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Thank god, right?
Because if it's on Twitter it must be real?No, I get it. Just joking.
If you want to be cool like us the appropriate word choice is "Damn, Daniel . . ."
Basically the Medwed family business, then.
Let's invite everyone from the sports threads to join us and talk about whether traditional statistics or advanced analytics is the shittier way to evaluate the candidates. That would be awesome.
We all have drinks on otc very Friday -- oh wait, has he not been inviting you? Awkward.
I don't disagree with that, although it's a couple of miles wide of the point.
Maybe they were confused by the officially bilingual jury instructions.
Maybe his general experience over the last year or so has something to do with it?
Is that some sort of pedophile slang you guys use?
New Posts  All Forums: