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Yea it is not allowing to quote.... to the guy who wrote that he saw them at the airport and that he ¨would not look at them twice¨ is probably the most ridiculous thing I ever read. Now i understand why a lot of artists and actors never go on the internet unless they need to get information or e-mail because the amount of total bullshit is insane. Some douchebag loser claims that he wouldn t look twice at victoria secrets models. It`s like dude these girls are...
Hey, I was wondering if you guys knew how to make custom t-shirts? I am looking to make some music t-shirts. How do you take the logo and place it on the t-shirt? ( I know its illegal but it would only be for personal use)? Any help would be appreciated
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek I don't use facebook, but if I did, I'd never expose my real friends to my SF personality. Wow so you go on internet forums to live out this fantasy and create a ¨personality¨that you would be embarassed to show your so called ¨real friends¨. That s exactly what I hate about internet forums. Losers go on them and completely lie about everything and attempt to create some sort of fictional character.
Hey guys, I ve come across this seller and he has interesting stuff but it all seems like fake knockoffs. What do you guys think? I am assuming the quality is pretty bad right?
Does it cost a lot for shipping when buying from japanese? I checked out lithium homme and they have some nice stuff
I saw that Halifamous had a very nice slim fitting blazer in the way are you wearing section. I know that there are japanese brands that have a good slim fit. Do you guys have any suggestions? thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Skiffing I wasn't aware there were "many people making fun of him." Sure he got a little ribbing but nothing compared to that Flawless face guy or that guy whose Cole Hann coat's lining needed repair. Dude ...relax and get a life...You ve posted over 15 times in a day.
Quote: Originally Posted by greg_atlanta You're tall/skinny enough to be a human clothes hangar, but your look is very dime-a-dozen. There are plenty more just like you. The only edge you can get in the modeling world is to be some weird blend of ethnicities (too late). I think it's worthwhile for you to pursue local modeling opportunities (in SF area?) but don't waste a lot of time and/or money traveling (unless it's paid for in advance and...
Any Solutions? I started using nioxin made my scalp pretty dry.
Quote: Originally Posted by Violinist You'd "let" her. I'm sure she'd just be blown away by your generosity and absolute selfless charity. HAHAHAHAH..I love it when douchebags over the internet say they ¨would let¨ certain celebs suck them off. When it is quite clear that they will never even touch a girl remotely good looking in their life.... well in his case I guess there are escorts...
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