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Also, you are no true Scotch man. [Intertextuality.]
Some things are classics.
That was my experience as well. I generally take a M in sweaters for a trim (including the one Inis I own and a previous OS sweater). Because of the sizing advice, I ordered a medium and a small. I returned the small. The pics above are of the medium. I'm happy with it, but as you can see it's fairly slim. (For what it's worth, the size difference between the S and the M didn't seem dramatic.)
I don't think anyone is going to answer your questions unless you use some more question marks.
I'm not sure whether saying this means that most people in NY aren't looking to get gun permit, or if it means that in general only well-heeled NYers want gun permits.If the former, I'm not sure how it's responsive ot AY's point. If the latter, I'm curious if you have a theory about why that would be.
Maybe the same way that the other super good looking but not especially talented Hollywood folks do?
I could see that as well. We'll likely never know, obviously.Random factoid. About ten years or so I had a trial in Superior Court in downtown LA. One of Davis' suits against the NFL was being tried in a courtroom down the hall, so I'd occasionally see journalists (or "journalists") and whatnot in the hallway during the several weeks we were court neighbors. One day I'm leaving the courthouse parking lot at the end of the day, tired and preoccupied by my trial. The...
"Good of the league". Basically the same as when you step down from a political position or plead guilty to spare your family the ordeal of proving your innocence . . . I have nothing to go on but speculation, but initially indicating you're going to appeal, or taking steps to preserve that option, only to later abandon the planned appeal, is in no way inconsistent with veni's theory. I could easily imagine a a phone call along the lines of, "Look, if you pursue the...
Sorry to hear that, pB. Always sucks. Sounds like he had a pretty good run.
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