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Indeed.Loved Rollerball as a kid.
A couple of the points you've raised -- particularly with respect to Sansa -- are good ones. But I think you're stretching the concept of "unreliable narrator" beyond how it's normally used. The fact that the character's perceptions may be out of synch with those of other characters, or that what the character says to other characters in the book may not be accurate truthful, isn't really an example of an "unreliable narrator" in the sense that term is usually employed. ...
Oh, my bad, Lohikaarme. Conflated a couple of posts reading down on my phone. No, I assume the overdyes won't be made of the tee material . . .
60% Bamboo 40% Sorona (a special combination that insulates for warmth and breathes for coolness simultaneously)
Nah, just planning to move to a new apartment. I'm staying in LA and on the west side for sure, and am almost certain I'll be staying in Venice or Santa Monica.
See? Monsanto loading up our food with unnatural additives like genes!!Agreed. Do you realize how much work that is? It's pretty much a full-time job. The odds of her finding multiple guys capable of that level of commitment, planning, and attention to detail are extremely slim.That's, um, what my friend told me anyway.
All fair points. "Stark difference . . ." I'm not so sure. I get the impression that while he loves the money and attention the show has brought him, he has come to hate the series, and a significant part of him would love to just walk away from it.+1I take it you mean not just that they lie within the context of the narrative, but that we are to understand that the narrative itself is untrustworthy? I don't remember examples of that either, but it's been years since I...
That article is worthwhile if only because the first picture would be an excellent new avatar for Neo.
Always getting crushed by Nickels?
Comcast customers have to deal directly with Comcast, in discrete, highly frustrating transactions. Our relationship with Monsanto is much less direct. EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT THEY ARE POISONING US SO THEY CAN TAKE ALL OUR STUFFS AFTER WE DIE!!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: