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OTC, was that you I saw riding that unicycle this morning?
Agreed. I also think it's hard not to make comparisons because a number of the actors from The Wire show up in Treme. I think they're generally very talented, but for me it undermined the whole willing-suspension-of-disbelief thing to repeatedly find myself thinking, "wait, who was she in The Wire again? The police captain's wife or the school principal?"That said, Wendell Pierce is awesome in both shows.
A friend recently posed these questions:When Apple comes out with its version of Google Glass, will it be called the iEye? And will the commercials feature Ozzy Osborne singing "Crazy Train"?
Moon Hooch's first album is pretty fun. Kind of like Morphine on a really cheerful day. If, you know, Mark Sandman were still alive. And in a good mood. http://open.spotify.com/user/122171260/playlist/776xk6Icy2LG1yMjw0QdLc
There would have been much more outrage had people been expecting Rice to be a bigger fantasy stat producer.
Were you eating macarons while driving?
Well, you're now talking about it on the internet . . .
Funny, I wasn't going to say anything, because I'm not looking to nitpick the article. But that jumped out at me as well. I have a shelf full of cheap cotton bags that I'll use for the supermarket, the farmer's market, my kid's lunch, or just generally carrying stuff around. They're mostly gimme bags I was given for free at some conference or function or whatever, or that someone used to bring something over to my house and didn't take away with them. Some of them have...
Well, that's pretty easy to manipulate based on what numbers you decide should "count" and how you are measuring environmental friendliness. (For what it's worth, I'm not particularized convinced that one particular approach is "better" or "worse" than another, and I would certainly agree that the recently popular bag regulations are driven more by politics, posturing, and perception than by thoughtful analysis.
Yeah, too bad GF couldn't give us some hard, predictive data like "it's got momentum"!
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