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Kudos to Nickels for providing a raison d'etre for every cranky post (which is to say 97.6% of my posts) I've ever made on the internet.
No, I don't work in HR.99% isn't an "extrapolation". It's a an attempt to sidestep being called out on having made a categorical statement that is obviously false. Also, only a moron or a child "extrapolates" from limited personal experience to categorical, universal generalities.You're a big fan of pendantry and precision when it comes to everyone else's statements. Perhaps you should focus more on your own.And if some companies do it well, then it's clearly not true,...
Just be patient, you'll definitely get your thumbs by 2016, or if not then probably pretty soon after.
If this really warrants an exclamation point in your experience, you're doing dating wrong. Was this a French prison or an American one?
Seems to me that either (1) what's coming out of those machines is such vile crap that it's not worth paying two cents for no matter how much you get; or alternatively (2) the amount by which the volume of ice in your $2 Taco Bell soda changes the value proposition of the transaction isn't worth worrying about.
But sofritas!
Yes, that's the practice I was referring to. You can obviously drop the tip; I don' t know if you can actually do a "negative" tip.A long debate can be had about the substantive merits of the approach, and reasonable minds can differ (although my own views are generally in line with where yours seem to be). But I was perhaps more bothered by the blatant hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty offered as "justification" by the little clique of LA restauranteurs who decided...
Also false. But since you've repeatedly told us about your mastery of statistics, your made up numbers should probably carry the day.
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