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You mean the explanation you've imagined in your head? Nothing you've written here is relevant to the foregoing discussion.
Kinda my point. I'm not buying into a conspiracy theory, just pointing out that catering to people who share your views could be the motivation if somebody did want to construct one.
Doesn't the bad guy wrestler have to win occasionally to keep the fans interested? Even in this thread people were already bitching that GSW has "had their turn". Disrupt the Dubs' dynasty, have them coming back hungry after falling short of a championship despite their historical regular season (*cough*Patriots*cough), and let Durant and a a physical-prime Westbrook have their shot at LeBron while Lebron is still at the top of his game and before Westbrook suffers some...
Or on Adams' handle, as the case may be.
It pretty clearly failed to draw iron. Not that I'd defer to Reggie Miller's judgment in all things, but he also commented at the time (after watching it on replay) to the effect that it wasn't even close.
African wife: "Look at that whorishly dressed, slutty American woman. It's shocking. She clearly doesn't value herself and is putting herself on offer to any man here with a pulse. How shameless!"African husband: "Do you think she's whorish enough for that drunk American over there to have a shot with her?"African wife: "Don't be stupid!"
I have the Big John crazy stripe shirt. I'd say it runs true to size.I typically wear a 40/medium and the shirt (a medium) fits me well in the body. I have long arms - about a 36 sleeve, and inglese sleeves are perfect. The Big John sleeves are a little shorter than ideal for me - which is just to again say they are TTS for a typical medium off the rack casual shirt.
You'd think some of you would have caught up by now.
Four decades and counting for me.
Ball don't lie!
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