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No, it really doesn't. It's more about defrauding the shareholders.
That's completely true, but he's almost so bad as to be entertaining. Almost.
That could be entirely possible, but isn't it a bit too soon to say? Although you have more knowledge of running campaigns and such than I do, so maybe you have good insight.
Again, I have no personal knowledge of the situation, but I think you're making a big and very iffy assumption there.But the FBI has a shit ton of line-level employees. I'm sure the decision was just as controversial internally as well as in the outside world -- both among agents and employees who actually knew what the evidence showed, and those who didn't. It's hardly surprising that those who had knives out for Clinton would start bitching and casting the decision in...
I have no personal knowledge but a quick glance at that article convinces me its author has no credibility whatsoever.I interpret "He is a long-standing Washington hack who has pocketed millions from federal contractors, a powerful hedge fund and a shady bank with a record of international money laundering" to mean that he has been a successful lawyer in private practice as well as in public service. It's about as meaningful and valid a criticism as "HILLARY DEfFNNDFS...
FTFY by eliminating unnecessary verbiage.Double00's main point is valid, but I'd quibble with saying Davis "ran into one". Dude battled through that at bat and fouled off multiple 100+ mph pitches until he got one he could turn on.
I think that's a fair conclusion (based on the limited extent to which I've followed this in the press, and taking the reported facts as more or less true). I think he largely created the bind he's in for himself by making broad promises in his testimony back in July or whenever it was, when he didn't really envision quite this factual scenario. With the benefit of hindsight one can see that as an error of judgment -- emphasis on benefit of hindsight.But having said what...
We've been keeping it going for you, man.
Hell of an at bat.
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