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I'm not sure that's really an accurate way to characterize it, but more to the point I don't understand what your intuition is rooted in. An assumption that executives/managers are generally more honest than line-level employees?I've represented many sales organizations over the years. Sales managers and execs who get compensated on the performance of folks who report to them can often be super resistant to anyone asking too many questions about how their star performers...
Wasn't really commenting on this case; and I was really just taking off from your exchange with veni. Also, "defense" may be too broad a term for what I was suggesting as a general matter.What I meant is something more like this --A defense lawyer with a shitty case is generally going to throw some seeds out and see if any of them take root. Sometimes it may be the central theme of the defense. Other times it can just be an attempt to undermine a key fact in the...
haha, the news feed for the Google Finance page is always hilariously random and jacked up. Just now, with the market closing up 160ish, here's the current top headline (they rotate with some frequency): Deutsche Bank woes keep stocks on steep slide Reuters - 18 hours ago Traders work at their desks in front of the German share price index, DAX board, at the stock exchange in Frankfurt, Germany, September 30, 2016.
It's worth noting (or maybe not, but then tough shit for you) that in situations in criminal cases that recur and can be generalized (somebody claims to have killed in fear for their life despite all sorts of indicia that there was no reasonable basis for that fear, person walks out of The Gap with three unpaid-for sweaters wadded up in the bottom of her backpack, person pulled over with a bunch of weapons and marked bills from a bank robbery in the trunk, etc.), there are...
Know Your Rights
Dead people can't talk, so they're not going to be able to claim anything unless the officer accidentally shoots some random fat kid instead of the target.
What? Can't hear you.
Was it posted on reddit by a gay minister?Maybe we need a WTF Overzealous Cake Counterfeiters thread.
You wear a skirt ,for God's sake.
New Posts  All Forums: