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The Northern Lights are often green, and (I suspect) rarely if ever brown!
It's great to see a 3-button jacket!
MOL's ideas are spot-on. Get rid of the jeans and wear a tie.
I strongly agree with both these statements.
I'd fasten the bottom button of the overcoat (the convention of not fastening the bottom button comes from a frequent practice with waistcoats) and would buckle rather than tie the belt; but this is an excellent ensemble.
I hope that Holdfast considers the tie to be inappropriate only with cords, for I think that in the ensemble pictured it's great. Brown trousers with the other colours I find a little odd.
Aurora borealis - perhaps! Eternal night - not yet! I was once in Trondheim on the shortest day; even then, the sun rose at 0945 and set at 1430.
Great to see a three-button-jacket - and all fits perfectly.
Holdfast - is it a jacket-equivalent or an overcoat-equivalent:? It seems a hybrid style -but it works!
The first sentence of yours which I quote, and the fact that you used the "f-word" (which I refuse to quote) in the later sentences of your posting prompt me to dismiss your opinion with impatience.A jacket and no tie is sloppy and unfinished, not casual at all. The look was virtually unknown in the UK before the 1990s, and during my formative years with respect to style (the late 1950s - the "Ivy League" period in the USA) - was considered the height, or rather the...
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