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If it's any help, I've posted some pics here of me wearing a pair of the more rounded lunettes models.
Wrong again.
God damn you for chipping away at my efforts to be logical and responsible.
False assumption.
IAs much as I love the seersucker idea, I'd probably have to pass because I realistically wouldn't get much use out of. I own one (far less awesome than this would be) seersucker suit, and I wear it maybe once a year.Of course, that could just be a game that I need to incorporate more garden parties and days at the track into my lifestyle.
Frank's taste in music is on par with his steez.
Thanks, P - done!
Should we be looking for an email with the link for ordering? Or do we email NMWA to initiate the order? I forget how it worked last time.
I think I slightly favor 2 patch/barchetta for this make-up but am good either way. I can pay whenever as well but don't we first need to have the make-up settled so the folks at NMWA have something to invoice us for?
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