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Once you become "that guy" on the forvm for any issue you're that guy for life.
Because as these discussions go you've become the poster boy for margin use. (Well, except when I'm the one defending informed use of margin.) Unfairly, probably, but what fun would it be if everything had to be accurate and fair?At least idfnl didn't reply "PM GreenFrog" when I made the rimming joak . . .
Yeah, could have been
No, not really. I mean, I'm sure he was right about lots of stuff. But that quote you posted suggests either that he was referring to some other concept with the same name, or that he was talking out his papal ass.Why is suicide a happy, sunny yellow?This makes a lot of sense.
It also seems relevant to ask, for example, how much money was donated as a result of the recent ALS publicity that would not have been donated to charity otherwise.
Inside joke. We go way back. I've been calling him "Shlum Burger" since kindergarten.
AKA "rimming", no?
That's what's so unfair about the situation. He's not (as far as I know) even married, so he didn't even have that option available to him.
Yeah, I know. I was obviously pimping you a bit. But I do think that one of the insidious things about technical analysis and the like is they use fancy names like "technical analysis" and use lots of numbers and charts so people feel like they're being analytic, when if facts it's all (in my opinion) goofy-assed magical thinking BS.But maybe that's because I could never tell a candle chart from a stalagmite chart from a rocket ship chart.
People often ask me if it's my "heavy leg day", and I have to explain that's not my leg.
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