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As you say, this look is a uniform. The tie would immediately make it less so, with its colourfulness and resulting individuality.
You are asserting looks over practicality. In really bad weather you need a coat that covers the knees.All you have written on this thread makes excellent sense. How right you are to "have a thing for topcoats" - after all, in many parts of the world, for much of the year, the topcoat is the first item of clothing seen by others.
In neither of these cases would I wear a suit. For me, such occasions require sports jacket and tie. Any overdressing on facet's part comes from the suit, not from the tie.My rationale is that suit = formal, open-necked shirt = casual. So suit + open-necked shirt = mixed message, mixed metaphor, mixed modes - a mixture of formal and casual is anathema to me. Until the 1990s this was an occasional passing fad, and I hope it passes on quickly!The way to go "casualwards"...
See posting no.22 in this thread
No, it does NOT depend on the occasion; in my opinion a suit without a tie is ALWAYS wrong - not just casual, plain wrong! I accept that you are writing from a location with a hot climate; but then it would surely be too hot for a suit in any case.
In my view, all waistcoats (vests) specifically made to be worn without a jacket over them should be made in this way.A very obvious point frequently forgotten.
But who are the men whom one sees in "the square mile"? Granted, they could be those who work in the city, but they could be casual visitors.I do not like brown with blue, and certainly would never wear brown shoes with a navy suit; but you are right that suits without ties are infinitely worse. This CANNOT be too strongly stressed!And so do I - see my comment above. The prejudice against the tie needs to be vigorously combatted.
I strongly agree with Jan. Jeans are fine for the purposes for which they were invented, but, in my opinion, for no other purpose whatever. Balfour's postings also make good sense to me. As for "comfort" - I think the idea that they are comfortable is simply agreeing with an unwritten social rule - the fabric is stiff, too hot for summer and not warm enough for winter. The current fashion of sports jacket + open-necked shirt + jeans - I LOATHE it!
I very much agree - I can't see the point of short raincoats.
True - throughout my teaching career my daily wear was sports jacket and slacks (NOT a suit) but ALWAYS with a tie.
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