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No, he just thinks that when America is great again honkies will be able to get decent jobs and won't have to settle for enlisting in the military.
Practically speaking, I more or less can buy bread with yen. Maybe not over the counter for cash at my local bakery, but few people make their purchases that way anymore. I travel a lot for work. I buy food, etc. in lots of foreign countries with dollars, for all intents and purposes. That is, I use a credit card that I pay off with dollars, or I take out relatively small amounts of local cash from ATMs using my checking account debit card. I'm basically paying with...
If you live in the desert and rely on weekly water deliveries why wouldn't you have a toilet that shuts off automatically?
Maybe I've lost the semantic thread here, but that may or may not be true depending on the asset, no? Isn't that one of the reasons people buy gold, bitcoins, or real estate? Because they are assets that have an inherent value that can be measured or realized independent of a particular currency?If I buy baseball cards with Mexican pesos and then the peso goes to shit, I can presumably sell my card for yen or dollars at a price that hasn't crashed with the peso.
Must be like when some asshole slipped you a Canadian dime as part of your change for coffee or whatever, and then it won't work in the parking meter.
That's sort of the point, I think.
Did they not agree on the price in advance, or was the kid trying to upcharge him?
You mean they're allowed to park there one week per month?
Well, mall cops aren't real police/peace officers/ law enforcement/whatever. They're just private security guards. Some school cops are, technically "real" cops.
I think you can safely assume anything one of us posts here has long since been abandoned by the cool kids.
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