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You could say that about 99% of the conventions and in-jokes on this forvm. But of course we use them all in an ironic, meta- fashion, which makes them brilliantly funny all over again.
Maybe the disconnect comes from the fact that it's too cold for Hispanics where brokencycle lives.
Really? That's surprising. For a not insignificant number of Catholics abortion is a, and sometimes the, dispositive issue.
Speaking of which, I assume I'm not the only one who thinks that the bow tie thing is working against Charlie Hustle? It just makes him look even more creepy and weird. That shouldn't be relevant to his quest to be reinstated, but I can't imagine that it's less than helpful in term of people's intuitive reactions to him.
Only on a few occasions when something he wrote went viral.
True. Dude was a hell of a pitcher, and is a hilarious assclown of a human being.
lolol http://deadspin.com/you-arent-gonna-believe-this-but-curt-schilling-used-s-1788493946
Dude, be like Manti.
Airplane beer options were this Korean beer or Budweiser. This turned out to be the right choice, albeit not by as much of a margin as I hoped. Came home to this, which is good not great.
Look, that trash can is on fire! Don't look at suited getting caught in a lie!
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