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You should go with Geneva if u are up for prices and CEGO if u don't want to pay us much. Also, Manolo costa does very nice mtm if your into his style
What is the Mr Porter European Site?
All- I have been a member of Styleforum for nearly 8 years I think and have never really seen any definitive threads on quality knitwear (or at least quality per price level), what works/what doesn't, advice, value, etc. So,I was curious if folks were interested in a thread to advice on price/quality ratio, photos, producers, what works/what doesn't, etc. I am looking to replenish some knitwear for this upcoming fall and winter and thought this would help inspire...
@luxire Can you repost all of the jacket, pant, and shirt button photos with labels so when we order we can refer to specific items instead of light brownish horn buttons, etc. Thanks
Of the Merino Sweaters, which are the best V-Necks to wear with a collared shirt underneath. I really don't like the deep V neck look, want it to look nice and crisp and fit well with the collar. Thanks! Mike
Hey all I saw this sweater at Eredi Pisano which I really loved but don't know what this style is called? $650 seems expensive for this and was curious if folks recommended somewhere else? It was super soft but maybe I could have Luxire make one up for me Thanks Mike
Pm Sent
Hello all- I am looking for a pair of size 43 Common Projects Tournament Canvas lows in white or off-white. Can't find them anywhere online or offline and didn't know if folks had any ideas. Please send me a PM if you do? Thanks, Mike
Hello- Looking to sell two pairs of G&G Oxfords. Both on the GG06 last, both size UK 9.5E, both in excellent condition (I have post more pictures upon request). The Brown Mole Suede pair was purchased from Leffot MTO and have been worn 10 - 15 times. The Vintage Rioja was purchased from Bespoke UK and have only been worn 3 - 4 times. I have original receipts on email. Each pair comes with their original, lasted Shoe Trees from G&G. Looking for $425 per pair or $775...
I wear a 10 in the INdy Boot
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