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I can't remember - do you still live in Texas? I haven't heard anyone expressing objections or concerns about it.
That's one of my favorite Dylan tunes.
FYFYLove the look of the Camoshita but ...
Because you'll pay $10 for a roast beef sandwich.
SdC jacket in medium (with OS trousers). I'm normally a 40L. It's on the trim side (top two buttons done because with just the middle one the quarters open a bit more than I'd prefer. I'm reasonably happy with the fit, but could definitely see sizing up if you're in between because I think a slightly loose, slouchy fit would work with the piece.
Pardon the amateur question, but "creamy pasta" refers to the consistency of the pasta itself here, not just the sauce?
Like many Onion articles, this one is dumb but kind of funny nonetheless: http://www.theonion.com/articles/76ers-afraid-to-kick-bunch-of-toughlooking-guys-of,38058/
Inglese sleeves work for me without alteration. I think @teddieriley would be relatively happy with the sleeve opening. I have relatively skinny wrists as well. With some OTR shirts I can slide my arms out of them without undoing the cuff buttons. Not so with Inglese - they are definitely narrow enough that I need to unbutton the cuffs to take them off.
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