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Maybe you should live someplace normal that doesn't have weird shit like "parking spaces for people with kids".
Some of us are busy and value our time highly. In the interest of efficiency, I've already pre-judged your next 15 posts.
I'll have a Pappy.
Actually, an internet discussion thread seems like a pretty appropriate place to judge.I mean, if you truly go through life without ever judging the decisions anyone else makes about how to conduct their affairs, that's great. But that should probably include not judging other people for their subjective opinions.
When you get your Harley you should have shotguns affixed to each side, Mad Max style.
Indigo loss upon soaking isn't really something endemic to "Gap selvedge" that "decent jeans" are immune from.
No personal experience but for what it's worth I did a bit of research on this fairly recently, and somewhat to my SF elitist surprise a guy with a shop in the Westside Pavilion got consistently excellent reviews. Would have used him if I'd ended up having it done locally.
Because gerrymandering.
This doesn''t make sense. Washing regularly will promote fading, not retard it. It might, however, make the fading more uniform.A few brands make models that are specifically designed minimize fading. PBJ might be one, although offhand I''m not sure.
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