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If we're using this as the LA traffic bitching thread: had to back-and-forth multiple times over the weekend between Pacific Palisades and Hermosa Beach. Of course, the city thought a weekend in the height of summer would be the perfect time to close Sunset west of the 405 for two days, forcing me and a bunch of other assholes to forego the 405 for the coast route, along with 88 kajillion beachgoers, who are inarguably the shittiest drivers ever.
Everybody has a suggestion for how the rewards membership should work.
Prove it.
I'm sorry.
Did you wait long enough for the cement to set properly?
The Force is strong with you.
The only thing about that that would make me feel bad would be the fact that one of those shitbags got another job after being fired.
I'm sure everyone was shocked by this O. Henry ending.
He forgot the little dots in Schrodinger, too.
A vacation from sex, you mean?
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