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I'm normally a 40L. Some months back, when I was going to order that same jacket in my normal size, Greg and Kyle gently dissuaded me, pointing out that the cropped style makes it wear a a bit shorter than normal OS sizing. Not sure how helpful that is to you, but on balance it makes me think Frank's/baltimoron's suggestion to size up, especially when your own comments on the posted measurements are factored in, is worth seriously considering.Plus, it's relatively easy...
KC needs a custom title referencing 50 Shades of Grey . . .
If only there were some technology that made it possible to look up the meanings of words we see on the internet. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Egality
That's totally reasonable, since both acting and imagism weren't invented until 1968 or so.
Actually, one fairly effective and well-established way to avoid this is to have a provision in the will along the lines of: "Anyone who initiates litigation to challenge any provision of this will, or its interpretation by the person appointed as its executor, shall receive exactly $1 and no more as his entire share of this estate."
Funny coincidence: I also indulged in pretty much my favorite hobby this weekend!
Did someone leak the menu from the last IC retreat?
SdC, Spencer, Buttero. SIZED UP FOR @FrankCowperwood
There are casual fits, and casual fits. Merz bear pelt misty morning joe.
Funny, it never would have occurred to me that bananas migh be too large a proxy for that exercise. It's always enlightening to hear the views of posters with different perspectives.
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