodman's a good actor, I couldn't stand him in Treme.
New Posts  All Forums: