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Is there a shittier company on the planet than Time Warner/Spectrum? (Hint: no.)
Cheezborger, cheezborger!
Congrats!Hopefully that doesn't mean GreenFrog donated dat Valeant stock with his basis as the valuation.
Can't remember the last time I watched the All Star game. Dr. J might have been playing in it.
All Star game? We talkin' about the All Star game?
Proves Westbrook sucks.
I think that just means it's closed right now. Only open in the evenings.
The value of this place as a distraction from work stuff continues to erode.
I'm a lifelong Steelers fanboi, but I think an iffy coverage secondary combined with an inability to generate consistent pressure on the quaterbacm are serious problems.But I do love to watch Bell run. The frogger analogy Collinsworth trotted out during yesterday's game was hilarious.Also, Mike Tomlin strikes ne as a really good chatacter guy but not a great tactical coach. But the worst NFL assistant coach indoubtedly knows far more than me about football tactics, so that...
Because as annoying as they are, people figure "at least they're not half as shitty as the USPS!"
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