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I agree as far as your statement goes, but you could have boiled it down to this and I'd still agree.
Sorry - I may have given you some bad info. Just went to try it again to confirm and realized I am logged in. I must have some "keep me logged in" setting on . . .
Try going directly to ups.com and inputting/pasting the tracking number rather than following the link sent by the shipper.
Yeah, he's clearly thinking, "max contract my ass!"
I always assume someone is trying to tell me my fly is open.
Eh, those "my super secret source hinted that Durant might be getting frustrated with Westbrook" stories have been floating around since the ABA days.
Honestly, I have no idea what it's worth in a fundamental sense. Neither do most of the people buying/trading it.My sense is it's like trading Amazon or Ebay back in the day. People are trading primarily at revenue growth, and the stock's price performance will track that. Revenue misses will be punished, and revenue beats rewarded, all with little regard for the overall fundamentals of the business.It's at 89-something now, so right in your wheelhouse.
Really? Most people look at GAAP financial statements? How many people on this board do you think are doing that when they make their trading decisions?I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that BABA took a hit overnight not because people think their accounting is dodgy or because Yahoo is selling its stake (which was known well before last night), but because their announced revenues fell short of expectations.
I have a pair coming. Will post fit pics.
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