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Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Congrats! Happy to hear you got it all sorted. Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 Congrats. It's nice to hear that things worked out in the end. b Thanks! Yeah was touch and go that last 48hrs. They didn't even give me the amount I owed the bank until 45 minutes to closing. Not sure if this is normal or not but I was freaking out a bit.
The best cheer up I had was my friends who all rallied around me and took me out, invited me to parties, etc to keep my spirits high. It worked.
Bought a house, now it's time to fill it with lots of stuff. Many more postings to come soon...
I've read great things about Latex mattresses and as I'm in the market for a queen size myself am going to try a number of them out. The only thing I've seen bad about them other than the increased cost is needing to use a slatted bottom bed frame for ventilation to prevent mold growth. http://sleeplikethedead.com/
I hate when people start off every sentence with "I mean..."
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I have a big presentation set up in Australia. I've been setting it up for months. there is a very good reason why I have to do it, and not somebody else. there are dozens of people from all over australia coming. I have been asked to do a presentation, on the exact same day, for a sales meeting of a large organization that covers all of south america - an area that I really need to improve my coverage and I...
After going to CVS, Walgreen's and another local drug store and finding out that the entire town was out of flu shots some kind soul told me to go to Target. Not only did they have it in stock but it was $15 cheaper than every other place I went to before.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube So RubeBabeIII and I went to visit with the local IRS office about their claim that she owes $20K in taxes for 2006. Guess what? It appears THEY forgot to enter a decimal point when keying her return. $691.00 became $69,100.00. Simple error. But guess what??? She has to write a letter requesting a "reconsideration of audit", attach all the appropriate tax forms, documents and schedules, mail it in and wait for...
Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 WOW man, Sorry to hear this. Didnt you post something about it on SF earlier? K Thanks. Nope, just happened on Sunday. I might have posted in the "I'm happy thread about getting engaged and about buying the house" lol. How ironic.
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 Visionology, I'm sorry to hear about this. I am sure this will turn out to be for the best. It's always better to call it off sooner than later. b Thanks, yeah it sucks. Hard to not think about all the great times we have had. Luckily it happened before rather than after the house closing or else it would be a big mess. Wish I had more time instead of just a week before closing but I think I have...
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