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Sorry, not at hand. If I get a chance I'll take one when I get home tonight.
New stuff highlighted in the newsletter looks good. Info/feedback re the website: Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but not all the drop-down search filters seem to work. For example, if I go to "Tops/Button-downs" I can (sometimes) filter by color, but not by size or style. Also, apologies if I missed this (haven't been keeping up with the thread lately) -- but have you moved away from making monkey-arm versions as a consistent option for the regular (non-special order)...
This made my afternoon. So. Much. Awesome. http://uproxx.com/ksk/2015/05/patriots-fans-will-never-stop-reacting-completely-reasonably/
I'd take some. But if you have limited supplies, my "need" may be less than some others', as my laces have all held up fine so far.
Move to the beach. Among other benefits, mornings and evenings are often sweater-friendly even when the heart of the day is hot.
Faux-L'inc phail.Report immediately to pB for remedial lessons.
True.Also just funny (as has been pointed out) to have the entire defense part and given Lebron, of all players, an uncontested drive and dunk down the center of the lane at that point in the game.
Also, you are no true Scotch man. [Intertextuality.]
Some things are classics.
New Posts  All Forums: