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True. Dude was a hell of a pitcher, and is a hilarious assclown of a human being.
lolol http://deadspin.com/you-arent-gonna-believe-this-but-curt-schilling-used-s-1788493946
Dude, be like Manti.
Airplane beer options were this Korean beer or Budweiser. This turned out to be the right choice, albeit not by as much of a margin as I hoped. Came home to this, which is good not great.
Look, that trash can is on fire! Don't look at suited getting caught in a lie!
Well, now you can look back from the vantage point of being one of the Styleforvm kids and take satisfaction in how far you've come!
The Gourds, Stadium Blitzer Occasionally I'll go a while without listening to them and almost forget what an excellent band they were.
That's simply a straight up lie, unless you're using the present tense to distinguish what you're saying now from what you said a few posts before.Or are you claiming the biased liberal media that made up the story of you posting the word "Multiple"?
Aw, we lub u too!
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