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I think that's what wojt meant by the "late Larry Bird" reference.
Yeah, that's basically the rule here when you're trying to get the judge removed for cause. When I first started practicing here the fact that you basically get a peremptory challenge you can exercise against the first-assigned judge (or the second-assigned judge, if your opponent struck the first judge) struck me as weird.
Both of these seem pretty accurate. Shitty refereeing aside, the fact that Cleveland stormed out of the gate and bitch-slapped GS during the opening minutes seems to undercut the "fix" stuff somewhat. It was pretty clear this was going to be Cleveland's night, unless you think the NBA Illuminati were using telekinesis to make GS jumpers miss and shining laser pointers in the eyes of GS interior defenders to distract them, thereby giving CLE cutters open paths to dunks...
This might be the stupidest wannabe expert post among many stupid posts in this threak.
Second-highest bidder gets a Draymond nut-tap.
Evidently The Ringer is still trying to build up its content pipeline. This definitely belongs on the short list for stupidest, most pointless articles written about these Finals: https://theringer.com/draymond-green-nba-finals-warriors-cavs-game-5-possible-heroes-4aca9decd08f#.tdgg2ukft
I'm guessing that saying the other guy's wife/girlfriend is a lesbian, a la Slap Shot, is now frowned upon.
My sense is that if you draw a Venn diagram the "realistic" circle and the "what some people get off on" intersect circle but are far from coterminous.
Yeah, no overlap between target demographics there.And semi-seriously, speaking as someone who has some familiarity with but falls short of being an expert in both fields, isn't it likely that some folks see developments in home VR technology as creating business opportunity for content that blurs or straddles the line between games and porn, or integrates the two more effectively than has been done in the past?Some of the oldsters may remember a Mad About You episode...
New Posts  All Forums: