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Since you already pulled the trigger, I'm not sure how useful feedback is. But they fit similarly to the all cotton Inglese, although the cotton/wool mix makes them feel a bit softer. As I'm sure I've posted before, I'm a big fan (I have both the blue and the peach.)
Heaven forbid somebody facing very serious criminal charges should stick to his lawyer-approved script! I wish more of my former clients had the sense Rose apparently has in that respect.As for your second sentence -- wrong. If you're my client, I don't care if you're 100%, can easily prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt innocent. Until we get the state to acknowledge that, keep your stupid f'ing mouth shut. Your job is to pay my retainer and not say shit I haven't...
If this changes somebody please let us know, so everyone in this thread can get a new voodoo doll/inflatable sex doll as appropriate.
You need to increase the magnification
I'm sick (summer cold). Annoying, but whatever. But here's the part that's pissing me off -- I bought some NyQuil. I grabbed the "NyQuil Severe" or whatever the supposedly maximum strength version is. Get it home, and it's some jacked-up "berry" flavor. WTF? At least half the effect of NyQuil is psychosomatic. Without the sensory association of that disgusting syrupy green flavor, that benefit is totally lost,
Duh, because all the Southerners had slaves to do all the hard work for them.
Headfake, manipulation, etc.
Seconded. I have both colors and love them both.
Got it. Yeah, the discussion was so over the map to the point where it wasn't always clear how one post related to the previous one, etc. Thanks for the clarification.
I'm not sure I understand what you're saying here (even if you're referencing someone else's view and not necessarily your own). I'm not sure what "manipulation" means in this context. But more generally, doesn't that come down to a fundamental objection to capitalism generally? People are certainly free to hold such views, but I'm not sure it's specific to shelter. What about food? Water? Heat? Basic medical care?
New Posts  All Forums: