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Gives us time to throw up some billboards!Or at least photoshop some old ones.
Sort of on that theme . . . Nothing particularly dumb about the post, which is a handful of pictures of preparations for some sort of parade.But because my sense of humor calcified at the age of 14, this picture made me laugh:
Pre-holiday half day at work (and I'm cutting out for a lunch date so more like a 40% day), with weird muggy yet breezy weather and a possibility of thunderstorms. Was going for versatility, ended up as a NMWA display rack. Lunettes, Spencer, Monitaly, Spencer, Dore, Buttero ... Sizing up mobile pics for Frank.
That's my understanding as well (as someone much less in the know that foodguy). Didn't stop the team from throwing Gasol under the Buss. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
In more than one way.
Pio can't read the graph because you didn't put metric conversions.
Yeah, that all makes sense. I was mostly just being a smart-ass. But Texas pretty much nailed it. It's pretty hard to lead with a purely basketball presentation when you don't have good answers for questions like, "Who's going to be calling the shots?" and "Who's going to get all the shots?"
Wouldn't you, given the alternative?
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You got beat up by Interpol?
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