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UTTER NONSENSE! A jacket with an open-necked shirt is a far bigger "sin". But I am fully aware that this may be a USA/UK cultural difference.
I sincerely hope NOT!Fashion is often the enemy of practicality; but it occasionally makes a right turning.I'm sure many more men would - but how do we get that over to the manufacturers? There are some tall, slim men out there, after all! Earlier posters write as if they overcome this problem by buying vintage, but that will never be the answer that everyone favours.
These are the holidays in England and Wales. Scotland and northern Ireland have different ones; I believe that Scotland has 8 and northern Ireland 9.
Holdfast - your suit may be old, but from here it looks fine!
A pity!
I'm not keen on formal/informal mixes - they seem incongruous. In this case the most incongruous element is the jeans The shirt and jumper look a bit odd, but will be covered by the scarf and buttoned coat, while the jeans remain visible even when the overcoat is buttoned - get rid of them!
Sorry - duplicate post. Why can't I delete these mistakes?
This is true. A pullover can work with a tweed suit, but looks incongruous with a city/business suit.
duplicate post - I apologise!.
Just the point I was trying to make with respect to Barbour jackets. Unfortunately, I hadn't noticed your sentence I have quoted before I made the last comment.
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