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That sucks, man. If she's halfway cool it won't matter, but it's still stressful. Hope it goes well.
You'd have to ask gomey's old boss.
Break the ice by telling her you believe what your grandmother always said about relationships: "You have to swim through an ocean of shit but if you're lucky you get a hot dog at the end."
You need better friends.
Sadly, no crude jokes to be made from that.
I think it could be either depending on context. I could be wrong, but here I took it to mean you because (1) you comment semi-regularly in this thread; (2) you and gome (at least I think it was you and gome, too lazy to go back and check) butted heads in this thread with the last week or so about Battery Park; and (3) that disagreement may be (again, just making this up because I don' t care enough to go back and check) illustrative of a certain broader tensions between...
Stop trying to muck up my rant with facts.
Thanks. Yeah, it's fun and pretty much the perfect weight for a cloudy and rainy but not-really-all-that-cold LA day.
Spencer x 2, Inglese.
The way iTunes and Amazon try to get me to "pre-Order" albums or books that won't actually be released for months. Fuck you, let me explain how this works: I give you money, you give me a product at the same time. Unless you're going to throw in a TOJ jacket as part of the deal. Also: less pissing me off than mildly disappointing, but I have realized that Selma Blair has not aged nearly as awesomely as I might have hoped.
New Posts  All Forums: