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Well, that's what I meant about a normative judgment. I quite consciously made a different choice, Sounds like rump did too.Not that there's a right or wrong -- and I really have no idea whether the reality is the way our kids turn out largely because of the paths we try to steer them down or in spite of them . . .
I took otc's and rump's comments to reflect not so much as a literal inability to understand why some parents choose that path, but rather a more normative judgment that those reasons seem ill-advised at best. Most of us probably don't think trying to groom/position our kids to be President or hangers-on is an especially great parenting choice. The President thing is a moot issue for me, of course, since I have a daughter.
Hey, get off my back!
Imma let @erictheobscure handle all Canada questions.
Honestly, whether it's a Republican office or a Democratic office, at this point I'd give even odds whether it was done by angry extremists from the "other side" or whether it's the gay minister writing on his own cake.Reprehensible, regardless.
Cogent argument, but I can't say I'm convinced. Millennials also found and work for big pharma companies. And then there's the attention span thing . . .Will there be some legislation passed? Probably a good chance. Will it do much other than force the ships' staff to move some of the deck chairs around? I'm skeptical. How did that turning the Titanic to avoid the iceberg thing work out, anyway?
I'm sorry Bernie broke your VRX.
So the big shoe that hasn't dropped in the past seven years is liable to do so any day now?Pretty sure the industry gives money to both parties. Not that there's any relevance to that, just an idle observation.
I was at least half-kidding. But while that particular hiccup of outrage is new, they come and go. Biotech/Big Pharma have been a rhetorical punching bag for a while.But I agree with you that whether or not any meaningful change in the regulatory landscape is coming (unlikely in my non-expert opinion) the big talk will likely on balance act as something of a drag on market sentiment for the sector for a bit.
Man, you're like school on a Saturday!
New Posts  All Forums: