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Those are classic rape culture excuses.
Thanks, man. You've saved me hours of therapy.
It just needs to be empty, no?Did other people's parents have a special "pee cup" for the kids (my parents only had boys, which makes it a bit easier) so they wouldn't have to keep pulling over during long car trips, or is that another example of my parents being weirdos?
They give you a blanket, right? Just bring an empty soda bottle or something.
No, you only thought you did. It's like when little kids think they're "driving the car" at the amusement park.
"window wiping juice" is too forced and artificial, and you don't mention lube. If you're going to do something, do it right.
There are the pink and white iced circus animal things.
Ha ha, "what it's called", ha ha!
I'm normally a 40L. Some months back, when I was going to order that same jacket in my normal size, Greg and Kyle gently dissuaded me, pointing out that the cropped style makes it wear a a bit shorter than normal OS sizing. Not sure how helpful that is to you, but on balance it makes me think Frank's/baltimoron's suggestion to size up, especially when your own comments on the posted measurements are factored in, is worth seriously considering.Plus, it's relatively easy...
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