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Then fuck off, peon.
Yeah, the Venice Hama is a neighborhood place that has been there forever.
I remember when that happened on The White Shadow.You think? "I don't think I'm, like, Charles Barkley fat. I'm more like Shaq fat."
Those floral flannels are sick.You are a tough boss.Don't wash for at least two years. Rub in layers of booze, piss, blood, and vomit. Then wear in the ocean and rub with sand wait, sorry, that's for denim. Never mind.
Yeah, that's a sweet-ass coat, but:
No, no, I totally appreciate the expert input. Il miglior fabbro and all that. I certainly agree with respect to the brighter blue on top. Great color in the abstract but too bright for a jacket. The second one seems more versatile to me. Which is to say, I might manage to wear it twice a year ...
Ha, of course my eye gets drawn not to one of the actual choices, but the two light blue swatches off the the right in the first pic . . .
New Posts  All Forums: