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"I've been trying for 6 months and..." LOL!
You're absolutely right. I'm sorry for being unclear and posting a random scene. It's a hidden camera mockumentary that reminds me somewhat of a Sacha Baron Cohen type project. Here's the actual trailer. Ridiculously FUNNY!!
Hey I looking for a leather jacket or a peacoat that is slim fitting. I live in NYC and I am looking to spend around 600 dollars. Thanks
honestly tiecollector you need to relax man.. just shave it off and get over it already
Thanks a lot guys.... Yea I bought stan smith slim adidas sneakers and I am looking to keep them looking white, which isn t easy when living in NYC
Hey, What a product do you suggest to keep white sneakers clean and maintain the bright white? Thanks
my guess would be short fat loser ratboycom= douchebag
Hey, Where can I buy a polaroid camera in NYC ? Thanks
Dude...12 posts a day average come on...Clearly you should be focusing on much more important issues than comparing me to some other member. Just remember there s a whole world out there
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