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Good point - they're more of an off-white than like a Crest 3D Optic White or whatever.
That's because you're a terrorist sympathizer.
People who drive Escalades. Or Prii. Or any kind of white car.
All I know about ELO rankings is that #1 is pretty much inarguable:
Feel better!
They may well be morons, but that's not really a logically valid response. Leaving aside the question of whether the increase in the number of deaths is commensurate with the increase in the relevant population, it doesn't follow that simply because population increases by say 5% that the number of deaths from Cause X will also increase by 5%. As a society we attempt, sometimes with success, to the reduce the risk of death from all sorts of causes.
Your meaning here is almost entirely clear.
I almost never like television. I'm with stitchy on this. Find the time and watch it. Or don't, of course. But it's really, really good. Plus you'll up your meme game considerably.
Time for a re-boot. The new Harv will be more demographically representative of the criminals and divorcees he represents.
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