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Well, you know what Bobby Knight says about that.
I'm too lazy to read all the way back and figure out exactly why you guys are fighting over me (you get used to it after a while). But I think the answer is "you're both pretty".I do think that to the extent one can ascribe a particular imperative or motive to the state it's more about power preservation and perpetuation than animus toward any particular identifiable demographic. But there's obviously a shitload of conscious and unconscious racism and other isms...
False dichotomies FTW.
He and George RR Martin are workout buds, I think.
But Michael Moore says Trump will win because most Americans aren't as smart as him (Moore).
Why did they handcuff and (taking this part at face value for now) arrest the therapist?
Didn't read the article, but I'd say that quite is about 95% accurate.
TL for phone, but I don't see much reason to see this as evidence of racism. More likely just that the cops were negligent or reckless and then cobbled together a laughably contrived story to try to cover it up.The autistic guy looks young, but calling him a kid was really a tongue in cheek echo of the cell phone holder who referred to him as "the fat boy". I'm not even sure he's that fat. He just seems (on a short cell phone video) to have that soft pudginess many young...
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