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And good plan - wait to get aggressive on the base paths until you're facing a guy who actually has a decent pick-off move.
It helps to catch the fucking ball.
Understood. In some ways choosing among different forms of government is just about deciding who allocates the free shit.
Kind of leaves the butt exposed, no?
At least they're used to that.Heeeyyyyyy-O!
Setting the date a bit late, though, no?
It's not a diversity issue at all. It's a cognitive ability issue. (I think you just lost your future right to vote.) One who, for reasons of organic brain structure, psychology, or whatever, cannot understand other perspectives is almost certain to be a less robust and reliable thinker and reasoner. One can understand another's perspective and still not agree about what conclusions should follow.I think some of the discussions we have had here demonstrate fully that...
While I get the impulse to exclude from the process anyone who's not smart and informed enough to agree with me, the difficulties with trying to decide who is "qualified" or has enough "information" to participate in the political process are pretty evident. For example: should an insufficient to understand and empathize with the experiences of people with different backgrounds be a disqualifying factor?
Can't imagine how this could possibly go wrong.
Some people have already switched to the term "banana republic".
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