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Bottoms up!
There are just very few movies that don't make me feel like I would have gotten more pleasure from spending the time doing other things, or nothing at all.In my case, it's probably compounded by all the work time I spend around people who churn out repetitive, formulaic, and/or hamhanded drek and yet want to be regarded as auteurs. And living near the ocean in Southern California with easy access to good food and booze, sitting in a climate-controlled windowless room isn't...
Do as I say not as I do, motherfuckers.
God damn that was so not worth sitting through the crappy Disney ad.
Cost in what sense? Not sure I'm following.
Because doing something in bed primarily for your partner's pleasure is clearly a sign of poor self esteem, I guess?When I was in grade school, the water fountain near the big kids' classroom had three spigots, with descending levels of water pressure. The established wisdom was the best one was for boys, the second best was for girls, and the last was for "retards".
I think it's lavender, no?
As indesertdum pointed out, either you like sours or you don't. If you do, this one is fucking delicious. Very clean and tangy tasting.
Yeah, fucking Sanders is going after the wrong people.Now I have a headache from reading that and still don't know what this person is actually advocating. Minimum wage isn't about how much you make, it's about quality of life. So if you're an utter fuck-up with gambling addiction or can't manage your money there's no way for your employer to know how much they might have to pay you to keep your ship afloat?Also unclear on what the "seventh generation" means. Is that a...
Yeah, that poster is stupid and dishonest, starting from the initial premise. The "standard" 8-hour work day is not actually comprised of 8 hours of classroom teaching for any teacher I know (including the teachers at any of the schools, both public and private, my kid has attended in the last ten years). It includes free periods and after-class time for meeting with and helping students, etc. Even with new math you don't get to double-count hours like that.
New Posts  All Forums: