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Excellent album. Hope you enjoy the concert, although I was mildly disappointed when I saw them here. (Apologies for repeating myself if I posted about this earlier.)I saw them at a mid-size place, since they are becoming more popular. Their sound had been considerably amplified to make it loud enough for the venue. In addition, there was an obvious attempt to make Rachel the front person, given that she's the lead vocalist, has a unique voice, and is charismatic and...
If it's any help, I take the same size in Big Johns (slim straight) that I do in PBJ, RRL, Somet, and the BiG house label.
I was kidding - but thanks.
That's just your opinion.
I don't really understand your spoiler comment. [[SPOILER]]Is that a euphemism I need to ask Biscotti to explain to me?I also liked how Tyrese ends up getting bitten. Walk into the bedroom, see body on the bed. Ignore it and start looking around at the pictures and whatnot, because "I'm pretty sure that guy's dead, so he can't be a threat."
So it should be used for, what, household cleaning? There are few parts of my body that aren't covered by skin, hair, or both.This.And this. I'm not giving up my bacon.Also:For most of my life I've shampooed with whatever random crap is lying around the bathroom because somebody else bought it, or whatever was cheapest because I bought it. Sometimes I've just used regular bar soap. On occasion when I was too drunk/hung-over/tired to notice/care, I've put anything from...
That's been my experience. The direct link from the confirmation email doesn't work, but copying and pasting the tracking number into the ups website has always worked fine.
Salaried work is great if you're more efficient and/or the job is less demanding than your employer realizes -- or if there are other market inefficiencies working to your advantage. Being overpaid relative to how much you work through time and effort arbitrage > having to work extra time for each extra dollar you get.
Yep. And with thinly traded stocks the pump-and-dumpers can also manipulate the price by being on both sides of the transaction (which obviously helps with the money laundering as well by making specific funds much harder to trace).
Speaking of penny stocks being easily manipulated and thinly traded -- The penny stock/boiler room industry is riddled with players connected to organized crime -- Russian mafia, for one. In addition to providing the opportunity to make money in all the ways investment swindlers have always done, it provides it's a good vehicle for money-laundering and surreptitious transfers of funds as well.
New Posts  All Forums: