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It's always the fucking pipes that give way. (No Hroi).
Most important difference is that when I was in private practice my rates were higher for criminal work.
Nobody's getting into Rediculous Hyperbola until Scotty deals with those dilithium Crystals.
I have no particular knowledge of that company, but "they're generally going to shit but an external event that everyone else also knows about might give them a short-term bump" strikes me a dubious investment rationale.But if I knew what I was talking about I wouldn't still be a wage slave, so ...
Oh, those Florida cats . . .
The power of the state is deeply benevolent when directed at people you don't like.
More like no more disgusted than I am by everyday politics, and perhaps even a tad less because of the unique nature of the "issue". My main point was that, given the nature of the issue and the obvious politics/public perception, I strongly doubt Obama feels betrayed or as though people left his back exposed.
Stop insulting us like women.
And sometimes they're right. But as with any other citizen we're contemplating imprisoning for thirty years, that should happen only when it can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that they committed a criminal offense -- not just when we objectify them as the symbol of our resentment of "The Man".What people have been suggesting in this thread is, for the most part, roughly consistent with the law. If it can be proved that he knew about and actively or tacitly approved...
This argument reminds me of when I heard an interview wherein a long-time LA radio DJ argued that the prevalence of the word "bitch" in rap culture didn't had nothing to do with sexism, a conclusion he supported by pointing out that men and boys called each other "bitch" as an insult as well.
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