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Arab businessmen aren't stupid, they realize that their natural reserves will run dry this century and they are positioning themselves in a diverse range of markets.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD No I didn't, I ended up getting a Knoll life chair, used, from someone on Craigs list who didn't want the mesh and wanted to buy a leather one. Cost me $200 only. Oh man you lucked out, I can't find one less than $500 and w/ shipping nearly $600. There was one on ebay a week and a half ago for $250 but the seller sold all 25 of them to one buyer and I lost out.
I like this line: "Administrative law judge Roy L. Pearson argued that he is acting in the interest of all city residents against poor business practices." Like if he won he was going to split the $54 million with the rest of the city residents.
Anyone got the hookups on a Knoll Life chair?
1) Consolidate phones (as mentioned) 2) Limit plans to only what you need (cable, internet, cell phones) 3) Buy store brand foods when possible 4) Always use a grocery card and if you don't have one use theirs 5) Stop buying newspapers and magazines and read the internet 6) Go through your house and sell items you don't need 7) Set the central air only when really needed, otherwise use fans and open windows 8) Limit the amount of going out and takeout and instead cook...
I like to be at least 1/2hr to 1hr from the beach. I don't prefer being landlocked as well. I'm not a huge fan however of Northern beaches, they tend to be rockier, the water cold, and there is often seaweed and jellyfish. The atmosphere is nice and I like the small towns here in the NE that dot the shoreline but after being in Carribean it's really tough to love the beaches and water here. The other plus about beaches up here is you don't get burnt even remotely as...
Great, another browser I'll have to test web standards on...
I can't say I've ever cried in a song but perhaps the closest would be Chicane - Saltwater
Oh wow I want those, I wonder if I can stuff my foot into a 9 in the 75 last. How does the 75 compare to the 3B last in terms of size? I know when I bought my 9.5s in the 3D I was teetering on whether to go with a 9 or 9.5, it was a close call. Are there any other shoes on a 3A last in the Francos site, I searched but couldn't find any. Wanted to compare them against the black monk as well.
They had a good news piece on this today. So far Google Street has caught: a) A criminal in process of breaking into a home b) A man urinating on the side of the road with his ass cheeks hanging out c) A man coming out of a strip club by himself and various other items in progress. I think it's a great idea and if inspected a lot can be edited out in Photoshop with stills.
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