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Foxx, if I understand correctly what you're looking for, there are fit pics of the tan Solaro in the HOF/WAYWN thread.But they're only viewable by people who've committed to the current Formosa SC project. Just kidding.
Black, gray, or tan pants. Wool pants preferably, or else cotton. But not jeans.
Why would he be yanking your chain? It's certainly not a given, but it would be a pretty normal and healthy thing for her to be sexually active at 18 (said with a bit of a wince by the guy who knows his own daughter will be 18 one day).
Agreed. On his jump shot, he looks like a kid who's just learning how to play on ten foot rims, and is using the jump to help "push" the ball toward the rim rather than for elevation.
Great eyes, men. My picks: 1. The pattern on this is totally sexy, and I need a great umbrella. Except I don't, living in LA. It would end up sitting in the cargo area of my car, getting smushed under my daughter's six tons of dance gear, my damp, sandy wetsuit, and the latest load of stuff I keep forgetting to drop at the dry cleaner. Fuck our beautiful Southern California weather. 2. Not exactly an edgy choice. I have no good excuse for sleeping on this one. ...
I totally agree with your Elton Brand comparison (except that Brand doesn't have Boozer's annoying barking habit, which may be worth a $5-7M differential by itself).I see them both the same way. Is there a role for either of them on the right team? Sure. But absent a very, very specific need, I can't see getting excited about my team signing either of them.Will he put up decent numbers for the Lakers? Probably, especially given what their other options are. And they...
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