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In for shorts. May pair with my polka dot french linen shirt for summer suit look.
Unless you're considering it as an investment piece, in which case you should probably consult with a professional, this is relevant portion of your post.
SM Seafood is excellent, although I miss the old days before they moved to the traffic- and parking-challenged new (well, like five years new I guess) spot with the cafe seating. Used to be much more of a straight-up fish market. I'll go to the new place if I have time in my day to bike over there, but more than once have passed on it because I didn't want to deal with parking, etc. Of course, that's just because I'm a cranky misanthrope.
Soylent Green.
I don't know the answer to your substantive question, but I'd guess the delayed response has more to do with the fact that Greg and Kyle are both (I believe) traveling abroad.
Didn't you say you have a ton of work you'll have to do after jury duty? I'm shorting Crown.[Insert "insider tip" joke here. And "insert" joke.]
On rare occasions I still get carded in supermarkets and the like. I look pretty good for 47, but while I might pass for 45 or 41 nobody is going to mistake me for 25 or 21 with the lights on. Fuck, I can never remember how old I am. I won't actually be 47 for a few more months. Gotta check that ID more often, I guess.
Got it. Being overly literal may be an occupational hazard.I get where the OP is coming from. When you want to step up your game but aren't yet confident in your knowledge and ability to choose, you don't want to drop $400 on a pair of jeans you might not love.
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