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http://open.spotify.com/track/6RaFcmP8ZtToZf6btTsxJgAnd thanks, guys, for the input.
Well, unlike some other teams they don't have to struggle with the crippling fear of losing their emerging superstars to free agency.So there's that.
Ha, good catch. I was having trouble getting it to work, got interrupted, and just deleted it. Just a short clip of Emmanuel Sanders getting pasted.Anyway, Link
Got it. I was confused by the "sideswiped" reference but the lack of any specific reference to impact in your description.Glad it wasn't more serious, obviously.
What's a reasonable price range to think about for a fixed gear that's solid quality but not necessarily gear head/serious every day rider/bike pron poster level?
You weren't actually hit, right?
Yeah, it's probably siuational to a certain extent. My local post office is a notorious clusterfuck.
Sounds awesome, thanks. Would love to, but have a date with a cool gal. And like the good doctor said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
As opposed to "urinal"? Needs must, betimes.
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