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Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart i'm glad you brought this were the one to send me a PM out of nowhere full of insults and obscenities over some innocuous comment made in a tennis thread because your pussy got hurt over comments about Federer maybe not being the best ever player. Or do you not remember that? And yea, frankly I dont appreciate some twerp who I've never talked to bothering me in PM with that nonsense. I responded in kind. ...
thanks but I was wondering if you guys had specific place that you went to
Hey I was wondering if you guys could suggest some cool streetwear stores in nyc that sell nudie,acne,apc and so on... Also, what are the best shoe stores? I live in chelsea near union square
Hey I live in chelsea and I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good men s spa. I went to Nickels and thought it was pretty bad.
SOCAL reminds me of Robin Williams`character in the movie JACK...attempts to look 19-20 while looking 40
I am looking to share a place with either one or two roomates....I am looking to get roomates and pay around 1100-1200
Hey I am going to school in NYC in january and I am having difficulty finding housing. I am looking to get a room in the east village area and i am willing to pay 1100-1200. If there any New York members that could tell me where to look (other than craigslist), it would be greatly appreciated
Dude I don t wanna be a prick but I don`t think bald is a good look for you. Try growing yor hair out.
OH GQ..Thank God your sister is ok
I do think that violinist has a point. I know many israelis that would not step into a BMW. Considering your G.I. JOE background, I am quite surprised.
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