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Try to avoid wearing a t-shirt under anything. Whether it is a polo, dress shirt... If you sweat a lot, then simply wear a v-neck t-shirt or wifebeater. I honestly think that "undershirts" look absolutely atrocious, especially the classic white t-shirt under a blue dress shirt (office space wear)
Like I said previously, I find the length perfect. I have a "long" body and american apparel fits just right. Usually the length is a big issue.
I actually bought them in size small. The fit is pretty tight but it looks good. I had previously bought an american apparel sweaer in size large which was too big and did not skrink after multiple washes. After reading your posts, i am now considering exchanging some of my stuff for size medium because I do not want my t-shirts, sweaters..to be too small. What do you guys suggest? Again i am 6'2 about 160 and size small fits perfectly before wash.
I just purchased a bunch of american apparel. I bought henleys, v-necks, t-shirts, sweatshirts... I am very happy with the fit. I am about 6'2 1/2 and weight about 160 and the american apparel fit is amazing. I used to have problems with length. I would often try slim fitting clothing but the length would be too short. American Apparel shirts are very slim and also, have a good length. I highly recommend american apparel to all tall and slim guys.
Hey, I just recently bought a pair of nudies (slim jim dry). The waist is 31, which is a bit big. My true waist size is 30. Do you guys have any tips on how to make a pair of nudies slightly smaller in terms of waist? Do slim jim's tend to stretch much? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Eat meat
I thought these two brands were similar in quality and price. Are there any differences between the two? At the end of the day, I would never buy from these two brands. I consider them to be knockoff brands.
I am looking to buy a peacoat as a winter jacket. I am looking for a tight fit and price range below 1000 dollars. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by jonglover It seems that you enjoy making comparions to animals. Should I compare your wife/girlfriend to a cow? Please post a picture of your wife/girlfriend. This always makes me laugh, it is socially acceptable to make fun of skinny people but to make fun of fat people is viewed as "Hitler-like". Especially with women, as they are constantly criticized in the media for either being too skiny or fat. (ie...
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