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Haha awesome, great thread.
Amphipod bottle belt for running Polar RS300x HRM
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Not every car needs to look like a 911. I really do not get this styling philosophy. It's ok to have a diverse lineup. Honestly. Amen. They are so stuck in their design philosophy that they feel compelled to create every vehicle with the exact same styling cues.
Ran for the 4th time ever a couple days back and finally managed to do 3mi exactly. I am just aiming to do around 4-5mi max and then build upon dropping the time so I can enter 5ks and be successful and not just finish. I don't think I could do too much more than that as my body overheats very quickly and my face turns red even on the smaller 3mi runs. I lose a large amount of fluid very quickly and have to run with a water bottle. It's been tough lately since it's...
Well if you say all around athlete I think that is assuming that if you take an athlete from one sport they are so athletically gifted they can compete in other sports to a high degree. We all know Bolt can run fast but does he possess the athleticism to be successful at other sports, who knows?
I'm actually kind of curious if they allowed drugs what the fastest time a human can achieve would be. At some point in the future all Olympic time based records will stop being broken because it's physicially impossible to say run a 100M in 5 seconds, etc.
I purchased a RLBL tux for a wedding that just passed recently and I did receive a number of compliments on it and from a respected tailor in W Hartford she said it was one of the nicest tux she's seen and the fabric was great. It's slimmer than your average tux although I had it slimmed a bit more by the tailor in the sides because I had to go up a size due to my shoulders and chest. If you can live with the notch lapels then it's a winner. Most of the people at...
Have an older Prince TT. Honestly I've only been playing for a couple years and while I've progressed quite a bit, practicing more and running drills would help me a lot more to improve my game than a new or high end racquet. All the new racquets start at $150-200 and then in a couple years end up in the bargain bin while the latest buzzword racquet comes out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo For those who are interested: Yesterday Apple made the matte finish screen option available on the 15" Macbook Pro's. Great...2 weeks after I get mine... Next I'll hear they fixed the issues with the 7200 RPM hard drives that made me switch to a 5400RPM one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jbreen1 Sounds good. I have Iwork and never have used it. It's a pain in the ass and Microsoft Office is much better for most things. I'm actually liking it better than MS Office. I haven't used pages yet but I find numbers easier to use than excel and keynote is way better than powerpoint. So far no compatibility issues either opening an excel spreadsheet and converting. It's what I like, it just works. Going to...
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