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Eggplants are red where you live?
Mazel tov.
Penis is usually a dead give-away. Or did you mean the other kind of fake lesbian?
Wait, what? I thought you'd fallen off the edge of the Earth or something. I hope all's well.I definitely enjoy some of their stuff.Right now listening to the new Allah-laws album. Meaning literally right now; still on the first track so can't offer much of a review at this point. But it doesn't seem like a radical departure from the vibe of their last album.
I am deeply amused by the absurdly optimistic, non-ironic subject line of an email I just received from our IT folks: "Password Reset Improvements"
I have not been paying attention to this, but -- aside from anyone who may be trying to day trade it - worrying about whether it opens in the high 80s or low 90s seems pretty silly. I have no idea how the stock will do, but I'm willing to bet that the one place it won't be in six months or six years is within 5 points of 90. It's going to be worth a lot less than that, or a lot more. The delta will make a difference of a small points in today's price relatively...
Don't go all Hayward on us.FTFY
Sure, if you're Oriental.Well, I'm really just making these answers up on the fly. But I think historically "Oriental" was used (at times, and wild inconsistency may be part of the issue) much more broadly than "Asian". On some level it probably also just has to do with a certain associative link, conscious or otherwise, between the term and prevailing racial attitudes when it was in more current usage.
It's much harder to rhyme.
Seriously?I mean, as WOP/Mick/Kraut privilege holder I'm obviously not personally offended by its use But it's been considered an outdated and somewhat offensive term (depending on context, anyway) for quite some time. The general idea is that it has often been used in a very loose fashion to describe wide swaths of countries and people that arguably have little in common other than not being Occidentals.
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