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Hey I am planning on buying an argile v-neck sweater. The only size left is medium...Can anyone tell me about fred perry sizing. I am looking for something pretty slim fitting.
I ll take the Paperdenim&cloth, straight/slim size 30 $55 BIN
wow..roma you have no idea what you are talking about... Think before you speak next time got shut down Plus you like soccer...gayest sport in the world (where all the italian players dive) Honestly, before you talk about the nfl..first look at soccer you douchebag italian meatball
Being into Lil wayne is wearing Von Dutch hats was a couple of years back. His flow is garbage and lyrics are terrible. If you think he sounds good, you obviously no nothing about those losers douchebags from GQ who wrote an article about him entitled Greatest Rapper Alive. So yea everyone who thinks Lil wayne is hot knows as much about hip hop than those GQ douchebags and peasants that follow trends Lil wayne is a clear example that...
Hey I am looking to buy Clarks desert boots in Toronto? Any suggestions
Hey I was wondering if you guys knew where i could find other colours other than black, brown and sand. I am almost positive that I saw other colours once in magazine, such as light blue. I might be wrong but if anyone knows..please tell me
Hey I used to have nudie flares with bootcut jeans (30 by 34). They were quite tight at first but in the end the fit was great. After a year and half of wear, they began to rip in the crotch area. I was thinking of replacing them with acne jeans What do you guys think? I am looking for a blue jeans with striaght leg that are slim. I have a pair of nudie slim jim that i really llike. By the way is 32...
check out queue de cheval..they have a nice cigar lounge also go on peel street ..however said to avoid doesn t know what he is talking should try globe its a supperclub with an older crowd
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek I hate that stuff :P NiN is the only music of its kind that I listen to, which reminds me, I have to pickup the new album. OTher than that, it's all classical and opera ^_^ Then again, I'd imagine that a bunch of canons going off too early in the morning could be just as annoying heh. Dude are you 50 years old? waking up at 8am on weekends only listening to classical music and opera owns no pair of jeans
Are chuck taylors similar to nike in regards to size?
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