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Good call.
^Thanks, lefty.
I'll be in NY for work the week of August 12. I may bring lawyerkid, who has not been there since she was an infant. We'll likely do some obvious tourist stuff, but I would welcome suggestions for stuff that wouldn't suck for a 13 year old girl. She's an avid dancer, so tips about shows worth seeing (or non-dance stuff) would be great. Thanks
It's where you keep the floss.
If there's a special prize for presentation, I nominate Scott.
There are no odd combinations, really. The idea that you should like a particular "type" of music, or that it's weird for you to listen to two different "kinds" of music back to back is just a function of people wanting to be able to easily pigeonhole music (or easily pigeonhole you) so they don't really have to listen or think. The only category of music you should be listening to is music that doesn't suck.
They'll be here in time for this party I'm going to next week, right?
Jesus, it's the week of July 21 already! Sorry, Max, on flaking about making any plans before you got here. Are you in LA now? PM'ing you and some other locals re plans. Anyway, the Wednesday morning Farmer's Market in Santa Monica, around 3rd Street, is one of the best. I think it's probably considered the "classic" one for chefs and serious chefs, as opposed to some of the weekend ones, which can be more community fair-like. The Yamashiro one (I thought it was...
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