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Posted by a friend of a friend. This is actually not entirely stupid but posting anyway because I thought some of you might enjoy it and because fuck you and your stupid rules #freespeech!!! BRAG ALERT: Despite being straight out of Compton and living as a black man for the first 48 years of my life, I have finally arrived at the pinnacle of American success -- I have been called out by a white liberal for my racism against black folks. In short, I am now "The Man." At...
I'm not currently a homeowner but have a relationship with a mortgage broker I trust (happy to send info to anyone interested). When I was a homeowner , our deal was that he'd take his fee and closing costs including appraisal, doc fees, etc. out of his spread, so it was truly costless to me (not rolled into the loan principal). Basically he'd ping me when rates moved enough that he could drop me down by at least .375 or so. That would allow me to reduce my monthly nut a...
Maybe that water is way too hot to drink. Probably not as hot as steam, though.
Ah, gotcha. I assumed the irony you note was intentional of fuuma's part. Although I'm not sure that's how the perjorative is spelled - maybe he was accusing you of having directed Tootsie?
No reservations needed at Top Dog, and the Northside location is walkable from Chez Panisse. Just sayin'. http://www.topdoghotdogs.com/themenu.html
Did you try the upstairs cafe?If you were going to be in the neighborhood anyway, I'd say just drop by and try to squeeze in upstairs, but if it didn't work out that would be a bummer if you'd made a special trip (although there are good fallback options in Berkeley).
Harrison is really only a marginal contributor at this point, but I'm sure he wants to make sure he's on the field for dat Bengals brawl.
Had a very good meal with friends at Haven in Oakland a while back. If you get over the Berkeley Chez Panisse really is worth the visit if you've never been, as is the Cheese Board. Both are obvious, but pretty much live up to their reputation. I'd say the same thing about Top Dog, but it's been decades since I ate at either location.
Are we going to have to add the Chitari to our list of things that suck about NY?
Well, I suppose you could be right that shunning or slurring occurs because of some sort of institutionalized or systemic bias against "dissenting opinion".Or it could just be that when somebody says something stupid, obnoxious, or dickish, people tend to point it out, and that people who persist in acting like trolls run the risk of being ignored (the non-butthurt synonym for "shunned").
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