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Lawn tennis really should only be played in Autumn.
I see what you did there. ^
NP. Also, while Gjelina -- Italian or not -- is great, it's always crowded and busy, and the service is hit-or-miss. Again, I don't know your folks, but it wouldn't be at the top of my list of places to take parents.
Do you really mean Italian, or do you just mean someplace that serves pasta and/or pizza? Because I don't think of Gjelina, Tasting Kitchen, or Superba as Italian by an stretch. (Pretty sure that's true of Baco Mercat as well, although I haven't made it there yet.)If you wanted to go Italian in the Venice area (sort of as replacements for those three on the list) there's Ado and Honoria. Valentino is Valentino - not knowing your folks, they could really enjoy, or be...
Oh, quite possibly. Mostly I was just busting Mauro's chops. But the short sleeve option certainly has less utility for me. On the days when I dress more casually for work, my personal business casual standard pretty much dictates long sleeves. Outside of work, if I'm not in shorts and a t-shirt, I'm still likely to opt for long sleeves much of the time. Partially that's an aesthetic preference, but there's a practical component as well. I live close to the beach in LA....
Oh come on, they can't even spell.
I agree with you in principle. But lots of truffle oil is complete crap being sold on the premise that if you put "truffle" on the label people will think it's fancy, and even if it's awful they'll pretend to like it because they think saying otherwise would make them seem unsophisticated.
Penis straws? Wouldn't penis paper towel rolls make more sense?
Send me some money and I'll promise not to do it.
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