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Yep, was referring to the EB.ThanksMike
Love the split toe; trying to hol doff but don't know if i can.... Main differences between the EG Dover and it are the stitching on the top of the shoe (not sure what you call it)? The toe stitch appears to be the same, correct?
I would probably be in for option 2; wasn't there discussion of this shoe in suede as well?I would definitely be in for a suede version.
Quality has taken a huge nose dive over past two years in my opinion since they've experienced accelerated growth
Sweet loafers! What last and model??
Got them Audleys in polo brown rev calf suede. Look nice. I have them in dark brown already and they are terrific. Not sure I can beat $275 for those
No because inca doesn't exist for Bonafe. It's a carmina last
Can I pay C&J via PayPal?
Hey all When do fall winter stock stuff start coming in for Inglese, Formosa, Grp, eidos, etc? Thanks guys
Is this C and J? If so, what model and last? http://www.shopstyle.com/g/men/ralph-lauren/rossendale-calfskin-wingtip/483757815
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