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$265 shipped for the diors
They don't happen to be from Holt Renfrew are they? I seen some on sale couple weeks ago, but I can't remember what models they were.
More stuff sold. Merged threads. Taking offers on all listed items!
Take $10 from the listed price.
Acnes are sold. Everything else still available! Make offers.
Ann sneakers are now sold. Offer me on the rest!
Quote: Originally Posted by sciphiyem the V neck looks like it goes to the middle of the chest... do you have a picture of you wearing it? No I don't, sorry. The sweater is intended to wear a t-shirt or something underneath, at least with what I've seen. I wear a graphic t-shirt underneath with mine. Although the sweater is a size large, it'll also fit a medium or even a size small. Looks good oversized as well.
Someone should really buy the Diesel sweater. I have one myself, which I bough for $150 and it's worth every penny. Get a lot of compliments when I wear it!
Added some stuff........
Taking offerssssss
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