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That was me. Got a 42 and 43, and 42 killed it.I hope someone returns some 42s in other colors or I will have to wait for next order.Greg - any chance to get any more long or short slee GI polos?ThanksMike
Does SoleGarb sell RTW or MTO only?
Their website only has MTOs
Does anyone sell EB rtw besides Skotie?
Hello all- Selling my Carmina Uetam Dark Brown Vegano Loafers. I've worn them maybe 5 times; they are just too narrow for me and are in excellent condition I bought them directly from Carmina in their first GMTO of this kind. They have recently launched a second GMTO and it is below http://www.carminashoemaker.us/mto-groups-1224/full-strap-penny-loafers-80372?utm_campaign=website&utm_source=sendgrid.com&utm_medium=email Looking for $225 OBO and includes shipping in...
Still trying to find achilles or tournaments in white or slightly off white canvas - size 43. Literally can't find it anywhere. Any ideas? I even email CP directly (no response)
Any EBs in the pipeline coming soon?
Someone find me some off white or white canvas CPs
Any sizing suggestions for the Inglese Polos? I wear like a 16.5 33 in a sized shirt. Thanks
I would be in for something like this I think; though a darker leather would be preferable...
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