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You should talk to Gomestar.
If you haven't been spanked by Booth's mom your initiation is incomplete.
Welcome to the Inner Circle!
n00bOption A: make up your own joke along the lines of, "Sounds like ethan's mom might be able to answer that question . . ."Option B: make up your own joke referencing SF lore about (formerly far more active poster) @kwilkinson
They're not all like west's mom, you know.Reader's choice: refer back to joke about ethan's mom, supra, or roll old school with a Kwilk joke.
I'm friendly with a couple of the HR people at my company. They told me that more than once they've gotten calls from an employee's *coughmillenial'scough* mom after an adverse employment decision, smaller-than-anticipated bonus, etc.
You're such a beta./bhowie
For some of us, i's more like:
Bespoke or just MTM?
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