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Mine should be arriving very soon.
I think you need another "not" for that to make sense, no?
No, you're thinking of John Corzine.
I took at (re)look at the OS shirts to see if I could provide useful feedback on why they didn't grab me. Part of it is styling: I'm just not a fan of the eton/club collar styles. I do like the look of the Clerkenwell woven shirts. But I realized in looking at them and a few of the other OS shirts (I may have noted this before and just forgotten it) that OS seems to hate my size (which I know to my chagrin is pretty common shirt size around here). In dress shirts I take...
Well, the free returns policy for non-sale purchases should mitigate the fit uncertainty issue, no?
Ha, totally sensible advice in context, but ...
Some input on the website, just for whatever it's worth and recognizing all (or at least some) of the underlying complexities: I like the idea of the "best fit" resource, but every time I go to fiddle around with it, it ends up being too awkward and cumbersome for someone with my short attention span and general sense of entitled laziness. More specifically: 1. It would, of course, be amazeballs if one could simply click a button on a product page and add it to one's...
NM wrong thread. Happy Tuesday, y'all.
Dude, stop acting like such a whiny little child.I never said I wanted to exclude non-experts (which would include me) from this thread.You posted a comment, which -- as I explicitly stated -- is totally fine. That's the whole point of the thread. Finn responded with relevant, relatively expert comments suggesting that you might be lacking context (as many of us, including myself were) for some of the design elements. Which is also completely consistent with the point...
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