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Got it to work for me earlier, but had to step away before I finished transaction. Now it won't work for me anymore.
Do any of you have the white mesh lows? Do you like them as much as the originals? The latter are sold out in my size, but the mesh look interesting too.
That's helpful, thank you. I tried on the 45s in the gray suede, and they fit pretty well (slightly large, but the 44s were too snug). Do you know if the originals fit the same as the suede?
I'm looking to guy my first pair of CP's, and I've spent two weeks going back and forth on which ones to buy. Hoping you guys will have some thoughts on which you think are the most versatile, comfortable, and, well, best (I'm looking for opinions!). I'm looking at three right now: 1. The original Achilles low white 2. The Achilles mesh low white 3. The Achilles gum low gray If it matters, I plan to buy from Tres Bien.
Anybody get their Railroad shirt? Site says they were supposed to ship 3/26, but I haven't gotten word yet.
I agree with you about the collar. TS's button-down collar is fine (I like it much better on my oxford than I do my gingham shirt), but their point collars really stand out for me. I owned very few point-collar shirts before I discovered TS, and I've come to love them. At least from TS.I picked up one of these in red, and I'm stoked. But I was surprised by the price. Is this one of their more specialty shirts or has the price gone up?
Thanks. Did you find that the color changed after treating?
The snuff suede Dovers are on their way to me from Unionmade, and they should arrive today. Curious about where you suede Dover owners stand on treating vs. not treating. I've never treated a pair of suede shoes before (but I've never had Aldens), and I generally love the character they take on with time. And if any of you have pictures of yours, I'd love to see. Thanks!
Thanks. And funny, we seem to be the same size, or close to it. Tried on both in the NYC Alden shop yesterday, and 11.5C in the CXL and 11D in the suede both fit me nicely.
Curious, do you find one more comfortable than the other? Aside from going sockless in suede, that is. And this could be a question for anyone with the CXL version: Have you experienced much stretch? I have a pair of Oak Street CXL shoes that stretched a shit ton.
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