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Usually Asics Gel Resolution shoes and some dri-fit shirt and shorts. Most of those I have are made by Nike or Adidas. If it's hot out and I want a tan I go shirtless.
I think you should always have an eye open, you never know when something better is around the bend and when it comes it's good to be ready for it. Plus the interview experience is priceless.
Just got my 15" Macbook Pro today. Opted for the 500GB upgraded HD, filemaker pro, and iWork. Got the educational discount. So far so good, my first mac in years. Should make a good presentation laptop.
I just went through this and bought my girl her ring a couple months back. Went with platinum. Harder material, more substantial feeling, no plating, & nice bright color. Only downside was the cost. Seeing how scratched the bottom of her ring already has become from basic use, it's a no brainer to me as I can see the rhodium on the white gold wearing down very quick on the bottom where most of the wear occurs. If you don't care about the weight of the metal Palladium...
Don't feel so bad I am in the same boat. I am buying my first Mac, a MacBook Pro and it comes with the same deal. I don't need the touch and kind of find it stupid in that it needs wifi access to use most of it's features. To me it's too clunky and large to be a decent mp3 player for running but then again you are getting a $250 device for free instead of a $75 shuffle (which I would honestly use more)
The lady at the apple store the other day said if you put skype on it with a headset it can double as a phone too, albeit only in areas of wifi access.
Auto. Have never seen the appeal of a manual. With autos at the level they are at it seems like people do it just for the sake of doing it than for any real gain. It used to be the case that manual transmissions were more accurate and gave better mpg but the best auto systems rival or beat comparable manuals. Why make something more complicated and labor intensive when you don't have to? For those that need something to do on the road get a language book on cd or...
Well Lance is now delegated to the helper role officially. There's no way they are going to have him try to beat Contador in any up and coming race. It's amazing how strong their team is, even without Leipheimer who would have possibly been a fourth man near the top. The only unfortunate thing is the first week served as a coaster for the last week in the alps.
How about a 2005-2007 or so Subaru Legacy GT? I'm looking at one myself to hold the bike racks / kayaks and what not. Decent mileage, turbocharged, awd, decent sized interior, etc. Not luxury by any means if you want reliability usually that means luxury is out. Lexus is the one exception. Infiniti has been known to be reliable but you'd have to get the older body style G35 to get into that price range.
But that didn't work. They only implemented it for 2 stages and in the one stage so far the riders protested by riding at a pace my mother could keep up with.
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