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Gallery acting funky. When I try to upload it reverts to the login screen even though I'm already logged in. NMWAx3 Never mind, working now. Esemplare/Drakes/Etnia (Dent's gloves in pocket)
Exactly. They're not required to. They just do it when they feel like it because they're fucking douches.
Not a fan of people claim that they've (for example) won a Super Bowl because God really likes them, but are conspicuously silent about why they haven't had the exact same amount of success in every other undertaking.
Tweeds can be really rough and scratchy.
I can't stand Warner. Some of those other guys I like. But the only way you deserve a ring is if you win one. It's not an award for being a great player or a great human being. It's not due recognition for a long, successful career. It's what you get for winning the Super Bowl. That's why some marginally talented douches have multiple rings and some fantastic players have none.Probably they should just give everyone a Super Bowl ring when they retire so nobody feels...
Legit. I wasn't making some universal value judgment. It's just that when I specifically order my sammich on toasted bread the bread should be al dente.
Damn, I'd almost forgotten how good Graham Parker's best stuff is.
Ha - yes. My sandwich bread was supposed to be toasted, but it was just warmed. This happens a lot. If the texture hasn't changed, it's not toasted.
Eh, if you're defining porn as "stuff you can fap to" then pretty much everything is a porn parody for somebody.
Makes sense. And yeah, you're exactly right in your first point. Except the site today (not one I access often) has a three-strikes and you're locked out policy. I also have long held (I'm not a tech guy, so based on nothing but anecdotal experience and intuition) along the lines of your second point. If you make it too hard for people to remember passwords, they'll write them down and put them in obvious places. When I worked for the government we had to use various...
New Posts  All Forums: