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Last time I checked an Audi a5 was around $475 a month lease...
Sorry not even close, other than they are both grey, have 4 wheels and 2 doors. The RS5 (and dare I say every Audi counterpart to a BMW) is easily better looking than every BMW on the market, even if they tend to be overpriced.
have an awful chest cold and missed out on a date tonight with a beautiful girl. instead I am home coughing, half asleep, watching the olympics and posting on here...
The R8 is a car I never liked in photos and when I saw one in real life I was lusting for it!
Two smoking hot dates the last two nights and both were awesome girls. Yesterday on a whim just left to Providence with one of them, spent the whole night there and came home in the early morn.
My house is ~1650sq ft and is PLENTY big for me. Also have a 1200sq. ft unfinished basement if the need arises. I haven't even moved in yet officially and it's been over 3 months. Been tearing things apart to increase the efficiency and the functionality of the space. The best part is I own nothing at all so I've been busy with the blank slate and it's been fun. Wish I had more money of course but I don't know many people who don't say that.
Where I am everyone is friendly but at the end of the day lets be honest, everyone just wants to get the hell out from a long day and go home. There is one girl however who I'd like to be "friends" with.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS You were in Palm Beach? Yeah, went down from Wed night to Sunday. Two friends and I from different parts of the globe all met up there. Was a great time, especially just getting away from the Northeast for a few days. Also spent Friday in Miami but we left because it was getting a bit thuggish at night. I never get over how much money is down there.
It was funny watching the valets drool over the Panamera which was drove in by an elderly woman at the Breakers this weekend. I didn't like it, seemed forced and chunky. It got more attention than the Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Maserati's and the rest of the high end cars.
Although since he said he will definitely be selling it when he has kids, then looks will be very important for resale value. That's not to say you couldn't make it look nice. I think the windows have too much contrast against the color and stick out excessively, the wood porch is just not working, the tudoresque front entrance is actually limiting light to the front door, and it needs some landscaping. Most tudors I've seen have a natural brick color on the chimney...
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