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Does he drive an M5?But seriously, that's awesome.
And most of us probably know less than we think we do about the stuff we're already talking about ...
I hear you. It depends, obviously. But I have spread collar shirts on which -- using collar stays, generally -- the collar holds a very nice shape.And for me, if I'm going to spend the better part of the day with neither jacket nor tie, I'm really in the realm of casual dress anyway.
Betting on the long term inevitability of a product or industry can be a lot riskier than it's sometimes tempting to think, because even assuming the basic premise is right, "long term" can have a way of meaning much, much longer than you had in mind.Plus, long term the sun will burn out, which will be game changer for the solar industry.
More OBCD? Sure. Better? Only sometimes.
Inner circle members already know.Even number of shoes is better.
tl;drIf I create a new account and say my birthday is in November, will the birthday discount stack with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday?
If stitches doesn't have to do it, then I don't either!I'm afraid I'm going to sit this one out.
TWSSI'm not so sure, G (your call, obviously). Ethan's friends have a point. I've had colleagues who had them -- they're not really any less noticeable than traditional braces, and seem to have a greater impact on people's speech. A more accurate name would be "Translucentlign" rather than "Invisalign". Plus you have to go back to the dentist or ortho or whatever very frequently - I think it's every other week, if not more often. For an adult with a job, than can be a...
Probably depends on the consistency of the complaining.
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