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But that would get LAL where, exactly?
Solar!! And hyperloops!!
That sounds very labor intensive. Each cup probably requires the efforts of two young ladies.
Same. If it's not uncomfortable and you likely won't be layering anything heavier under it, I think you're good. Looks very good in those pics.
Yep. Realized that and was just circling back to erase the evidence of my brain cramp. Thanks for preserving it for posterity!
That extra fabric would have been better used lengthening their coats.
Makes sense. Yes, if you have an ongoing "ladder" investment strategy, I take your point, since it's a strategy that anticipates and incorporates volatility. Thanks for the clarification.And LOL at the Roth guy. (Or more to the point, I guess, No Roth Guy.)
Dat Mast Bros. chocolate doh.
I'm a bit confused here, although that may just reflect my relative (wiggle word for "near total") ignorance about the mechanics of bond funds.If you're holding individual bonds and interest rates go up, while the average yield of bonds (that is, the entire market universe) increases, the yields of the individual bonds (generally speaking) don't go up. The price of a bond you already hold likely goes down and you don't get any yield upside. Definitely a bad thing, no?I'd...
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