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That's been my experience. The direct link from the confirmation email doesn't work, but copying and pasting the tracking number into the ups website has always worked fine.
Salaried work is great if you're more efficient and/or the job is less demanding than your employer realizes -- or if there are other market inefficiencies working to your advantage. Being overpaid relative to how much you work through time and effort arbitrage > having to work extra time for each extra dollar you get.
Yep. And with thinly traded stocks the pump-and-dumpers can also manipulate the price by being on both sides of the transaction (which obviously helps with the money laundering as well by making specific funds much harder to trace).
Speaking of penny stocks being easily manipulated and thinly traded -- The penny stock/boiler room industry is riddled with players connected to organized crime -- Russian mafia, for one. In addition to providing the opportunity to make money in all the ways investment swindlers have always done, it provides it's a good vehicle for money-laundering and surreptitious transfers of funds as well.
Penny stocks are a minefield covered in dogshit. Is every penny stock a scam? No. But probably enough of them are that you may as well act as though they all are. I'd never heard of CYRX before you posted. I googled them. In 30 seconds of research, I noted the following, from which you can draw whatever conclusions you choose - This is the company's "Mission Statement" from its website: Mission Statement CryoPort's mission is to provide the most cost effective...
You might want to Google (or Yahoo) "facetious", "teasing", "humor", and "taking the bait" and see what comes up.
If by "derailing" you mean amusing myself by calling out your self-pitying bullshit, then you're right. It's just my opinion, though, so no reason for you to worry about it.
Ah, I see. The extra "to" was throwing my eye off and I misread.
Deal.Me too. I liked the green enough that I then ordered the gray (currently in transit), which also helped push me into the "yes" side of the ledger on the blazer, because it helps answer the very "what pants would I wear it with?" question you posed . . .
That's easily fixed.
New Posts  All Forums: