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I think the blue one looks downright awful. I am totally ignoring the badge when I say that. It has a late 80s / early 90s thing going on but doesn't pull it off as well as cars from that era.
Got my first oil delivery today and it was $550...
Finally some progress with the house so I can eventually move in. Floor refinishing ordered, windows ordered, paint is picked and starting to go up, and in a week the bathroom remodeling will begin. Whew... Can't wait to decorate.
I stayed over my uncle's house for a few days when in college and was in the living room. I had to piss so I walk to the bathroom and the door was open and someone was on the weird is that with a full house of people?? I can understand a family being comfortable with each other but that is where I cross the line.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson ^That knowledge does Conne no good. He's never been outside. Maybe if he hangs a poster of Colorado up it will scare the roaches away?
My sister said that when she lived in Colorado she rarely saw any bugs and that includes flies, gnats, and mosquitos. I think it may be the elevation. She also was living outdoors as a river rafting guide so she was definitely outside enough to notice.
There are probably roach parts in every meal you get in NYC The roaches down south and when I visit my family in PR are the size of small birds and fly around. In my apartment in GA I used to kill the palmetto bugs with a metal yard stick, easily 10 or more a week and they got into everything, the silverware drawer, I'd see shadows at night running across the wall, and they've even ran on my hand when I was using the computer at night. Glad I got the hell out of...
Went to a local paint store and found out there is a product that paints right over 1950's quadruple lacquered wood trim with no sanding or deglosser. Just saved me probably a month of my life.
From hearing everyone at work talk about how miserable marriage is, it makes me wonder. Every single one of them seems to say that things get stale quickly, then children come, and you just go through the motions. I can see how this is when you are with someone for so long, constantly trying to keep everything fresh and also trying to balance time for themselves when kids come.
or any citrus drink or any soda right? That blows.
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