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I'm in desperate need of some $$$. I'm lowering the price down to 225$ ONLY FOR TONIGHT. PM ME!!!
Seriously not going any lower than $245...
Dior Day After Day 19cm - size 29 - $255 CDN shipped within NA One of the best washes ever made, imo. It's been worn a few times or so, and I've dry-cleaned it once (leather inside tag is kinda washed out from it). The wrinkles/creases are still intact. Will ship out with original tags. Reference code: 8H3111740906 - 504 Measurements: Waist: 16" Thigh: 10.5" Inseam: 37" Hem: 7"
Sorry if these have been posted before... http://www.mindtrive.com/mmm.php#
Raf Simons x Fred Perry wool trousers, sz 30" BNWOT 100% wool $80 USD shipped FIRM via paypal gift within NA Waist: 17" Inseam: 33.75" Hem: 7" Superfine Nailcross Jumper, sz S 9/10 condition; worn a few times / recently dry-cleaned, comes with the original tag 92% wool, 5% mohair, 3% polamid $80 USD shipped FIRM via paypal gift within NA Chest: 21.5" Length: 26.25"
Price drop down to $135 for a quick sale!
130 EUR = 170 USD I bought mine from LVR for almost $300 after shipping and customs. If you don't have anything nice to say, keep your shit elsewhere...
Paypal me $170 so you can get people asking you why there are a bunch of holes in your shirt !!!
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