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We never liked you anyway.
Oregano is poplar.
A lot of places overseas also don't take their cards, which is kind of funny given their roots.
How does your model feel about GREK?Yes, I'm 14.
Was in court today for the finalization of an adoption I've been helping with pro bono. It's the only court hearing I've ever participated in where everyone left happy and the judge handed out teddy bears and balloons.
I once lost a Scrabble game because I challenged that word, thinking it was made up,
But if the levee breaks and the streets flood he's going to have the last laugh on you guys.
Lucky for you.
Is "exit" some sort of Texas sexual euphemism?
What SF member has not tossed and turned late into the night, grappling with the question: "Would I rather be A_Y or edina?"
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