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I think you can safely assume anything one of us posts here has long since been abandoned by the cool kids.
So what did you end up doing, transactionally? Just bought units of the currencies themselves?
I've never noticed noticed those spots, just the standard blue handicap placard spots. But I avoid places like shopping malls if at all possible, so it's certainly possible we have them here. If I do have to drive to a mall or hellhole like that, I generally park farther out where there are a bunch of spots rather than being a lazy slob and spending an extra ten minutes and enduring people's idiocy to desperately prospect for a spot that might save 50 feet of walking.
Maybe you should live someplace normal that doesn't have weird shit like "parking spaces for people with kids".
Some of us are busy and value our time highly. In the interest of efficiency, I've already pre-judged your next 15 posts.
I'll have a Pappy.
Actually, an internet discussion thread seems like a pretty appropriate place to judge.I mean, if you truly go through life without ever judging the decisions anyone else makes about how to conduct their affairs, that's great. But that should probably include not judging other people for their subjective opinions.
When you get your Harley you should have shotguns affixed to each side, Mad Max style.
Indigo loss upon soaking isn't really something endemic to "Gap selvedge" that "decent jeans" are immune from.
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