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The OP isn't after a Barbour.I simply don't understand the fascination - even obsession - with Barbour jackets. The waxed cloth is, if anything, less breathable than the proofed cotton (or cotton-mix) of standard raincoats (including those in trench-coat style). But beyond that, the short jacket-length of Barbours means that the trousers get wet unless one wears overtrousers. Why go to the bother of having to don two garments (jacket and trousers) when one (a coat to...
The single-breasted fly-front raglan-sleeve raincoat (which Holdfast has sometimes depicted in WAYWRN) is a classical style which has been around since the 1930s (it used to be referred to as the slip-on style) and is certainly not a late 1980s invention or fashion. I see it as a style for light rain, the true trench-coat being better for more "serious" rain.
When it allows you to wear such great clothes, why want it to end? Certainly on this island we all had more than enough of the earlier grey damp and wet, but now it's dry, relatively bright and the days are lengthening fast. Interesting classical dressing is greatly enabled by lower temperatures!
Pleasantly restrained, I think - not dowdy.
Not sure about this one!The sweater is great and the jacket's material is wonderful, but I think that a proper hat like the one you are wearing goes better with a full-length coat, while a short outerwear jacket might look better with a cap (aesthetic proportions).
The mediaeval Old Town and the classical New Town both have too many architectural "sights" to list; the new National Museum of Scotland, the National Gallery and Portrait Gallery (not very close to each other) and the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood are all well worth visiting in addition.
With respect to shopping, can't say, I'm afraid; but in my opinion it's the most beautiful city on this island - a real European capital. There's lots to see.
Beware confusion! isn't it simply that roll-neck = UK usage, turtle-neck = USA usage?
While I don't like the jeans (don't like and won't wear jeans - period!) NOBD shows how well the roll-neck loooks with a sports jacket. Well worth trying.
Indeed - and the single-breasted fly-front raincoat in many ways completes the look.
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