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I think that's a local thing. Pumps here don't ask about car washes or rewards cars, and first-world states don't have Winn Dixie.
Well, OK, but why a fly and not a bulls-eye or an apple on somebody's head?
The Brexit guy?
I remember when I was living in the SF Bay Area during the early 90's, and the SF Weekly had an editorial characterizing the mayoral election (Frank Jordan v. Art Agnos) as like choosing between a bucket of shit and a bucket of vomit for dinner.
I'd like to think that I do.
Before Jimmy Carter? You mean back in prehistoric times? Christ you're a fucking useless moron.
What's the deal with images of flies painted/etched inside of urinals?
Totally out of my depth here, but I don't think it's that easy. Usually you need a lender in order to take out a loan. Who is going to make them local currency denominated loans big enough to pay off the Euro based debt?
"We'll never get anywhere. Not even Cleveland.""I don't believe in it anyway."
New Posts  All Forums: