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Apparently the raccon thing was a (fumny) hoax. But this did happen: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2015/09/troll-defends-edward-scissorhands-on-hln.html
There are lots of candidates to be the ball sack of SF.
Only in months with 31 days.
Since you lived down here, you surely get that like most LA-SF rivalries it is felt much more keenly by the Bay Area folks. Growing up as an avid Dodgers fan in LA, my attitude was essentially, "eh, the Giants are a California team so I'll pull for them if the Dodgers aren't in it." Same re the 49ers.Only after moving to the Bay Area for seven years and getting exposed to the shrillness of the local fans (A's fans and Warriors fans excepted) did I start rooting against...
Poast moar from work. Done.
You mean pre-cut pieces of shitty cheese? Or like a cheesy breadstick thing? If the former, I don't get it. Have them buy some decent cheese and a knife. Or just take bites and see who else will still eat it.
Ingenuity meets inebriation.
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