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Well, it's more about comparing apples to apples. If you're measuring in the "comfortably stretched out" state then you'll want to shop for a pair that, based upon the shrinkage/stretching characteristics of the brand and cut, will be comparable after stretching out -- which are generally not the measurements you'll find in a size chart. If you measure your current pair post-wash and unworn, that might be more comparable to the off-the-shelf measurements of a new pair...
And at least one meltdown per series that inarguably cost his team any chance of winning the game.
Just tell Greg to put it on stitchy's tab. That's what I do.
I think most of us prefer to dabble in other sorts of p2p
Yeah, that was kind of my joke - but you're welcome to it.
Feel better, Doc.
Depends on how you look at it, to be fair.
When I got my first law firm job (which was also my first real office job) my dad gave me this, which he'd saved since I was - not sure, maybe five or six? He made me promise I'd keep it on my desk. Several secretaries I worked with over the years, and more recently Lawyerkid, have commented that my handwriting hasn't really changed much in the ensuing 40 years . . .
I like the darts. But you can strike something of a middle ground by having the darts taken out (easy) and still have the higher armholes, etc. of the BD cut.Those look good, man.
This ^. It's "bear" in the sense of "bearing" a burden or "bearing up" under pressure.
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