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I'm cool with that as long as I get to issue the licenses.
Doesn't mean those people aren't shitheads, though.
You're talking about Chatsworth, right?
Sorry, but that guy's utter lack of self-awareness is a problem.
Nicely done.
Agreed. There are plenty of perfectly nice parts of Van Nuys.Nothing to do? Drink coffee and overpriced juice. Wear ironic facial hair and hats. Browse vinyl record stores even though you don't own a turntable.Actually, pedal boats on the refurbished Echo Park Lake are pretty nice on a sunny day.
No, I totally get that language generally, and the meaning of specific words as well, are dynamic. And my reaction is of course about 90% contrived and 10% smug. But to the extent my trolling has an element of truth, ignorance -- especially persistent willful ignorance -- does bug me. If someone is using one of those words in a way that makes clear they don't even know that their usage is informal or non-standard, it grates on me. And I'll probably judge them (not that...
As was my comment. Maybe.
Probably responding to the zeitgeist by going for a more "natural" look. I mean, who ever heard of blue food or green food in nature?
Yeah, there's an informal definition for "irregardless", too. Which is just another way of saying some dickhead on the internet has memorialized the fact that a lot of morons don't even know what the hell they're saying.If you're one of the 3% of the population who know what the real definition is and are using the word in the "alternative" way with a sense or irony or at least awareness, I'll cut you a little slack. I'll probably still think you're a douche who's not...
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