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I'll try to post a photo of mine later, which are a month old. They've quickly become my favorite (even over my white Achilles), and they've held up great. I wear them three or four times a week.
I picked up a pair of gray gummys from 18 Montrose over the weekend. My experience with fit seems to run counter to others' on this thread. I've had three pairs of Achilles, one original white, one black mesh, and now these, size 45 in all. The original white were so tight in the width when I first got them that I couldn't see how I could possibly keep them, but they stretched out nicely and three years later are my go-to shoes. The black mesh were super comfortable right...
I'm interested in the trellis roll neck by inis meain. I'm 6'4", 195 lb, 42 chest, 19 shoulders, 26 arms. Anyone have thoughts about sizing? Or if it would work for me at all? I also like the Schneider lake crewneck. I own a cardigan by him in a 6. Safe to assume same size?
Hey all, I'm hoping you can help. I'm jonesing for a new pair of CPs. I've got the original white Achilles lows and burgundy derby shines. I've considered the black Achilles mids and lows, burgundy suede Achilles lows, navy retro Achilles, black cadet derby... I'm pretty all over the map and I'm only going to buy one pair. So I'd love to hear any thoughts or any suggestions. FWIW, I'm not interested in the chelseas (they don't fit me well) chukkas (yuck), or combats (I do...
No for me. I wear a 42 in all TS tops, including the moto. Everything fits me great except my trucker, and I struggle with the bottom two buttons. The very bottom one is a no-go, lest I wear it up near my navel.
Ended up going with a 6 in the black rollneck. Received it today and it's soo good. Contemplating picking up the ecru as well.
I also went with my usual TS size (42).
I wonder the same thing. Amazing fit when it's open, but when zipped up my shoulders feel constricted and like they're being squeezed forward. If I put my shoulders back and my chest out, it almost feels like I'm stretching it to the limit (even though I don't think I am). But like you said, when my arms are forward, say, on my bike, it feels fine.
I'm also looking at the GRP knits, and your measurements are similar to mine. I'm 6'4", 195 lb, 41-42" chest, 26" arms, and I was trying to decide between 5 and 6, Would you advise a 5 for me as well?
If I remember correctly, the Moto jacket is nearing its ship date. Is that right?
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