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My scientist brother would agree with everything you say here except possibly the part about promoting the best scientists . . .
Or never should be. Leaving aside folks' laughable opinions of their own abilities and qualifications generally, it's amazing how many otherwise sophisticated people have trouble appreciating the skill set that makes someone a good X is usually not identical to the skill set that makes one a good manager of X's.
Dear God, I'd almost managed to forget about Polly Pockets.
Why are email search functions always so shitty?
But based on the little I know about what you guys do, I'm assuming you're not paid by the hour? That makes it kind of an apples-to-oranges thing.
Yes.The CBA has nothing to do with the relations among the teams as members of the league. It governs relationship between the league/teams on one hand and the players on the other.
With or without Kung Fu Grip?
I definitely prefer the 9 cm, would be fine with 8.5 cm. 8 cm's certainly not a deal breaker if I love something, but like Patrick I've come to find that i just tend not to love how my narrower ties look with my suits/jackets and body type (actual or aspirational). But for your evaluative purposes, I'm only a very occasional tie purchaser these days. I only wear a tie about once a week for work at my current gig, and about the same for social stuff. After decades of being...
Etnia Barcelona shades held up like a boss through nine days of being dropped on rocks and sand and in the ocean, being tossed and bounced around in random pockets, a duffel, and a backpack, and just generally being anything but babied.
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