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So I'm looking to start my first small garden this Spring/Summer in the rear of my new house. Going to do peppers, hot peppers, mint, tomatoes, cucumber, basil, and some green beans. I've seen some rabbits in my back yard already and I don't even have anything planted yet. I'm pretty excited, have only grown things in pots before.
What is it with all the odd teardrop ass cars coming out? I hate trends. So far we have Acura, BMW, Honda, and Bugatti on the train and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few.
Upgraded my 19" tv with a 50" Samsung Plasma. Getting it hooked up this week after the wires are run through the walls, can't wait!
Saw old friends, almost finished painting my living room, vanity was built and delivered, and both bathrooms are finished with tile and are grouted.
Quote: Originally Posted by j Permit? I don't know of any state where you need a permit just to shoot someone else's guns. Definitely go shooting with her though. I can't remember if you have frequented this thread much, but if you are new to shooting, I would suggest at least reading a bit about firearms safety and handling before going. BTW, the correct answer is that you should feel safer, assuming you can confidently judge her not to be an...
Quote: Originally Posted by Southern-Nupe That's kind of sexy(maybe a little scary if you piss her off). I wish I could get my wife to consider applying and carrying a concealed firearm. Quote: Originally Posted by cahlersmeyer actually its a really good thing IMO I thought it was a bit strange at first but I guess I'm warming up to it. I think I may have to get a permit then to go shooting with her. She's...
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 I was in the almost sams situation. He friend(who works at the bar) told us that she would hook us up all night. I left a good tip at the end! I always tip...unless I get shit service! It is great getting that unparalleled service where the bartender is asking you if you want drinks and is bringing the good stuff from out the back instead of the typical waiting in line and trying to make eye contact to score...
Is it a weird or good thing that you find out a new girl you are dating has a .38, P22, and a license to carry a concealed weapon...?
I went to a bar with a friend who knew the girl behind the bar. She hooked us up with free drinks the entire night and got a tip at the end of the night that probably would have equaled what we would have payed for the drinks anyways. We just felt it was right.
Another date with the amazing, beautiful girl and it looks like things are promising. Just what I needed after the breakup with the fiance. Had a full day in perfect 70 degree weather. Local farmers market sandwich shop, a hike to the top of a small mountain along a lake, a trip to watch sunset at the winery, and then topping it off with a couple bars with friends. Best day in a LONG time.
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