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Through some random chain of associations that brings Life of Brian to mind . . . I'll have to start using Bigus Dickus as my Starbucks name.
Um, maybe? I was thinking it was in a mini-mall, but I'm not positive. Definitely near the university, but on the other side of whatever that major street is.
I think he was gone. I remember Shaq prompting Jackson to get Richmond into the game in the closing minutes of the finals so that he could retire having played in the Finals.
I guess if you're willing to choose that over quality of basketball . . . The Saturday morning farmer's market is cool. And I've found a halfway decent pho place and good ice cream.
O ye of little faith! Beware the wrath of the FrankenLakers.Move along, nothing to see here . . .
His wife did. Then she made him move there. Like I said, he's way too nice.
It's because you're Asian-ish.
I give them fake names half the time anyway.
New Posts  All Forums: