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Um, no.It's about time someone Godwin'd this thread!
You know me (kinda, sorta). I know a bunch of FBI agents. I've met quite a few on one or a couple of occasions in professional settings, and I'm casually friendly with several of them. A colleague of mine who does security and investigations work for us is a retired FBI guy.
That should be "let's".
Apparently it hasn't been beaten sufficiently to death for you to stop worrying about somebody else getting the last word.I don't disagree that a foul reasonably could be called on the play you're referencing. If you want to beat that straw man to death, be my guest. Asserting that it's inarguably a foul under the rules is different from saying that there's a basis for calling a foul.The "if x happens, I'm pretty sure it's a foul" comment is inherently an assertion about...
From the FB page of a friend who recently adopted two Ethiopian kids: I'm making bacon. [Son]: Mom, what this? Fish? Me: No, pig. [Son]: Yech! Me no pig. Ethiopia no pig. Me: Try it. It's good. ([Son] tries it) [Son]: Wow.
Maybe you should read the rules.
Since stitches is recused from this one, he's perfectly situated to act as an objective referee. @in stitches, can we get a ruling on whether cyc wid it would look awesome in this?
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