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Hello all- Selling a near new Scott & Charters Navy Cashmere V-neck - $90 including shipping. This has been worn only two times and doesn't fit me perfectly. Size is an XL Slim Fit with measurements below: Chest - 22.5 Shoulders - Saddle Sleeves - 34.25 measured from middle of back Length - 27.0 $90 including shipping Or Best Offer
@gdl203How does this size? I am a 43R (US) in jacket
My GMTO from Carmina for Uetam full strap brown loafer shipped two days ago
For sale, an excellent condition 100% Cashmere Phineas Cole (Paul Stuart) Navy Sportcoatl tagged 44L. Sportcoat is notch lapel, double vented with a ticket pocket and the sleeves are finished with working button holes. Measurements are below If any measurements need more detail or seem off, let me know Jacket Chest: 22.5 Waist: 20.75 Shoulder: 19 Back Length: 32 Sleeve Length: 25 Price: $250 or best offer which includes shipping within USA. Or Best Offer Thanks, Mike
Hello all- I bought this Navy BlueSuit about two years ago from Paul Stuart in NYC from their Phineas Cole line and worn it less than 10 times. The material is their silky powder 100& wool, which is very versatile and 3 season. I can provide additional photos as I am not the best photograpger. This is a Notch Lapel, solid Grey Super 110's two piece suit, double vented, with ticket picket and belt loops. Suit is 3/8 lined (e.g., sleeves and quarters) as you can see in...
Anyone have any shirts made up in the Grandi & Rubinelli End-on-End series such as this? http://custom.luxire.com/products/grandi_superchic_05850_09364_pale_blue_end_on_end Curious on feeling, weight, and durability, and how it compares to other End on End offerings at Luxire. Thanks, Mike
Great jacket from the Aspesi x Monocle collaboration from a few years back that is NWOT. $175 or best offer includes shipping. MSRP of $600+ The Olive Jacket pictured is to show fit with the green version but the coat I'm selling is the blue version (see other pictures). A great piece of outerwear with lots of technical details. Very limited run and now very rare. A true to size large. Bought new but never worn. Questions welcome. Listed price includes US...
Apparently they don't need your business. Send it to Oregon for the cost of a happy meal and gtfo of the the thread
No Manchild Walks Alone
Then when/if euro recovers us retailers margins get punished a ton?If their net margins are 20 percent and the euro rexovers back to where it was two years ago us retailers either have to raise prices or they only break even?
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