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Thanks. And yep. More of one than I was expecting. One thing that has become very clear to me over a lifetime of haircuts: I clearly don't speak hair. But it's all good. One thing about hair is that it (usually) grows back. And while the gal I've been dating had repeatedly told me (tongue in cheek, or at least I hope) that she was mostly just interested in my hair, she says she's surprised by how much she likes it this way and might stick around.More importantly,...
I also hadn't seen indesertum's post yet either.
Not sure I follow this comment, but I only loosely followed the story in the first place.
Well, since his real target audience is probably one person, it may well be a highly successful effort.
Personally, I didn't cut anything. But that is an excellent strategy that I am embarrassed that I didn't understand to think.
Don't overthink it. I was just making a lame "cutting" pun. As in, I got my hair cut.
That's a good point. Issues or purported issues of power, privilege, etc. aside, it can be creepy and uncomfortable. Or pretty awesome. Depending.Ha, exactly what I was going to ask. I was feeling pretty hip for knowing what "twink" and "bear" mean. From the explanations, it seems there are more cute animal nicknames for hairy dudes than for relatively non-hairy one. Sounds like discrimination to me.I only know who the middle two guys are.This.When I was much younger...
I only do it for hair.
Today: Formosa, Rota, Drake's.
Cheap bastatd that I am, I tend to go a couple of months betwren hsircuts and try to grt my Harriet Tubman's worth when I dobgrt them. Yesterday was summer cut day, so PB is the undisputed wavy licks champ for the time being. Starting my next bulking phase today.
New Posts  All Forums: