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Well, you are you, so do what you gotta do. 
I don't think is what you're looking for in terms of intrigue, but if I were you (which I'm not), I would get the opera pumps.
Oh, yes. 
 I just don't think they look nice. The small punch holes seem odd, too. They honestly look cheap to me.
Mine is showerproof, but I would not expect it to keep me dry in a downpour or for an extended time out in any kind of rain.
 Hmm. The exaggerated raised cap and heel counter doesn't look attractive to my eye. I'll be interested to see if you move forward with such a design.
 This is the second thread you've started with exactly the same spam for these watches.
Exemplary. That tie ties a beautiful knot.  I can 't tell if it's a gloomy day there or if the picture os just a little dark, but the stone entry way on the right is very impressive!
 This jacket does not look good, to me. The buttoning point seems high and perhaps that's why the quarters are so radically open.
 The best technique with an iPhone is to have someone else take the picture. Actually, that might be the best technique with any camera.
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