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Similar deals running for rabbit-lined parkas and linen sweaters.
Accent on the second syllable in "S/S" there, Kyle.
More for me, then. Although frankly I probably haven't seen anything she's done in the last 5-10 years. But circa "Secretary" and "Adaptation", I'm a fan.
No, of course not. But it's also not very workable to say that we can never consider anything a weapon if it as at least one non-violent purpose.That's why it's a context-specific decision. Sounds like a really lame decision in this instance.
Dude, what the fuck? Sorry about your friend, but you're being way overly defensive.In terms of how bullshit the cops/prosecutors are being, you have to consider it from their perspective. Your friend was found with an item that clearly can -- and I'm sure has been, by other people, in various contexts -- used as a weapon. It's a knife. So is a butcher's knife. A machete is a tool with a perfectly innocent primary use. So is an axe. So is a hammer. So is a...
For one thing (assuming for the sake of discussion that the value of dividend distributions over the relevant period of time is equal to foregone capital appreciation), there's a safety/diversification angle. If you take your pay-out in annual payments over a ten-year period, you can diversify that money into other uses. If everything remains tied up in capital, you're leaving more of your money at risk of some sort of external, black swan event that could reduce the...
Reason enough for me, but maybe not on a crowded airplane.Re Black Mirror: Damn, it's a Netflix show, which means I can't download it onto a tablet to watch en route. I find Wifi on planes to be too unreliable for a good show-watching experience.
Following the trail blazed by Jason Collins by becoming the first NBA player to openly identify himself as a Furry?
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