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Which gets them to 3-3, assuming the Dodgers can score.
Sorry for your loss, indes, but glad you were anle to make it there in time.
Yep. Plus none of their outfielders can throw - in Kendrick's case at least he has the semi-excuse of being a second baseman playing left field, but it's still terrible.And I can't understand why Roberts -- of all people -- refused to run on Lester, who lets everyone take a ginormous lead and is scared to throw to first because he might go all Steve Sax. I mean, Roberts is a guy whose biggest moment as a player was a steal in a tense playoff game that ignited one of the...
Dodgers defense is such crap.
No doubt that's coming.
Fair point.
Well, that's what I meant about a normative judgment. I quite consciously made a different choice, Sounds like rump did too.Not that there's a right or wrong -- and I really have no idea whether the reality is the way our kids turn out largely because of the paths we try to steer them down or in spite of them . . .
I took otc's and rump's comments to reflect not so much as a literal inability to understand why some parents choose that path, but rather a more normative judgment that those reasons seem ill-advised at best. Most of us probably don't think trying to groom/position our kids to be President or hangers-on is an especially great parenting choice. The President thing is a moot issue for me, of course, since I have a daughter.
Hey, get off my back!
Imma let @erictheobscure handle all Canada questions.
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