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Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I was in the same situation, about 20 years ago. I disliked the guy, and literally (and very seriously) threatened to kill him. the end result: they are married I married somebody who is a much better fit for me I had really great sex with a hot 19 year old blond with great size 38 tits, green eyes and curly hair for 6 months, before we broke up and she married this guy. I see this as a win win...
thanks guys
Hey I am looking for a cool streetwear shoe store in NYC, which has many different styles. Any suggestions?
I remember watching this terrible show called millionaire matchmaker ( basically they set up a millionaire and a really hot girl). I was shocked that no women were interested in this multi millionaire just because he was 5'8. All of the girls were like I simply don't date short no matter how much money he has.. SO yea..height is a huge deal for women. Fortunately, I am 6'2 ...I just never thought women cared that much but I guess they do. Short people just...
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 Yeah, they're way worse than those straight frat boys who can't shut-up about the chick they got drunk and banged at their last party. Or that fourteen year old boy who can't stop talking about "pussy". Or every other straight guy who talks about sex at inappropriate times and inappropriately loudly. What about those lesbians always going on about their sex lives and talking all the details. Right on the bus! ...
This may sound incredibly ignorant... I lived in Mtl,Toronto and NYC and I am totally cool with it but some gay people have issues...Some of them need to calm the fuck down. Always being sexual and talking about sex 24/7 to the point of fucking in bars. Thats fucking disgusting. And those same people expect others to accept them in society
I totally agree with halifamous. I rather have "chicken legs" and be 6'2 than some chubby 5'2 dude.
Hey Ever since I moved to NYC...My hair has been pretty bad. Feels so much thinner. I heard that hard water can cause this. Do you know any way or special shampoo to use when dealing with hard water Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC hmm Dude I meant v neck sweaters...AA cardigans and sweaters are very cheap looking and don t fit me well. So Jack Charles Powell....sorry I forgot to put sweater next to v neck,
Hey Size small in american apparel fits me perfectly... and I was wondering if you could suggest other brands with somewhat more formal clothing like v necks and dress shirts
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