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Are any of us?
Like the days you don't shave your legs?
General point taken, but I can't recall - was Lighthouse a Trump guy in anything more than an "enemy of my enemy" sense?
One of the neighbours in my building has one. It looks pretty douchey to me, but my opinion may be influenced by the fact that the driver parks like a fuckwad. It's regularly either taking up one of the limited guest spots or straddling the divider line and encroaching on my fiancee's spot (which is especially annoying because she needs to be able to fully open her door to get a toddler out of the car seat).
At first glance I thought, "if you had 20 Pappys then no shit you're pretty drunk . . ."
I like that graphite herringbone, but I also like the fabrics that precede each of your offerings in the books.
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