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I'm pretty much in Gomey's camp on this one. I'm an omnivore, but don't necessarily need to have meat or animal products at every meal. Well prepared vegetables can be awesome. But attempts to "simulate" meet or cheese or whatever are pretty much always awful, and even if they weren't they'd be hard to enjoy because it's conceptually obnoxious.
Bummer, man. That sucks. Hope the new year turns things around.But come on -- we all get frustrated, but crapping on Conne's desk is a pretty immature way to express it.
Nice, but no Inis Meain. Somebody needs to introduce him to NMWA and get dat $50 bonus!
Cold here today - easily down into the 60's near the beach.
Or just man up and pay for a real brony pron account.
Makes sense; thanks. Good description - I can totally visualize what you mean.
Although I think Jack in the Box serves tacos, it's not Mexican (or even wannabe Mexican) any more than McDonalds is Irish because they have Shamrock Shakes. It's mostly burgers, fries, and other American fast food.
Does the rubber limbs comment mean he seems easy to push around? I have watched very little this season and haven't seen him much at all.
No, I'm framing it exactly right to maximize my opportunities for feeling morally superior.
I prefer to be the first user. But I'm curious what "some of the best" means here. Is the criterion durability?
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