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Whatever you say, AnakinimeanDave.
Hmm. Stones in your bottom. (thinking) Nope, can't make a joak out of that, dammit.
A college buddy once decided, for no apparent reason, to spend a three-day weekend pretending that he'd lost a hand in an industrial accident. He strapped a hook made out of a coat hanger onto one of his hands and kept that hand inside his shirt sleeve. He was impressively dedicated to the joke or whatever you want to call it. I remember a couple of us walking into the kitchen and seeing him sitting there alone trying to spread cream cheese or something like that on...
Hope everything's OK.
+1 on both points
You might try messaging RR. Great guy.
New Foxygen album dropped. That's about it.
Since my job here is to be a peace-making mediator and make sure everyone's feeling warm and fuzzy, I'll say that's probably where most of those comments were coming from. You may well have "legitimate" or "independent" reasons for following the Pats. But when someone who hasn't previously been a fan of a particular sport starts portraying themselves as fans as a super-successful or super-popular team (could just as easily be Golden State in basketball the last few...
Well, you are rooting for a team edina roots for.
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