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We all have our own approaches, but it seems like you're getting overly hung up on labels. I mean, if you're under-funding your retirement accounts because you're concerned about having the flexibility to deploy capital opportunistically, the ability to borrow against the retirement account (assuming it's an account where this is an option) largely undercuts that rationale. You have X dollars in earned income that you can either pay taxes on now and then deploy as you...
Just FYI, lots of 401K's allow participants to take interest-free "loans" against a portion of their accumulated account balance.
Makes me wonder whether anyone on the Steelers' staff noticed, and if so why they weren't screaming at the refs about it.I'm always amazed when at the pro or big-money college level something like that goes completely unnoticed. (I've seen major college basketball games, for example, when nobody caught the fact that the officials had miscounted the number of fouls on a key opposing player and let him stay in the game with five fouls.) I know there's a lot going on and...
As you well know, moving from infancy into toddlerhood brings all sorts of new challenges.
Winter trousers indeed. It appears they are so heavy that they broke the interwebz.
It ended up (just barely) working out, but (as a Steelers fan) I still think it was a dumb call. Having Bell take the snap that deep in the backfield meant that there was virtually no chance they could stop the clock and kick a field goal (or run another play if they were feeling ballsy) if that one didn't get in. I'll take it, though.Not to be overlooked: the difference having a kicker who can hit routine field goals makes.
I think the idea is that with any clothes, if you turn the them inside out you add a slight bit of protection against the outside surface getting abraded or whatever by the insides of the machinery. For people who are super focused on fades, turning jeans inside out probably doesn't hurt anything and theoretically may prevent having some uneven indigo loss where the jeans rub up against the machinery. But it's not like your jeans are waterproof. The soapy water's going...
Hi, idfnl.
Alpha's not a work thing unless you're literally a pimp or something.
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