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Hey all When do fall winter stock stuff start coming in for Inglese, Formosa, Grp, eidos, etc? Thanks guys
Is this C and J? If so, what model and last? http://www.shopstyle.com/g/men/ralph-lauren/rossendale-calfskin-wingtip/483757815
Hey NMWA- Which, if any, of the Eidos S/S 17 Field Jackets will be stocked as regular stock? Thanks
How much our premium MOP buttons per shirt?
How does one see swatches for all of the non-listed fabrics? I know there are a ton of Thomas mason options but I have no idea how to view them? Thanks
Yes- The standard brown cordovan. Bolet looks interesting as well. I think Etrusco is ligher and redder than my Marlows but want to go home and look at them this weekend. Would you be down with Bolet?
I have never seen Etrusco in person; do you think its very close to the Marlow? I think it may be. Can we just noodle on it this weekend. I would be down for something closer to a Whiskey or closer to an Ebano, also? Or maybe even a Black? Any thoughts?
I this looks good as is; I've got the brown marlow already which is too similar to the Meleze.Anyone for toe taps or no? I'm fine without
I think double leather would be great for this show but would be open to single. I like Etrusco and Meleze but no burgundy for me. What about Ebano?
That looks like a good start; what would full make up, sole, leather, etx be?
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