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I'd offer to get her an Uber, assuming she doesn't live in Philadelphia or something. If only on the theory of "might as well be a mensch".
Does your friend want to see her again?
First it's the age thing, and now this. Is there anything you people don't exaggerate about?
Nigerians are just living large off the money from those phishing emails.
Didn't keep Angie Merkel from getting dat sexy massage from GWB.Hell yeah.
Well, it's more a whole bunch of individual economic realities independently shitting on the miners than anything systemic.
Ha ha, that makes me feel better. b1os' s post was making me think I'm even more ignorant than I realized. I was like, "Jeez, I never realized Genoa is so close to Geneva. Better brush up on my geography!"
This is Murica. Demand is never satisfied, everybody needs to keep trading up to avoid falling behind status-wise!
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