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I guess I just don't understand why they felt the need to put him out there. Having some random black dude on the court totally ruined the realism of the game for me.
Perfect time to buy, because you can get twice as much stock for the same amount of money and if you already have a position you can dramatically lower your average entry price.
Fair enough. This was the first time I've watched more than a few minutes of a Heat game this playoff season, so my comments were based just on how he looked last night.
Couple of old fasioneds followed by
Didn't Luol Deng used to be a pretty good basketball player?
Yeah, I agree with your second point.As to the first -- I still see the disparity in the lines for stadium bathrooms. Saw Bruce Springsteen at the Los Angeles Sports Arena a few months back, and was at the Final Four at Reliant Stadium last month. Both places, the bathrooms were sex-designated and people seemed to follow those designations (leading to much longer lines for the womens'). At outdoor music festivals and such you're usually talking about porta-potties so...
She only had sisters, so probably not. But she was blunt and not easily embarrassed, so she may just have felt more comfortable than others paying attention to what was going on and/or more comfortable commenting on it.And maybe the fact that she'd worked for several years as a veterinary assistant gave her a fairly clinical attitude toward bodily functions and body parts?
Is this where I make a "your mom" joke?The dorm building I was in definitely had started its life as an all-male dorm. Of the 8 (I think) floors, six were coed when I was there, one was all male, and one was all female. I can recall at least one female resident of my floor (there obviously may have been others, male or female) who would always go downstairs to use the bathroom.
Ha!My freshman year of college, I lived on a coed floor in the dormitories with a coed communal bathroom. The bathroom layout was like this:A female friend told me that for the first few days you could tell the guys were all a bit uncomfortable peeing in the urinals with girls walking past them or brushing their teeth at the sinks behind them - an unusual number of guys would use the stalls, and the ones who used the urinals stood up very straight and close to the...
New Posts  All Forums: