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Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman I use one of these DeWalts: Used nails. After 12 yrs, they really haven't pulled up, presumably because the Trex kindof heals over them, which is cool. Also, nail guns are so much faster than screws. The Trex does seem to warp a bit over the joists, though. ~ H I'm always a bit wary of nails because in my father's deck over time they seem to pop, even if slightly. Like you said though Trex may be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Square drive deck screws through 3/4 TREX. Fuck those things. Stupid square drive. Hmmm, I'll let you know how this drill handles that in the Spring. Going to do Trex when I build my deck. Perhaps I'll put the lifetime warranty up to the test?
Bought a couch today! Now on the hunt for a super clean minimalistic desk.
I just purchased an 18V Ridgid drill / driver and it has more options and seemingly very close to the torque as most corded drills I've used. The batteries also are lithium ion, charge in less than 15 minutes, and everything has a lifetime warranty including the batteries. I'd rarely see a time where you'd need that much torque over the portability of a cordless.
Just got in the mail the thermostatic valves, diverters, and heads for my soon to be built shower. Can't wait to get it all complete.
2009 was a mixed bag for me. Lost a ton of money, got a new job, broke up with the fiance, bought a house. I'm hoping 2010 is more enjoyable and less of a rollercoaster.
Tickets to Florida to get the hell away from the winter purchased. Today almost completed demo of bathroom #2. 1950's have been removed permanently.
I take my work boots off when going into my house to demo my bathroom because it's not gentlemanly to wear my work boots in the house... Much easier to demo in my socks. I take them off in other people's houses when that is their rule. If it isn't their rule then I don't. I find it more common of course in the winter here that people take them off so as not to track snow and mud into the house.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nantucket Red Hope that goes well for you. Thank god for tall blondes. I really love mine. Quote: Originally Posted by Aguy22 Tall blonds need love too! Thanks. Yeah my "type" is the 5' 1" dark haired Hispanic / Italian girl, not by choice but it always seemed to work out that way. Now I intentionally went the opposite route to make sure I'm not missing something by ignoring...
Went on a date yesterday with a girl totally out of my comfort zone, a tall blonde, She was a lot of fun and quite beautiful. Not sure if I am too short for her (I'm 5' 11") but had a great conversation the whole night so hopefully we go for a round 2.
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