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Something else to note, the jacket of the gentleman to the left has buttons which are obviously not for anything more than aesthetics, like a tailcoat. Are we looking at a modern mash-up here?
I'm beginning to wonder if these coats actually have separate names or are really just an exaggerated style choice for standard suit jackets.
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu it is a day wedding, you should be wearing a morning coat, right?! Mm, well why wouldn't you? They're so much more elegant than those...things.
I have noticed in various photos my friends have been sharing that there seems to be a bit of a trend with men going for longer than usual coats for day weddings. I have attached a couple of pictures below for identification. My question is, what are these types of coats called? I want to say frock coat but was under the impression those kind were more tapered in towards the waist. Personally I think they look silly, as if kids have raided dad's wardrobe for the prom...
From what I can gather from pictures, classic film icons such as Cary Grant, Gary Cooper and Gregory Peck all generally parted their hair on the right. This study in 1999 suggested the way your hair was parted drew unconscious attention to either femininity or masculinity based on the corresponding directions. Since I would consider the three above to be icons of masculinity rather than femininity, I have a bit of trouble believing the study but thought it...
Shouldn't people spend more in a recession? I mean recessions are caused by lack of confidence/spending. Hey, that's my excuse.
Thanks for the replies. I personally prefer it to be behind the tie, so will definitely wear it that way when the time comes. Also, thanks for the feedback regarding the sites, I figured they sounded a bit dodgy but couldn't see anything else that suggested disrepute.
So neither is more traditional or more formal than the other?
Hi there, I've been pondering this for a while now. I've seen the wing collar worn with the points behind the bow-tie and with them worn in front as well. I searched for some time but couldn't find any conclusive information about how it should be worn properly. One member on here stated that it should definitely be worn behind and that people wearing it in front are causing a common faux pas. However, these two sites I came across suggest it can be either: A...
Hmm, that's probably right. It was hard enough to fit into with these ones though. Thanks for your input.
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