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Then why do they make jackets with an extra pocket on one side called a cruller pocket?
He was a very good college player for his short tenure. Not sure how he'll translate as a pro. Good athlete. Not much of an outside shot, but young enough to develop there. 6'7" but not really someone who is ever going to be a post player, strong rebounder, or interior defender. Either he stays healthy and is coachable (indications are positive here) and he turns into a really useful athletic wing (although I can't really see him ever being a superstar level player),...
Yeah, well, you could say the same about me so it's all good.
Sorry, I was unclear. I meant I didn''t remember the Star Wars scene. Lena was hotter in 300 than GOT, but that's obviously only a relative judgment.
I don't remember that scene, but I wonder but as a Lena Headey admirer the phrase "if you're going into battle be sure to wear your helmet" comes to mind for some reason.
Could be worse. I have Kershaw and Cueto.
If I understand your question, yes. It would be very odd for the premium to be less than the delta between the strike price and market/spot price at the time the calls were sold.You probably know this, but "in the money" talks about the relationship between strike and spot but tells you nothing about the premium.
Stop questioning lawful orders.
I can't speak for your neck of the woods, but in my social circle most of the women would self-identify as feminists (and most of the men at least as equity feminists to use Pio's term) and few if any appear to br what I assume you mean by third wave feminists.
I have no idea what matters to most people, but I'm old-fashioned enough to believe that whether or not we're intellectually honest in discussing ideas, whether or not we rely on fatuously lazy and conclusory labels, and whether we narcissistically view everything that makes us uncomfortable as evidence of a grand conspiracy against are things that matter a little bit.
New Posts  All Forums: