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I'm sure. We were fortunate enough to be able to stroll around both places in the middle of a weekday, so it wasn't too crazy.
I'm not even sure what this means. What sort of field journalism?Also, my daughter and I were on Broadway in Soho last Wednesday afternoon, in beautiful sunny weather. Is it cool that we enjoyed it, or would we have hated that too if we weren't naive tourists?
That's before the toteholder and birthday discounts, right?
Happy birthday, Greg!More of you to love, my friend. Just don't let it mess up your fits.
Agreed. That's absurd. The clowns at your bank may not value your time, but you should.
Itunes (and Spotify) release date for Benjamin Booker's album. So freakin' good - cranking it in the office today, and it's making me smile through what's otherwise been a grind of an afternoon. http://open.spotify.com/album/0uDoyIuGkx8lrhsu6RBlBZ And I'm seeing him live Thursday night, in a small venue, with a good-lookin' gal at my side.
I hope he then called harvey/harold.
Lawn tennis really should only be played in Autumn.
I see what you did there. ^
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