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Make up?
No, kind of strange.I'm getting my first coat made as we speak; I'll ask next time I'm there
I'm in for this
Anyone that got the Zug in 9 or 9.5 that wants to drop out?
Anyone interested in my U.K. 9 Zug Balways that are BNIB? May list them but wanted to check here first
Fruit of the loom; 15 dollas
Chelsea dark oak 82
Are these BNIB?
Dovers in walnut country calf on the 606
I did the same thing on a "Natural" edge EB pair of loafers; took it to my local cobbler on UES and had the edge darkened, which I will most likely do with these. I thought the welt was supposed to be trimmed close; this doesn't look like what I signed up for... I will remain optimistic and reserve judgment upon delivery! Mike
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