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So now you're turning into one of those guys Booth was complaining about who can't stop talking about "Korean this, Korean that"?Also: http://nationalreport.net/dennis-rodman-isis/
Have you received any training on how to read English, dipshit?
Of course you did. We all told you to size down.
Bon voyage.
Some things are just too pretty to share.Yeah, well, that would be the take-away if you weren't consistently hitting it out of the park . . .And speaking of the Formosa SC:
Bush is an idiot, obviously, but I will say that when I read his comment I thought one plausible interpretation was that he was saying that he expects to beat his daughter as a form of punishment when she's older, as opposed to saying that he does so now (also a plausible interpretation of what he said, though.)
Nice. I would never have picked the color of that IM myself, but it looks fantastic.
Maybe if MrG spent less time making defensive posts and more time concentrating on his job he'd find it easier to keep up with the spammers. Just sayin'.
Don't get your hopes up. My Butteros are staying in the closet.
Fortunately, I took to heart the admonition to double-check the address . . .
New Posts  All Forums: