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Not posted by a friend, but a friend who is normally smart actually commented with an "answer" (Uno) as though she were accomplishing something. Cross-posting to hibbeldy jibbeldy threak and stupid shit friends post ofnFB threak because it pisses me off that people are this fucking lame
You can look it up on reddit.
Stop hating. Smoothies don't have sugar. They're made with juice. Duh.
If there's a flesh-eating Doberman on the loose, it might be very reassuring to know your dick's safely in your hand.
PSA: don't google this at work.
I guess the unlockable door explains how your assistant knows about your cock problems? Kudos to her for her initiative.
Is there a joke that 100% of people get? I didn't think the joke was that funny, but mostly for the opposition reason -- the whole "Subarus are lesbian cars" thing is so tired that any component of observational humor it might once have had has pretty much been bled out of it. I'm sort of surprised by the suggestion that it's too obscure, especially in a threak about cars . . .
That sucks, man.Hope some good shit is coming down the pike. You're due.
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