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Makes sense; thanks. Good description - I can totally visualize what you mean.
Although I think Jack in the Box serves tacos, it's not Mexican (or even wannabe Mexican) any more than McDonalds is Irish because they have Shamrock Shakes. It's mostly burgers, fries, and other American fast food.
Does the rubber limbs comment mean he seems easy to push around? I have watched very little this season and haven't seen him much at all.
No, I'm framing it exactly right to maximize my opportunities for feeling morally superior.
I prefer to be the first user. But I'm curious what "some of the best" means here. Is the criterion durability?
Sounds like they're both douches. Yes, the guy receiving the handout should be appreciative of whatever he gets. But if you're going to give a panhandler a buck, just do it because you want to. If you're expecting him to prove he's worthy of your charity or otherwise stroke your ego, you probably need a pet or girlfriend or something to fill your need for positive feedback. Most people in that position aren't there because it affords them an opportunity to practice their...
Yeah, don't you have access to some kind of medical grade skin bonding shit?
Even out of context, it doesn't seem like much of a shot at Kobe. I just read it as along the lines of, "Of course I have an ego; we all do. Most confident players want the ball in their hands with the game in the line and want to be the man. But we can't all be the man, and everyone knows who the man is on this team."
I really like the presentation of the shellfish.
That was before his double dose.
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