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Fake African prints stripped of any context and mass-printed for t-shirts and Crate & Barrell bathmats are a culture?
Here's the most picayune of all possible critiques/suggestions/feedback: When I'm logging into the site and start typing my email in, it does the auto-completion thing and highlights the auto-completed email/login name. In other words, I'll have typed "lawyer" and it will auto-complete as "lawyerdad@shysters.com", highlighting it in yellow. But then when I click the highlighted (completed) name, it populates the entry field only with what I actually typed ("lawyer") and...
Just fantasize about her being someone else the whole time. Problem solved.
I vote that taint gets a tag that says, "Enjoy you're WvG underwear."Is that because unicorns will only put their heads in a virgin's lap or however that myth goes? The rest of us are stuck with wool, so quite you're bitching.On behalf of the old white male lawyers of the world: shut the f***** up and get back to work.September 23. For what it's worth, gmail likes to kick my WvG newsletters into the "Promotions" tab.
Stop being Conne.
FTFYThis ++++Also + a bunch on the burgundy Buttero love. I have the china blue canvas and the taupe suede/leather already, so I may have to take a bit of a breather. But good stuff.Sounds like a cross-post from the Adventures in Online Dating thread.Gun check has arrived and is off to the tailor's today (schedule allowing) for sleeve finishing. Perhaps a few other minor tweaks, but it's pretty great as is. Pics post-tailoring.
Picnic is an actual short-sleeved shirt. T-Rex is a long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves shortened a bit (in other words, a full-sleeve shirt for guys with shorter-than-average arms).
not yet
With dirty socks, apparently. Not really the SF-approved method for achieving a mirror shine.
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