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For some of us, i's more like:
Bespoke or just MTM?
For a second, I assumed that post was by ed or biscotti.
Thereby cutting off the possibility of a historic Divac-Van Exel dynasty. Oh, what could have been . . .
Can anyone identify the maker of Lawrence's headdress?
Same is true with respect to Magic, no? The Jabbar-Nixon-Wilkes Lakers might not have won any championships, but they weren't terrible, either. And more to the point, the Magic pick came to the Lakers from Utah for Gail Goodrich.
Tha sucks, but your conclusion doesn't follow at all.Lasbar's name starts with M?
Yep. It will be interesting to see what happens with them from here on in. I saw them live a few months ago. It was pretty clear that given her voice, her lead role, and the fact that she's hot, a decision had been made to feature her more and make it the Rachel Show. It was still a good show, but it definitely lost some of the ensemble feel that made their first couple of releases so much fun.
Dude, I just thumbed-up your joke. It totally didn't fail.
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