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True, although can also be stated more broadly as noted above.
Gang of Youths, The Positions, which I discovered by e-stalking L'incandescent on Spotify. https://open.spotify.com/album/771xtN54wSOefCOCGrZQqO
I disagree. It has nothing to do with whether the content of the post is likely to cause actual, reasonable distress to people who may view it. The Rockets are a brand, just like any other.They know the image they want to cultivate for the brand. I assume the person who posted it was some sort of marketing/communications/PR person, given the access to the Twitter account. If you exhibit poor judgment in the very thing that's supposed to be the core of your expertise and...
Monitaly has a couple of sweet bucket hats, too:I especially dig this one:
He has a reputation as a "player's coach", no? Maybe the thinking is that's a plus in the free agent market?
top to bottom -
Ha, I did the exact same thing.
Ted Hedricks (Raiders linebacker) had to wear a cast on his arm because of some injury. He found that he really liked having a hard club at the end of his arm and kept wearing one long after his injury healed, until the NFL made him stop. At least I think that's true. I may have imagined it.
I hope you're right because I've become endeared to them, especially Duncan. Being in my 40s, it has meaning to see my 7' brethren posting lines against the youth. Ha, I can still remember watching a baseball game as a kid and having my dad say that he appreciated Pete Rose (who was probably a hoary 33 or so at the time) because Rose was even older than him and still a good player.
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