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Maybe we can get an expert opinion from Chip Wilson.
Ah - thanks for the explanation. Fortunately, my limited exposure to Twitter doesn't extend to WD fan discussions.
I think it's a legal and an ethical issue, although primarily the latter.From an ethical perspective, a news organization is going to want to have such policies to protect its integrity and and credibility. (Yes, yes, I know. But to focus on the gist of the question guyver's raising, let's all assume for the sake of discussion that CBS qualifies as a "news organization" and that it has and cares about some measure of journalistic integrity and credibility.)There's also a...
Sharing pillow talk is is very uncouth.
It's always dangerous to try to address hypotheticals like this, because real cases turn on the totality of the facts.But generally speaking (and assuming I understand guyver's question correctly) this would not be insider trading. Information gathered by CBS from non-insider information is not the sort of non-public information the insider trading laws speak to. (I would imagine, however, that CBS has policies its employees and contractors from trading on such...
I just made it up. Having failed to become a famous lawyer, I'm aiming to become famous as an originator of obscure memes.
You flatter like a jackfruit.
Mr. Bungle reunion tour?
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