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That sounds right. And +1 on electric football. Remember how before Edison we had to play it like this?
More the former.
Just not as grown as you. Apple II was middle school-ish.I also had this lame football game (I thought it was cool then) where you had transparencies with offensive and defensive plays diagrammed with X's and O's. Each player chose his play, and you'd lay the two transparencies on top of a light box thing (like a cheapo-version of the base of an old overhead projector). I think where the ball carrier's dotted line crossed a defender's dotted line determined how many...
Stop nit-picking, if my opinion is that they should be referred to as the Fact Check Police, you have no business telling me otherwise.Buy yeah, that. Good catch - thanks.
Next you're going to be complaining about the fact check police.
When I was a kid I had a baseball simulation game on my Apple II+ that basically extrapolated from statistics the way Strat-O-Matic baseball or (in cruder or at least more spatial form) the old All Star Baseball game with cardboard discs did. It included players from a number of classic World Series teams. One of my favorite players was Matt Alexander from the 1979 Pirates. In 44 games, he batted .538 with a .692 slugging percentage (in 13 at bats), scored 16 runs, and...
Bitch, I wrote the urban dictionary.
I'm not even sure what that means. Kobe's going to lose because he's on a shitty team, not because he's on the wrong side of a battle between advanced stats dudes and traditionalists (That's a hilariously false, or at least exaggerated, dichotomy anyway. But those sorts of constructs can be enjoyable as long as you place yourself among the ranks of the enlightened knights of modernism). Probably true of Carmelo, too, but I haven't paid attention to the Knicks.
Grilled cheese sounds like as good a response as any.That sucks, obviously -- my condolences.Yesterday I happened to see the text of a letter written by Samuel Beckett to a friend on the occasion of a personal loss:“My very dear Alan — I know your sorrow and I know that for the likes of us there is no ease for the heart to be had from words or reason and that in the very assurance of sorrow’s fading there is more sorrow. So I offer you only my deeply affectionate and...
Sounds like the former may be more fap-worthy.
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