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I find my way to musicians and other artists through a variety of sources, directed and random. While I'm sure there are a few, I can't think of any occasion when a "promotional image" was what drove the decision.
I call bullshit. We all know that L'Inc is prone to telling tall tales (stories that are not literally true) on the interwebz.Great, although not -approved, shoes (and music):http://www.npr.org/event/music/368730106/st-paul-and-the-broken-bones-tiny-desk-concert
1. I'm not sure having too many choices and possibly choosing unwisely among them would generally be described as a "competitive market".2. He shouldn't waste too much energy kicking himself. I'd imagine a billionaire with a date-able daughter has iron-clad pre-nups, lawyers, private investigators, and knee-cappers at the ready.
Excellent, WS.
Number of birds: 2Number of stones (unless you throw like a girl): 1
I think we mostly agree. I hate BB, TB, and the Pats, but to suggest that they aren't great at what they do would be silly. That's one reason (I think you were saying the same thing in slightly different words) it all seems so ridiculous - they don't "need" to cheat to be great (except to the extent it's an inextricable part of their competitive drive).
I get what you guys are saying, but I think a lot of times defensive players in that situation have been coached "err on the side of getting down, protecting the ball, and letting the offense do its thing". How many times has a player -- especially a player whose primary job is not be a ballcarrier -- given up a turnover precisely because they thought or assumed nobody was close to them, and then got stripped or blindsided by someone they failed to see?What's...
I don't even know what this fucking means.But I thought the movie was just so-so.
G, you might enjoy this if you haven't already read it:
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