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Wow, that's for your neck of the woods?
Is that Divine?
Ha. Kind of another life. I work in-house now, so outside of some pro bono stuff I'm more likely to be in court as a witness or a defendant than as an advocate . . .
That makes sense, given that keeping up with your CLE is a requirement of membership. I've only dealt with disbarment in the context of clients who were lawyers who'd been convicted of crimes. If you've been convicted of a felony that is categorized as "moral turpitude" (fraud, for example) your ticket gets pulled without the bar having to go through its internal fact-finding/adjudicative process. The "fact" of the conviction is enough. If you've been convicted of a...
Summary disbarment kicks in only when you've been convicted of a felony that is considered to be a crime of "moral turpitude".BC, I don't know if this is the same list you've seen, but the back of the monthly fishwrapper the CA Bar sends out contains a list not only of disbarments, but of lesser disciplinary actions as well. They generally include a very abbreviated summary of the underlying misconduct giving rise to the discipline. It's funny/sad to see how...
Haven't seen any posts recently by StillinFool in What Are You Drinking.
People posting on FB in response to Paul Kantner's passing led me down a rabbit hole ending in contemporary pics of Grace Slick.
I often swerve abruptly to scare creepers loitering on school streets around dismissal time.
Could have been reaching for his inhaler.
I knew that. I was just playing dumb to see if anyone else caught it.
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