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I think Shoe Mart is having a 20 percent off sale
$240 is what I paid which was a good deal I would say; check it out at Opumo
Opumo great deal on CP's, 25% off free shipping in states
Do you know how heavy the item is? It is in between a sweater and a jacket, and I am curious if people treat it as such since I just bought it.I also don't know what a StyFoDude is but you have 1,929 posts in 3 years here which means you are on the site posting 2 - 3x per day so not sure what that says about you....Honestly, your post added nothing to my question and yet you felt compelled to make a snarky response instead of just moving on with your life.That probably...
Troll action; there must be some place in your life you can better spend your time?
Murlsquirl/AllHow do you wear this piece? Ever buttoned and do you later it? Or only wear it in the fall/spring with no outer layer?
Can items bought through FC sale be returned or exchanged? Its hard to tell from the email; it says "• All marked down products are FINAL SALE and cannot be returned for refund" but some items are marked down on their respective page and others aren't showing up as marked down on until goign to check out Thanks, Mike
I would be in for 0300, 0329, and 0307
Anyone tried the Alumo 120/2 White Poplin and have thoughts? See link below. http://custom.luxire.com/products/alumo-white-polin-2-120
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