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If anyone got the gmto EB chukka in UK 9 and doesn't want them, please let me know. Mike
Anyone have any live action shots of EB Ebano longwings in the flesh?
Anyone been to the sale? How is it in NYC?
anyone know any top secret sources that carry white or off white canvas Achilles or tournaments. I have a pair that's four years old and needs an update, but can't seem to find them literally anywhere?
AgreeGreg - any chance of doing these short sleeve next spring?
Is be interested as well
That was me. Got a 42 and 43, and 42 killed it.I hope someone returns some 42s in other colors or I will have to wait for next order.Greg - any chance to get any more long or short slee GI polos?ThanksMike
Does SoleGarb sell RTW or MTO only?
Their website only has MTOs
Does anyone sell EB rtw besides Skotie?
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