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Upon reading "There's a pretty vocal community of [pretty much anything] types online . . ." I pretty much assume we're talking about a bunch of douches before I even get to the explanation.
Since he's staying there, he may be able to avoid much of that. I was there with my daughter for a week a couple of months ago. There was no way we were going to deal with the stupid lines, etc. But if you're open to grabbing your dinner or lunch at a non-peak time, staying at the PM lets you be opportunistic and duck in if there's no line.Or you can just settle for breakfast at Norma's, which is pretty good as well (albeit overpriced, as any hotel breakfast joint is...
Biscotti has a girl he'd like you to meet.
Sometimes this is a much better approach.
Puberty does that.Be able to say the same in your mid-40's and I might be impressed.
Depends on the pic, I'd say.
Does he drive an M5?But seriously, that's awesome.
And most of us probably know less than we think we do about the stuff we're already talking about ...
I hear you. It depends, obviously. But I have spread collar shirts on which -- using collar stays, generally -- the collar holds a very nice shape.And for me, if I'm going to spend the better part of the day with neither jacket nor tie, I'm really in the realm of casual dress anyway.
Betting on the long term inevitability of a product or industry can be a lot riskier than it's sometimes tempting to think, because even assuming the basic premise is right, "long term" can have a way of meaning much, much longer than you had in mind.Plus, long term the sun will burn out, which will be game changer for the solar industry.
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