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Come for the drops, stay for the yucks.
Duh. Some are custodial engineers.
No more drops for a couple of weeks. Rest easy and check back then, especially if you're my size.
It probably reflects differing backgrounds, but I agree with UF on this. Unlike gome, I see the VP title corresponding directly to years of service as evidence that it is, in fact, inflated -- or at least meaningless. In the "traditional" sense, I'd see the title as conveying some level of authority and advancement within the organization, not just a marker of tenure.
Have you not been reading carefully? He likes his lawyers petite.
FTFYJust for the record, I dated a Korean-American gal for a while.
Good luck but beware of equating "the only bit of news I'm personally aware of" with "just because".
Congrats, OTC. So we need to add "Senior" now?
Fair enough.
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