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If that's so, the tax bill pB is paying is probably not even accurate - gome just didn't want to seem cheap by asking whether he was being overcharged.
Can we get a ruling on whether the thread just went Godwin (without reading back, I'm assuming that it might be more accurate to say "went Godwin again")? Do near misses count?
"Abrasive" is easily remedied.
Phoebe Cates. I mean, it was always pretty obvious that she was running more of a sprint than a marathon, but it's still sad to be confronted with confirmation.
Max, what's in the stuffing? Looks like millet or some similar grain (or are those just seeds?), and I'd assume some sort of ratatouille or bharta from the vegetable innards?
My inventory of TV references is kind of jacked up. I've never had much patience for television, so with occasional exceptions I didn't regularly watch the shows everyone else seems to have watched. (For example, while I've probably seen a half-dozen Seinfeld episodes, I don't think that's one of them.) Aside from what I watched as a kid, I mostly know stuff I half-watched inadvertently because my ex-wife, my daughter, or somebody I've dated was into the show.Why did...
I assume you mean your jawnz, which you roll or stack?I'm between 6'1" and 6'2", and in non-denim pants I wear a 32" inseam.Yeah, that's pretty skinny. I'm about 6' 1 1/2", weigh about 180, have a bit of middle-aged skinny-fat going on, but am generally pretty lean. And I wear a 33-34 trouser waist. But I think GF is probably talking about jeans, which -- even aside from APC tend to be vanity sized. In the sorts of jeans GF wears I consistently wear a waist size that's...
Figured. I actually work in the building that played Nakatomi Plaza in Die Hard.
Sounds like we have similar tastes in women (although my current gal doesn't entirely fit the mold).And back on topic: just realized that if Hey Man II has accurately listed his location we work in the same building. Probably not, but still . . .
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