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Have you noticed that the Draycott is only available in a G width? In my experience the shoe is quite wide and I never understood why they don't offer it in E.
Nah, I'll leave that to you. I'm just watching you head towards the waterfall.
Well, it's, at least to a certain degree, a handmade product made from natural materials, so there will always be incosistencies, wheter you can see them or not. Unlike EG or JL they don't increase their prices every 6 months and despite working in low income Romania their workers want to be paid and compared to the English makers they don't have the same upcharge in the US. They are a small company doing their best in producing nicely styled shoes and probably can't...
Oh, you Americans! What do you expect? Over the past 2 or 3 years they've probably sold more shoes than ever before so it will be very hard to maintain the quality. There are only so many tanneries and Saint Crispins haven't increased their prices significantly so they will user bigger parts of the hides to keep the production in line with demand.
Seems like things aren't going too well for the English makers. A couple of years ago Leather Soul told G&G to fuck off and more recently Geroge Cleverley. Now G&G were dropped by The Armoury aswell. Looking at these policies I can't really say that I'm surprised, this all smells like rip-off.
Kathryn Sargent, formerly of Gieves and Hawkes, has the reputation of being an excellent choice for women. If my memory serves me correctly she is also quite expensive. In his book Richard Anderson mentions that cutting for women can prove to be quite a challenge, especially with regard to the obvious.
Really? Nowadays most of these threads consist of spam by vendors and people affiliated with them. Why should they be interested in honest exchange? They want to sell and pay to have their stuff advertised on the forum. When I check the forum and see 20 posts by Gianni Cerutti gratulating people on their puchases I can't help but laugh. This place has become a shadow of it's former shit self. The only bright spark recently was the thread by mafoofan about his Cleverley shoes.
Does anyone know if these are a UK 9 oder 8.5? Many thanks!
Very nice and elegant, yet sportive outfit. Would you mind to share your shoemaker?
Hello fellow users, I'll be heading to Apuglia for this year's Whitsun holiday and wonder if anybody has any recommendations for shopping there. I know there are a few bespoke tailors, eypecially in the area around Bari, but I'm mostly looking for normal stores, both shoes and clothing. I've checked the search function but nothing came up. Other tips are also welcome. Thanky you and best wishes!
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