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That's been my experience. But that's based on, I think, two or three data points over several years. Plus I'm a cranky, impatient misanthrope who hates crowds, restricted choices, and crappy service. And as a general rule, I'd rather economize in other areas and pay a bit more for dining out if it means I'm doing so entirely on my terms. But everyone balances those trade-offs differently, and I haven't looked at the DLA press this year so there could well be crazy...
I realize this is only marginally responsive to your question, but my advice would be to stay away from the Dine LA thing. In my limited experience it's kind of a clusterfuck. Go to the restaurants you want to try when they're back in normal operation.
I don't know if she's on tv, but she's pretty awesome on the subject of tv:
Kind of a convoluted way to say he was in love with him.And I like "fantheories" as a single word. They really are kind of thing unto themselves.
I find my way to musicians and other artists through a variety of sources, directed and random. While I'm sure there are a few, I can't think of any occasion when a "promotional image" was what drove the decision.
I call bullshit. We all know that L'Inc is prone to telling tall tales (stories that are not literally true) on the interwebz.Great, although not -approved, shoes (and music):http://www.npr.org/event/music/368730106/st-paul-and-the-broken-bones-tiny-desk-concert
1. I'm not sure having too many choices and possibly choosing unwisely among them would generally be described as a "competitive market".2. He shouldn't waste too much energy kicking himself. I'd imagine a billionaire with a date-able daughter has iron-clad pre-nups, lawyers, private investigators, and knee-cappers at the ready.
Excellent, WS.
Number of birds: 2Number of stones (unless you throw like a girl): 1
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