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Good purchase! I love my Seiko Monster!
I think the Suns would have taken game 1 if Nash didn't look like he just came out of a 10 round fight with Mike Tyson.
or a mannequin with "man boobs". Man that's a small neck size, I'm not even a big guy and I haven't had a 14.5" neck I think since 8th grade.
Quote: Originally Posted by DMcG I bought centercaps from Subydude back when the ones that came with Rotas were absolutely hideous. I know some other people that have bought wheels from Subydude with good results. When I got my Rotas the local Discount Tire actually beat the best online price that I could find. I've had good results buying tires from Tirerack, but haven't bought any wheels from them. I bought the Enkeis that I currently have from a...
Spread collars don't look flattering on my face. Neither do extreme points, so I often struggle to find an in between area.
Quote: Originally Posted by Renault78law Kind of generic, but I'd get HREs. Depends on the car you have though, HRE's cost more than my car and their offsets don't fit a large number of vehicles.
Quote: Originally Posted by Violinist Am I the only one who thinks UFC is retarded? It's so incredibly technical and boring. When they're on their feet, the fighting is far less impressive than watching someone like Mayweather box. And, 90% of the time, they're rolling around on the ground in suspiciously kama sutraesque positions. It's uncomfortable to watch, and eventually gets so, so boring. I tried to watch it, and I realize that a lot of people...
The whole point of UFC though is that it is mixed martial arts, not just boxing. Mayweather would be out in a rear naked choke in the first round if he stepped in.
I wonder how amputation works with that skill. Like if you chopped off a limb would it magically regrow? Beheading would seem like a failsafe way to kill even those would can't be killed.
Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta people generally like brash, arrogant, undefeated fighters, no? lennox lewis was a bad actor. you could tell he was a normal guy just pretending to be brash because his managers told him to. Not this one. If you watched the pre-fight series on HBO you'd understand why he is such a lowlife.
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