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Well, the first article said "The lawsuit, which also charges Palantir with having an employee referral system that discriminated against Asians, . . ."That strikes me as a poor and uninformative paraphrase of the complaint (or maybe the complaint is that poorly worded and unclear - haven't seen it). I would guess -- which is all I'm really doing here -- that the allegation is not that having a referral system per se is discriminatory, but that something (no clue what)...
Yes, fans of national socialism are definitely drawn to trump.
You mean like Darrell Issa?I think we can all agree that your intent in bringing it up in the first place was "political BS" (which is kind of the point of the thread).
Eh, they come, they go. I grew up watching guys who now have sons playing in the NBA. I've gotten used to seeing basketball without MJ, without Dr. J, without Bird, without Magic, without Kareem, without Olajuwon. Once upon a time, the league was pretty well unimaginable without each of those guys.
Atlantis. Ultima Thule. All the lost continents.
Yep, that's my non-expert sense of it as well.In some ways, it's like the bind that many companies in shrinking industries or with a flagship product that's becoming obsolete face. You're dependent on the existing (even if stagnating or incrementally declining) revenue stream to keep yourself afloat and can't abandon it to throw the committed resources into a different, speculative venture. Do you ride it out and hope to keep things going until some black swan event...
I know the years fly by at our advanced ages, but I think you're stretching the definition of "several" there.
That's the dilemma that's been wracking the Republicans for a while now, though, isn't it? A significant portion of their base is the Christian Conservative-style social conservatives. They're not just a source of votes, but an important source of fund-raising as well.
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