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Hey, I know there have been tons of threads about low price jeans (ex:1969 gap) I am into fashion and unfortunately do not have the funds right now to purchase another nice pair of denim, such as the last pair of PDCS that I bought. Where can I buy (over the internet) a dope pair of jeans at a reasonable price 150-160$(pdc, nudies, evisu,apc...)???
At 17, I was 5'7-5'8. In the spand of a year, I became 6'3. So everything is possible. People always told me that I would stay 5'7..I always get the last laugh By the way, my mom is 5'2 and my dad 6'3
Quote: Originally Posted by StevenRocks It's the irony of the clothing industry. Tall, thin people model clothes sold to short, fat people. I have no jeans suggestions. I just thought I'd throw that out there. I couldn't agree more with you.... As a tall slim person, it is very frustrating at times to find the right fit and cut. By the way male models are generally between 6'1 and 6'3
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G Yeah yeah, I know... terrible thread. That said, any recommendations? Or is how a pair of jeans looks on their ass not something guys should be concerned about? Don't worry about it...the only time someone ever told me I had no "ass" was some obese ugly girl that I had humiliated at the workplace (her name was Thanusa and the funny thing is that she had an arranged marriage, I wish I could have seen the...
I think that a person's metabolism is a very important factor. For instance, I have a very quick metabolism and I am under 10% body fat...Therefore, in my case, the food I eat does not play a determining role in achieving a 6 pack. Constant abdominal exercise is the key to obtaining a six least for me. I started doing an ab workout on a daily basis with the use of a swiss ball three weeks ago and I have achieved great results..its just a matter of a month or...
Thanks for the suggestions How do you feel about the statement that grease/ bad food (pizza, chips, cola) can lead to acne??
Thanks J but the problem that i encounter when using proactiv is that the surface of my skin (small area of acne) becomes quite dry, where the benzoyl is applied. Has anyone tried anything else other than proactiv and achieved great results?
I have been using proactiv since september and I am quite satisfied with the results, since my acne problem was small. Here's my problem, I only have a tiny spot of acne on one side of face and I cannot seem to get rid of it. I am now taking tretracyclin in hopes of clearly that spot up. I don t know what to do. I am somewhat neurotic about having perfectly clear skin. At one point, I was thinking about getting a skin peel. (but that would going way overboard...
Do you guys ever wear ties with streetwear or casual clothing?? If you so, how do you pull it off??
Hey I am 6'2 and half and 160 pounds. I have an athletic build but I am very slim. I have had difficulty finding clothing that have the right fit for my body in north america. I was wondering if you guys could please suggest brands that would fit my body frame. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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