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Yeah, that's the denim for sure.
If by "off course" you mean "back to normal", then yes.
There are only so many squares on a card. And anyway, Relative Asshole Bingo is too cumbersome and confusing a name.
In my law school classes we used to play a game called Asshole Bingo. (I'm sure it's not unique to my school, or to law school.) Any similarities are in the eye of the beholder, of course.
I don't disagree, I was just focusing a few minutes further along chronologically.
Given that it's Ricky Williams, I'm picturing him picking up the tape measure, looking at it, and going, "Whoa, dude, that's soooo cool!" And then when the construction worker asks him to leave his stuff alone, "Hey man, like, it's all good. Don't trip. Don't worry, be happy."
How many NMWA pieces can you find in this crappy picture on this rainy day in LA? (Image upsized for FC.)
Smart people do stupid shit like that all the time. They're just in a totally different mindset when it's a different context.And even as a casual fan, I know playing fast and loose with the injury reports is a no-no that can lead to league discipline. I find the notion that Carroll and his staff somehow thought it "didn't" count fairly incredible (at least based on the admittedly skimpy factual outline I'm aware of).
No, we're actually almost all girls. At least on the inside.
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