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CE that shit!Sorry, couldn't resist.
But they are x% below their 200 day moving average, which means that they are oversold and will fly a flag and pennant back into positive territory.
I'm no expert (and what you've described is generally consistent with most PPO plans I've seen). But for what it's worth https://www.healthcare.gov/glossary/annual-limit/
Don't a lot of health policies work like that? Max annual benefit, although with a sort of safety net that also caps your out-of-pocket exposure. So, for example, they pay for your right leg treatment, you end up paying most of the cost for your left leg, but then if you've hit your out-of-pocket maximum and end up breaking your third leg (or having it atrophy, as the case may be) insurance kicks back in.
Right up there with the Charlie's Angels episode where Chrissy almost became an angel dust addict.
Just read that someone has filed a lawsuit against the LA restaurants that collectively decided to use that 3% "health care" surcharge, accusing them of price-fixing. I won't repeat my reasons for being annoyed by the surcharge thing out of any rational proportion to any impact on me, but am meanly savoring a small bit of schadenfreude.
A little different (although you automatically become Pre-Check eligible as part of qualifying for Global Entry). Global Entry allows you to bypass the lines at immigration and customs when you re-enter the U.S. There are automated kiosks where you can just scan your card or passport rather than waiting to get your docs checked by a DHS officer, and then there's a separate, shorter line for Customs as well. At LAX, if I haven't checked bags, from the moment I step off...
At least it's timely.
Fuck no, Dan Quayle.This.And this.Who knew Finn was a celebrity?Don't people usually spell it "Forrest"? Like Forrest Whitaker?
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