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up until he found the insulin cooler in the duffel. From that point
ZERO turnovers
haha, yesterday's episode was so boring that nobody even bothered to comment
Isn't the point of graphics supposed to be to make information easier to take in?Ethan's busy fighting the Holy War in CE.
Watch your privilege. Some of us aren't allowed belts.
Confirmed.Not sure what "perceived convenience" is. Room for reasonable disagreement of course on how to value that, but ordering a bulk package of tp or paper towels off Amazon, having it show up on my doorstep the next day, and then being set for a month or two is a concrete comvenience for me.
Are the markers placed where imbeciles can crash into them/drive over them?
What's with the patriarchy - are you a rape apologist? It's spelled "womyn".
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