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Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Yes, I agree. It has to be the right size/shape for one's head, worn at an appropriate angle, and worn with confidence. Otherwise, it can look awful. Isn't it easier with an overcoat or raincoat than with a suit alone? With an outer coat it is more obvious that the hat is worn for practical reasons and the look cannot so readily be called "costumey".
Quote: Originally Posted by culverwood It can get pretty hot in Africa and Australia but I would always prefer to wear a lightweight trouser than a short with probably a long sleeve shirt...if you are walking all day long, for day after day cover from the sun (and that includes a hat) is better in hot weather. I couldn't agree more. Isn't the problem the currently accepted (but surely false) idea that comfortable clothing = minimal clothing?
I'm afraid the easy answer is both - they do different jobs. Your budget may make you decide on one rather than the other, but in the long run both are desirable.
Quote: Originally Posted by bartil Here's another (or maybe the same?) Grenfell cloth trench coat: http://www.lostworldsinc.com/Grenfel...rench_Coat.htm Anyone who knows more about this coat, the quality, size, possibility to complement with an inner button-liner etc.? I was lucky enough to win one of these on eBay uk some years ago. I can honestly say that it is the most waterproof cotton coat I have ever owned - much better in this respect...
Quote: ...a pair of (racing) green corduroy trousers...this autumnal colour and warm fabric would look very nice with my 'Barbour' jackets. Go ahead. Though I would prefer an olive green to racing green, the trousers you intend to buy will go very well with a Barbour jacket. If you wear "city" greys and blues during the working week, the "earth tones" of greens and browns make a pleasant contrast at weekends. I heartily endorse Tomasso's comment!
Quote: It is high time we returned to wearing clothes as a means of keeping ourselves warm...The only reason it is possible for modern man to wear cotton trousers (eg jeans) and t-shirt in winter is because of intense central heating. Absolutely right! The current superstition that comfortable clothing = minimal clothing also needs to be discarded.
The problem is the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. During the recent cold spell in the UK there could be a difference of 20 Celsius degrees between indoors and outdoors. One needs to put something substantial on in order to bridge that gap. Overheated interiors are a menace to sensible dressing - while they prevail, a relatively light suit plus overcoat would seem best, but if interior temperatures can be lowered, a heavy suit, preferably three-piece,...
[quote=Phat Guido;1501844] Today - Friday, usual tropical humid weather, no meetings, so business casual (my interpretation)... What stuck in mud "missionary position" poster thinks you can't wear a suit with no tie... Boring.. I think you should try & have sex with the lights on.. The second and third sentences quoted, Sir, are simply nasty.
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent I haven't, but I regularly wear a sports jacket without tie with an button down oxford weave shirt. Perhaps I'll try it with a suit... Please don't try it with a suit and please stop doing it with a sports jacket! Suit, sports jacket and blazer all look dreadful with open-necked shirts - sloppy and unfinished. It's a matter of incongruity - mixed messages, mixed modes. Suit = formal. Open-necked shirt =...
Quote: Originally Posted by francoamerican I can appreciate someone under 50 who wears: french cuffs, silk pocketsquares, braces and or side-tabs, antique eyeframes, elegant and elongating shoes a proper overcoat, and a fine watch to enhance their appearance - BUT a hat is *too* much for me; it turns it all into a costume in this day-and-age I feel - too affected. FA A hat worn with an overcoat or raincoat, as protection from cold or wet, is...
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