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Thanks, Kyle. Helpful info. Just curious, but do a lot of people find that the sizing works for them? It's not just that the waist starts off larger than one would expect in light of the sizing for tops. Unless I'm missing something, it's also that the proportions of waist x inseam are unconventional. Size 2 has a 34.6" waist but only a 29" inseam. I'm tall-ish but not unusually so, and to get an inseam that would work for me I'd need to take a waist that's like 7...
Hard to sit any other way in a bean bag.
Saw the caption and was afraid the picture would be NSFW
Did you have to tell him he had a rip in his shirtsleeve?
That was good - and I didn't even know the reference.
I took that to be facetious on butch's part, aping the overblown rhetoric of those advocating the boycott.
If you're asking butch's post it's a reference to the whole "boycott CF because they are anti-gay rights" thing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chick-fil-A_same-sex_marriage_controversy
That must suck.
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