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Derek "Gimpy" Rose, Hassan "Head Case" White, Glen "Fatso" Davis and Nate "Dwarf" Robinson.
Cranky old guy speech is what I do, so fair point there. But I do think there's something to the "everything televised and tweeted" dynamic that changed things. Back in the day, for a nickname to get traction, it needed a lot more word of mouth currency and durability. Also, I suspect that the explosion in endorsements and player branding has driven the desire to create nicknames as well.White chocolate is indeed elite level. Birdman is fun.Stifle Tower is just lame. ...
Dude, it's the official credit card of the NFL.
LA not so much, but it's still well worth the price.
Get fooled once by edmorel, shame on him.Get fooled a second time by Finn, shame on me.
Actually, if you start with how it appears on the mannequin (looks like the dip-dye sweatshirt underneath, but really any gray/off-white piece that won't clash with the jacket's color and texture is probably fine), add some jeans ((or brown cords, possibly even olive; black pants would also work but starts edging closer to becoming some sort of campy 70's television allusions) and brown shoes or boots it would look great and, I suspect, far less aggressive than the...
The bottom looks kinda crooked.
Almost every sports nickname sucks these days. This has been true for at least the last 10-15 years, since thinking up a nickname for everyone (or for yourself) became a thing -- probably not unrelated to the explosion in television and internet coverage of everything sports-related and the corresponding explosion of commentators desperate to say something memorable or unique. "Dr. J" , for example, was a cool nickname because it wasn't the result of someone trying to...
I don't look good in orange (wrongly completcted).
In the "preview" list (where pics don't show up) it read like what you had for dinner was "artichoke ravioli tiramisu". Sounded pretty inventive.
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