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Maybe I missed something, but isn't he talking about pleading guilty to a traffic infraction and paying the fine? I agree it sucks that no lawyer is gettjng paid, but people do that without a lawyer all thr time. You can represent yourself in almost any proceedjing. It''s usually a really stupid idea. But if we're talking about pleading guilty to a speeding infraction and just paying the fine, I don't see a real issue.Reading quickly on my phone here while traveling so I...
I mostly stopped watching, think I saw most of one episode. Who the hell are Tara and Keith? Sounds like an ice dancing team.
Perhaps rach should weigh in here.
If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.Towels don't present quite the same fit issues as jeans. But I'm fucking impressed by the fact that you're a ballsy straight shooter who doesn't mind taking controversial positions on deeply important topics or whether some anonymous person on the internet might look askance if you dare to use the word "fuck".
Because racism and/or Obamacare.
Is there an embedded assumption that average weight per student is going to be roughly equal regardless of subject matter?
So then the show will basically be Paris, Texas with an inferior soundtrack?
He should take a page out of Shaq's book and scream, "FUCKING PAY ME!" at Snyder after every TD pass.
A lot of it is contextual. But in a variety of loosely related contexts, companies do frontend due diligence on business relationships and skeptical auditing. I can't speak to what did or didn't happen here, but in many circumstances such a major relationship would require independent review and approval by different internal actors. Yes, there's no system that can prevent or detect every instance of malfeasance, so it's a bit circular to say "controls should be strong...
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