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I am looking for a slim fitting cardigan with a simple color. Any suggestions would be great
I am looking to buy a cardigan. Do you guys have any suggestions??? I saw a nice one at Club Monaco..but I refuse to buy clothing there.
I heard Preparation H is useful to reduce swelling around the eyes. Has anyone tried this before??
It's funny... all this talk of martial arts. 99.9% of people who do martial arts never have any real fight experience outside of benign school yard scuffles. The best fighters I know are Irish dudes who get drunk every weekend and fight at 4am with someone lips off to them. Those fights usually last about 7 seconds, ending with the Irish dude bloodying the guy's face in one or two punches. At the end of the day, a lot of training won't do anything if you don't have the...
Can a polo shirt be altered by a tailor or something like that?
I have been having a very hard time sleeping. Have any of you suffered from insomnia and how did overcome it?? thanks
Hey Guys, I have just experienced a very small break out of acne on one side of my face. I want to get rid of it before the weekend. Any tips or quick fix solutions?? I heard toothpaste, but not sure about that one?? Thanks
I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for streetwear (t-shirt, longsleeve t-shirts, hoodies) that would fit a tall and slim person??? American apparel, Boss, Gap casual wear do not fit a tall and slim frame...
Does anyone know this brand or designer?
Quote: Originally Posted by seen drake: I'm about the same height and I usually need to get my denim hemmed a bit. I have shorter legs. I guess your inseam is 32", huh? vincent: Impressive growth. I hope I get an inch or two more. My father grew at 21 though, so I might as well then. Did you do anything special when you grew? Increase in exercise...etc? No at all... growing that fast was painful. At the time, i was a serious tennis...
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