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It's a Pulp Fiction reference.
Why should we believe you know anything about Greek clubs?
Where's Ronnie Lott when you need him?
What a loser.
This.Whoever you are, stop being a douche (or douches).
Eggplants are red where you live?
Mazel tov.
Penis is usually a dead give-away. Or did you mean the other kind of fake lesbian?
Wait, what? I thought you'd fallen off the edge of the Earth or something. I hope all's well.I definitely enjoy some of their stuff.Right now listening to the new Allah-laws album. Meaning literally right now; still on the first track so can't offer much of a review at this point. But it doesn't seem like a radical departure from the vibe of their last album.
I am deeply amused by the absurdly optimistic, non-ironic subject line of an email I just received from our IT folks: "Password Reset Improvements"
New Posts  All Forums: