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Only the Canadian ones.
I couldn't figure out why the quote function was being all wonky. You must have been erasing as I was commenting.I'm happy to go back and erase the quote if you like, but intentional or not I think it's sort of funny.
Homonyms can be so tricky.
Did you check inside the little folder in the box where your receipt is? There's often one included there with the original shipment.
A/K/A Bathroom Monitor?If so, you may be right about the hustling part.
How surprising that this of all threads would be the one where poasters' mommy issues start spilling forth.
http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/im-a-middle-aged-white-scottish-man-who-converted-to-islam-without-ever-meeting-a-muslim-this-is-how-a6862936.htmlBut perhaps no true Muslim?
You're in trouble if you expect lawyers to be any more soft-hearted or non-judgmental people than anyone else. You can, occasionally, expect lawyers to be manning the barricades to defend liberty, the rule of law, individual rights, etc. We're not, as a group, especially well-suited to being avatars of compassion and and acceptance. That's what kid-toucher clergy are for.Some of the most dedicated and effective lawyers doing genuine humanitarian work are total...
I think it's more than non-natives don't understand that if you order off the secret menu it comes with a happy ending.
New Posts  All Forums: