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As you've divined, there's substantial overlap between those two categories.And thanks.
After hours trading is often goofy.
Chauvinistic and dead serious.
It would almost have to be, wouldn't it?
No, I'm not. We won our independence from you wankers over two centuries ago, and I'm mindful of the many differences.I have no idea how it does or doesn't work in the UK. My point was that being "part of the apparatus of the judiciary and the state" doesn't preclude any of what people are complaining about.
That's something of a non-sequitur. In the U.S., the precise regulatory structure for attorneys varies from state to state. There's a patchwork of government regulatory bodies and private or semi-private bar associations to which some functions have effectively been outsourced. I believe that there is some need for licensing and disciplinary oversight of lawyers. But it's beyond reasonable dispute that much of what these organizations do is more about protectionism,...
So thankful my profession has escaped this licensing silliness, and I can just do my thing without jumping through a bunch of bureaucratic hoops.
Is that as opposed to the type of woman some folks who post here prefer to date?
I'm sure that's an entirely unexpected and unintended consequence.
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