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That's one of those truisms that people toss around because it's pat and seems to make some sense, but I wonder how true it really is. Yes, there are both individuals and funds that avoid investing in some of these industries. On the other hand, the fact that some people make those decisions is very well known, and there are undoubtedly tons of individuals and institutions who buy more precisely because they are trying to exploit that wrinkle.I generally operate on the...
Hinoki is fun. Good food, nice daytime cocktails, really pleasant space. I like SM Seafood as a fish market, but it's too busy and crowded for a pleasant dining experience in my opinion. If you're on the westside, I like Bar Hayama on Sawtelle (poor signage; it's across the street from Plan Check.) Food is good not amazing, but eating around the outside fire pit is really nice.
Do you need to guard Romdo these days?
Oh, agree. It's funny because it's apt.
FFS, anyone who uses garbled syntax like "I doubt few people would see faults with . . ." while lecturing on grammar deserves a swift kick in their own balls. And for what it's worth, I would find fault with that construction if it appeared in a writing I cared enough about to edit. The pronoun mismatch and the passive construction you've had to resort to in order to introduce it impair clarity. There's a very good reason why I can't get them to help me, so I'll have...
Yeah, seems more appropriate for a cat.
Are the shares vested, or do you lose them if you leave?Often, the tie-up period is less about keeping employees from leaving than about keeping the focus on long-term value rather than short-term stock price performance.(Not especially my business, of course. Just curious given the foregoing discussion.)
I dated a girl like that.
It would have to be, because you'd never find such an exotic color off the rack.
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