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Yep. Only for the past year or so. And not as often as I'd like - but that's true of many things given work, single parenting, etc.
Curious to hear what you think of the boots. I've struggled to find some that are reasonably sturdy and protective but not so stiff that I lose too much feel on the gearshift.
Eh, Ran is just a PC ripoff of Lear implausibly recast with a bunch of minorities.
Um: Andrew Marchand ESPN Senior Writer Alex Rodriguez said he is encouraged by a talk he had with the Yankees' sabermatricians, who told A-Rod his advance analytics are encouraging. When manager Joe Girardi was asked how A-Rod gets another chance when he isn't playing against lefties, righties and doesn't play defense, the manager said, "His time is going to come. He is going to get more chances." Maybe, but it doesn't sound like many. A-Rod is hitting .206 with nine...
Since we were talking about Michael Moore, it would have to be the first . . .
That's a drag. Sorry, mang. I can't remember - the move to Nashville was for the sake of trying a different location/lifestyle as opposed to being driven by work considerations or the like?
If your friend is 6'2" you probably want inseams that are at least 33 inches long or longer, (post any anticipated shrinkage) depending on anticipated shrinkage, cuffing/stacking preferences, etc. For an approximate data point, I'm between 6'1" and 6'2" and jeans with an 32.5" inseam are a good con-cuffed, non-stacking length for me. Measurements for most of the brands people talk about here can be found online.If by size you mean waist size, saying he's slim is indeed...
Which is to say, if you don't like the way your jeans look as much you do somebody else's, it's not about the jeans but rather about your shitty personality and life choices.
Maybe he shot your therapist by mistake.
I'm proud of you for standing up to Pio's scurrilous attack on your character.
New Posts  All Forums: