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Is camel too light a color for a wool Ivy cap to be worn in cool/cold weather? Accompaniment would be gray herringbone or dark gray solid overcoat, or Barbour jacket on weekends.
I use the Rubbermaid ones sold on Amazon. They are all canvas and have a small vinyl window. My suit jackets are longer than average and fit fine in the suit bags. At $6 or so they're a great deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by cuffthis I don't really worry about matching my cufflinks with anything, other than to compliment my tie and pocket square. Most of the cufflinks I wear are antique enamel double-sided and snap type. As a result, you really don't see the underside metal of gold, silver or base metal. I usualy try and pick up a color in the enamel to my tie and/or pocket square. As much as I LOVE cufflinks, I firmly believe they are not...
I grabbed a pair of the wingtips in brown at the sale price of ~ $405. First wearing today. These are awesome shoes. Couldn't be more pleased.
Two scores this week. 1. A. Testoni wingtips from Yoox for $265. Not sure of list price but it's gotta be at least twice that. 2. Barbour Border jacket from Aaron's of Eastham for $245 (reg. $389). Having now bragged to an appreciative audience, I feel that the transactions are complete!
The wool plaid trousers that I bought from Peterman 8 or so years ago are still going strong; well-made and very nice in appearance (they're a black Glen plaid of sorts over a cream ground). Admittedly they're not current product, but I'd certainly be willing to try something new based on this experience.
Quote: Originally Posted by billiebob Yeah, that's definitely a great price. Brooks MTM is $1450 during an MTM event several times a year. The results (a friend just got one) were impressive. Yes, I took delivery on my first one (using a 15% corporate discount) about a month ago and then ordered another at 25% off. Regular price is $2395.
Wow...that's a whole lot less than Brooks Brothers charges. Sounds like it's worth a trip to Brooklyn.
Anyone have an opinion on the Rivington? To me, nice-looking monk straps. Thinking of buying at <$300 including tax and shipping.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thurston I like them but would never buy them. They're a bit too gimmicky for me to wear. I bought a pair because girlfriend preferred them over the plain suede ankle boots with straps. They just arrived, and I like them very much. The contrast between the smooth leather and the suede is more subtle than in the photos on the BB site. Fit is just right; the look is on the long and narrow side, which I find...
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