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Well, I suppose you could be right that shunning or slurring occurs because of some sort of institutionalized or systemic bias against "dissenting opinion".Or it could just be that when somebody says something stupid, obnoxious, or dickish, people tend to point it out, and that people who persist in acting like trolls run the risk of being ignored (the non-butthurt synonym for "shunned").
Apologies for a likely unnecessary question (since you probably meant exactly what you said), but you'll be in San Francisco proper, or are you interested in East Bay recommendations as well?
Some of us are middle-aged, after all.
No point whatsoever, just thought it was funny. http://www.chron.com/news/article/Green-Party-s-Jill-Stein-tied-with-dead-gorilla-9147853.php
If so only by accident, because I don't know anything about metallurgy. @Numbernine?My point was similar to that originally made by Rumpelstiltskin or Gibonious. References to relative differences in various qualities may or may not be cogent (even if literally true) depending on context.Relatively speaking, Justin Gatlin may be slower than Usain Bolt, and the slowest guy to qualify for the 100M dash in the Olympics is slower than Gatlin. But if the question is whether...
Well, I think it's perfectly normal and appropriate that if a particular investment or set of investments aren't working out and the advisor thinks there are better places to put the money, they'd sell and re-deploy. The whole point of an IRA is tax avoidance or deferral, so issues of "realized" vs. "unrealized" shouldn't have the same significance as they would in a taxed account.I'd certainly say that fact that there's a significant loss in the account is not itself...
For one thing, I'm not sure what the point (aside from complexity for the sake of obfuscation) is of distinguishing between "realized" and "unrealized" gains and losses in an IRA. Maybe I'm missing something, though.Kind of tough to evaluate the performance without knowing what happened before as a baseline -- e.g., the assets underlying the "realized" loss. But as a starting point, I think that if you don't understand what the advisor is doing and don't have an obvious...
I completely get why companies selling legal products and support services want lawyers (or ex-lawyers) as their sales reps. Not sure it always has the intended effect, tough. Every time somebody uses that approach with me, I immediately think "you mean you were a shitty, unsuccessful lawyer who likely has very little perspective on what will really help me do my job better and more efficiently". An unfair overgeneralization, but one that's very present. Of course, I...
Ding dong.
Maybe if they didn't understand the similar looking, but very different in meaning word "relevantly".
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