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Amd the make up with Green's third on Westbrook.
They're definitely on the smaller side, but imho that balances nicely with the slightly fashion-forward shape of the lenses.
Business. Managed a bit of sight-seeing as well, but did a bit less random strolling around than I usually do in foreign cities because Seoul is hella cold in February for a California boy like me.
Funny, when I was in Seoul last February that's exactly how everybody was dressed.
Guards vs. inmates is a much better game.
Jesus.I'm confused by this math:Anyway, yeah. 2 relationships, 4 women I had sex with. Since one of them was a girl I was in a relationship with while we had sex that’s 5 women altogether.Oh, never mind. I see what he's saying.Sorry, I always assume everyone but me gets these references.It's not Discount Doublecheck guy, I can tell you that.
Had to Google that name. FFS.
I'm guessing that's old news around here.
You always have an excuse, don't you?
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