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So how warm is warm where you are?
Obvious point, but still . . .
/spoiler/ Sort of, but it turns out she's not really a girl! /spoiler/
I'm no expert either, but my very limited understanding is that while certain annuities are perfectly appropriate investment vehicles for some people, they generally are a minefield of crap. Variable annuities in particular. If it's worth it, a decent independent financial planner, or an attorney who handles FINRA cases and the like, could probably given you a quick, simple answer. The financial planner route may be cheaper, but in either case I'd ask for a cheap flat...
When my daughter played soccer, the not-keeping-score thing was employed for the very youngest age group (for kids under 6, if I recall correctly). I get the idea - especially since few of the kids could master concepts like basic positioning or off-the-ball tactics, and we played on a short field (sideline to sideline of a normal field) with five or seven kids on a side. Yeah, it was kind of dumb because everybody knew how many goals had been scored, and the kids...
Yes, although not in years. If you're looking for advice on whether to tackle it, that's a tough one without knowing your reading tastes and habits.Brilliant, and I certainly got a lot of enjoyment from it. But not exactly a breezy poolside book -- long swaths of non-contemporary verse, with a certain amount of assumed familiarity with classical references and the like. Maybe a little like reading a cross between Chaucer or Shakespeare in terms of the dated language...
I'm competing with you guys for shirts but wear a bigger shoe size.Read that as you will.
Hi, you must be new here.
Congrats, Booth.
As you've divined, there's substantial overlap between those two categories.And thanks.
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