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There are casual fits, and casual fits. Merz bear pelt misty morning joe.
Funny, it never would have occurred to me that bananas migh be too large a proxy for that exercise. It's always enlightening to hear the views of posters with different perspectives.
Shit, NOW you tell us. No wonder I haven't won the contest yet.
More amusing me than making me happy, but just received an email (a trigger warning of sorts) from my daughter's school. Next week in their 8th grade "Life Skills" class they'll be learning to put condoms on bananas. I am looking forward to her embarrassment when I ask, "so what did you do in school today?"
Ah, makes sense.Yes, there's a bit of a delay. Probably because the team is busy with all those handwritten thank you notes.
Works for me on chrome, although it's tough to tell it's working until you are done. Upload the pic and then click the links for the pieces you are wearing (uploading the pic generates a list of your purchases - you click the links from there, not the dialogue boxes at the top). Then hit the submit button.
Don't forget Swaggy P!
Quick sloppy fit pics of Spencer linen medium over a T. I'm 6'1", 185, medium in most sweaters and 40L in suits/sportscast.
Ha ha. The review starts a bit tentative, but I think it hits its stride right about here: Javelina, near Union Square, is a godsend for anybody who loves to eat before 6 p.m. or after 9:30 p.m.; since opening two months ago, the restaurant has been talked up so much in the press that those are usually the only reservation times available, even if you book a week or two ahead. You may worry that at those hours the dining room would be depressingly quiet, but that’s...
To be fair, the interwebz fan base of my beloved Steelers ain't exactly all Strunks & Whites either. And I've seen them skewered to equally hilarious effect by uproxx as well - just not as often as Pats fans because it's not that often that there's much of interest to say about the Steelers these days . . .
New Posts  All Forums: