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Quote: Originally Posted by viking_mike are you fucking kidding me?????? does anybody know how to read/search any one of the gagillion threads on nudies and raw jeans Yes, I can read. I can also write and calculate ! Stick to cartoons.
I recently purchased a pair of nudie jeans. They are quite tight and I bought them in a smaller since I figured they would stretch a little ( like the pairs of PD&CS that I have). I know there are millions of threads about this topic. Sorry in advance
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Yeah, I guess this a pretty lousy top 6 1981 - Men 1 John McEnroe- 7 Grand Salm Titles 2 Ivan Lendl- 8 Grand Salm Titles 3 Jimmy Connors- 8 Grand Slam Titles 4 Bjorn Borg- 11 Grand Slam Titles 5 Jose-Luis Clerc 6 Guillermo Vilas- 4 Grand Slam Titles HaHah...You just proved violinist's point. The fact that back then there was no depth. No depth as in the fact that top 500 players could not...
From what I have heard, most people who oppose cosmetic surgery are celebs like cameron diaz, pink and so on... To me its seems ridiculous...The "celebs" that I mentioned above are so incredibly stupid. I mean the only reason why they are famous in the first place is SOLELY due to their looks. They have absolutely zero talent. They were born with good looks so who are they to criticize cosmetic surgery. If there was an operation that could make people taller, should...
I meant in general. Are you against or for plastic surgery?
Are you guys for or against ?
Have any of you tried murad skin products?
Guys.... Don't get me wrong. I am definately not some type trench coat mafia member who locks himself in his room all night contemplating slicing his wrists. I have many friends and pretty much every weekend is gongshow... I simply feel that most students at my university (which is considered by many to be a top international institution) are lame, boring....
What do you guys prefer? I prefer low rise because I think that high jeans lack comfort and do not look as good. I can certainly undertand that high waists are an essential element to dress pants. However, I don t like high rise jeans.
In september, I will begin my 4th and last year of university (2007). Since I was a child, I was always told that university consists of the greatest years of one's lifetime, where lifelong friendships are forged throughout various cultural backgrounds. One' s social life ( party) is supposed to reach its peak and will always be remembered as the "good old college days" Also, I was told that it was at university where most people meet their "love" and as the story goes...
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