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Lack of context and placement in this thread have me all Just saw the other day that AF still posts in the stereo thread. Perhaps elsewhere as well, but I don't know.
Crazy talk. Have you seen the other guy?
Just confirming that "tron" works exactly as intended here.
http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/17118662/mlb-commissioner-rob-manfred-says-looking-possible-limits-use-relief-pitchers-games Seriously? Fuck these clowns. Talking big is easy, I know - but were this to happen I finally walk the hell away as a (former) fan. Also, MLB needs to avoid letting pictures of Manfred get out. He's uglier and goofier looking than the illegitimate love child of Yogi Berra and Joe Torre.
I assume you don't mean "everybody" literally.
I'm sure the fact they double down on emphasizing reasonable doubt in that statement doesn't suggest any prejudgment or bias whatsoever.
Eh, you have work to do. If you want to be a commercially successful journalist, you need to stop oversharing about distinctions between what you actually know and what you're just assuming, taking someone else's word for, or making up. It distracts from the narrative and totally disrupts the Coleridgian suspension of disbelief.
Key word for your notes: punctuation.
I noticed that, too. I assume the tactical reasoning is that if they both jump up and rush you, the fat kid's likely to be slower and you'll have more time to work back to him as a secondary target.
No pictures so I'm not sure what color Opie was. http://usuncut.com/news/police-shoot-family-dog-at-party/
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