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If I understand your question, yes. It would be very odd for the premium to be less than the delta between the strike price and market/spot price at the time the calls were sold.You probably know this, but "in the money" talks about the relationship between strike and spot but tells you nothing about the premium.
Stop questioning lawful orders.
I can't speak for your neck of the woods, but in my social circle most of the women would self-identify as feminists (and most of the men at least as equity feminists to use Pio's term) and few if any appear to br what I assume you mean by third wave feminists.
I have no idea what matters to most people, but I'm old-fashioned enough to believe that whether or not we're intellectually honest in discussing ideas, whether or not we rely on fatuously lazy and conclusory labels, and whether we narcissistically view everything that makes us uncomfortable as evidence of a grand conspiracy against are things that matter a little bit.
I went full Colin Powell several posts ago, but folks who use the broad term "feminism" when they are referencing some vocal, lunatic fringe of self-identified feminists have little credibility when it comes to semantic accuracy. I think we have more names for "butthurt, inescure victim posturing" in English the the Intuit are said to have for snow.
Thanks for the explanation.I'll bet you anything that as a group red-pillers use "hack" as a noun at a rate well above average.
Not beyond a reasonable doubt, anyway.
Red-piller? Have not heard that term. Something to do with track and field?
Well, I'm pretty sure that a year or two down the road it won't be anywhere close to its current $200/share.
Huh? They pumped out a steady trickle of worthless shit right through the NBA Finals. Not sure if they wrote any hockey stuff, but I hear some NHL activity was going on recently.
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