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Seconded. I have both colors and love them both.
Got it. Yeah, the discussion was so over the map to the point where it wasn't always clear how one post related to the previous one, etc. Thanks for the clarification.
I'm not sure I understand what you're saying here (even if you're referencing someone else's view and not necessarily your own). I'm not sure what "manipulation" means in this context. But more generally, doesn't that come down to a fundamental objection to capitalism generally? People are certainly free to hold such views, but I'm not sure it's specific to shelter. What about food? Water? Heat? Basic medical care?
Probably because it was the Whine Train and people complaned.
All those extra used razor blades end up tossed on the street looking crappy and creating safety hazards for children.
I just spent a grand total of about 47 seconds looking at both sites, but aren't Shavemob's razors "a lot cheaper" because they suggest changing the blade every two weeks vs. every week?
When edina's right (no, really!) he's right.
Harry's is basically selling dressed-up versions of the same razors you buy in 12-packs at CVS for a price that's a shit-ton more than CVS charges but less than "fancier" razors. Everybody's skin and beard are different. For some people, an ultra-cheap Bic or whatever from CVS works just fine. Others need a better quality blade to feel like they got a good shave. If Harry's fills the niche that works for you, great. But if you drink the kool-aid of their marketing...
That's hilarious.I'll bet the beluga caviar flavor is awesome. :
I can see how your BR meetings might establish an intimacy level that makes business cards seem superfluous. I find them useful in my line of work.
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