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Haven't they been clearly signaling that for a couple of decades now?
The really damning thing here is that there are lawyers, a profession with lots of jews, supporting Hillary. Taking a page out of the rapper playbook. Also, inb4 Saul Alinsky reference.
I thought you lived in Santa Cruz.
Wealth and butthurt are inherently relative concepts.
Sure we do, Justice Ginsburg served on it when she was young.
So I just walked past a tv (The View or some such show) on which Whoopi Goldberg was explaining that the amendments pursuant to which she is no longer a slave were not voted on by the people or their legislative representatives, but rather were voted on by the Supreme Court when it decided "
Subscribing for mandate updates. Did someone say something about a wine circle?
You should really start dressing better, then. I can hook you up with a pink cashmere tie.
For obvious reasons, that's a less than perfect analogy - although your general point on inconsistency is taken.But ammunition for the loser to argue lack of mandate? Boy, that sounds about as consequential as the Dodger's ability to argue that Gonzalez should have been called safe at the plate in the fourth (or whatever) inning of their 10-2 loss to the Cubs yesterday. I mean, the way Gore was able to leverage that "no mandate" argument into zeitgeist-shifting...
I believe that's called stumbling at the first hurdle.
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