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HIs big mistake was not asking her to stop resisting.
Yeah, the double-frying thing is pretty much essential for getting really crisp fries.
No, no. I understood. I was just saying I don't get (receive) it. Meaning the product in question. Get it?
tl;dr but dude it's all good.
No, but I understand and appreciate your enhancement of my joke.
This ^ would, be considered a long. sentence, in Europe?
..... ^ Is that a dark cherry?
Well, one could reasonably conclude that if there's evidence that he's been smoking pot in college there's at least some increased risk (that is, increased compared to players who we have no specific reason to believe are tokers) that he might continue to smoke and possibly get himself suspended. I don't know that the inference is that strong or the extra risk that significant, but it's there.
I don't think most people would describe Koreans as "dark".
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