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Fortunately, I'm on the breezy, beachy side of town where it's only . . .97
Not sure if I saw The Blind Side, but generally I think movies made from Lewis' books amplify the shortcomings of his writing and lose the strong points.
That's nice to hear.But just imagine if all that were true AND Charleston Chew had raisins (which I would not favor, but that's irregardless of the point) as well. Bananas!
You forgot Dungeons & Dragons. Or is that only teen suicide?
They can stay on their own side of the wall, then.
Sounds more like increased efficiency.
Sadly, I am not surprised Medwed has ready access to a graphic of somebody touching a kid.
Probably doesn't in most leagues, except to the extent there are stats that are counted for both positions like running yardage.
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