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I knew majoring in English would ultimately prove to be a practical choice.
Yeah, dude got screwed. I could have gotten him that result for half the price.
I miss Mark Sandman. https://open.spotify.com/track/4YKqTidd43AeuVmeA2nGzj https://open.spotify.com/track/2Ha92gBRvTgMp5WtBq73ai
I felt kind of dirty after reading this.
One of the great things about this forum is how it brings together people with such disparate and complementary knowledge and expertise.
"Dear Edina, I hope the happiness of your birthday is as large and expansive as your favorite trees."
I used to know a really hot girl with the last name Wonderlic. Hilarity ensued.
Thanks. When I was in Estonia last year I flew direct between Tallinn and LA. I have a crappy sense of relative geography, but I don't think Tallinn is that much father from SPB than Helsinki. Aren't Tallinn, Helsinki, and Riga all pretty much ferry day trips from each other? That said, while I enjoyed Tallinn I'd definitely be up for seeing Helsinki.Although thinking about it I can see how if you're traveling by train from SPB they wouldn't exactly be fungible ...
Does he? Serious question, not argument. I'm generally familiar with his stuff but don't really know how he characterizes it.
I glanced at my computer screen at misread "pennies" in that sentence.
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