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I don't like change. It's important we crush his spirit and keep him in his appointed role.
Really? In Seattle? Who'd a thunk it?
Yeah, I don't even know what the crux of the "taint" joke would be. My quick reaction was along the lines of, "wow, there must be some prior conversation or personal dynamic there that I've missed."
At first I read "teint" as a typo for "taint" rather than "tint", which had me thinking the friendly jab was somewhat sharper (albeit also more abstruse) than it really was.
I belatedly realized your first point, that Angry Bird might overlap a bit too much with H. Falcon.
Or maybe cuck-oo.
I personally prefer "Angry Bird".
Sat next to Carl Weathers on a plane.
Not sure I'd rely on advice from somebody so dumb that he doesn't realize nobody wants to try to read that shit when it's in 85 point type with margin ads that take up 60% of the screen width.
Thought that might be your point. You're right about that part.
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