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You could read more sarcasm so you actually know how to use it.It's pretty funny. For all of your frequent protestations of indifference, you care so much about trying to seem clever that you went back and re-wrote your post because you thought you'd come up with a "funnier" way to present it. But it's no better and still sucks.
He's gotcha there, G. Duck, duck, checkmate.
Dallas' Backcourt sounds like the name of a porn parody.Defending the PostCrossover SkilzDriving The LaneThree-Pointers
AAPL rally? Is AAPL up appreciably more than the Dow or Nasdaq since Tuesday?
We had to wait for you to leave, or the average would be totally skewed.
How many chickens can you really hold in your hand, anyway? I find them easier to count laid out dead on the ground, as long as you don't count the bodies and heads.
Seemed as good a place as any to post this: http://laist.com/2014/12/18/watch_the_kim_jong_un_death_scene_t.php
Well, at least if you guys hung up on Styleforum, Styleforum would be better hung.
When you're 11, sure. At some point in one's development sex is supposed to take over that role.
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