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It's called dat intuition. Cf. "technical analysis".
No argument, but in the Browns' case they're not (as far as I know) sucking on purpose in order to stock up on dose picks.
Nicely played.
Probably some of both. There are people here with far more direct knowledge and experience in the area than me, but my sense is that in the past several decades you've seen a new generation of management at colleges that view it more as a big money business and less bastion of cultural heritage and intellectual exploration. And there's a self-perpetuating tendency, because many faculty make the transition from student to professor without ever gaining significant life...
Ah, the Great Draft Pick Graveyard.
The ideology of self-righteous attention-whoring.There are probably a lot of reasons this dynamic is more prevalent on college campuses than elsewhere, but I'm pretty sure one of them is the natural tendency of college students to be deeply self-centered, self-righteous, and lacking in perspective. You take the novelty of finally feeling and sometimes being treated like an intellectual and physical adult, the sense of empowerment and purported maturity that comes (for...
The most unpleasant public bathroom I ever used was also in China. Given the conversational conventions of this thread, poasters should probably clarify whether they're talking about the worst public bathrooms they've encountered, or the worst public bathroom experiences they've had. Those are not necessarily synonymous.
Yahoo? Are they still in the league?
Are you relying on old school stats or analytics?
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