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I second this request! I'm on the fence.
Too short for me. Worn twice. Check out their site for more details (please note link is not for the same color): http://epauletnewyork.com/products/heirloom-handknit-shawl-cardigan-charcoal
I'm offloading my current shirts so I can buy more! (I no longer fit into a TS 40; also see my listing for Epaulet shirts in size large.) $60 each, $200 for all, plus $5 shipping. Up first is this blue gingham jack. Next is the triple-needle railroad Stripe utility shirt. It's missing a button (the bottom one on the placket), but TS gladly sends out replacements. Note: This is a size 42, but this shirt runs small. Definitely fits like a TS 40. Here's the famous...
Up for sale here are some of my favorite shirts, and it kills me to let them go (also see my thread for Taylor Stitch shirts in size 40). I've gained weight, and fitting into a large just isn't going to happen. $60 each, $200 for all four, $5 shipping. FIrst up is a short-sleeve chambray in lavender. Please note the stain that I haven't had luck removing. It's small, but worth noting. Second is this great flannel. It's so soft, so warm. SOLD This speckled chambray...
For any of you who missed out on the hand-woven Guatemalan in XL, I made the tough decision to sell mine. Never worn, tag still on. Will sell at the price I paid (cost of shirt plus NY taxNO TAX. Confused with a different purchase...). PM me if you're interested.
I love the Mr. Gray loafer socks. They're the only ones that don't slip off my heel, and they're comfortable to boot.
I'm 6'4, 190 lb, 41" chest, 19" shoulders and I went large. Fits great.
For anyone with the loopwheel sweatpants, do you find that they don't stretch as much/ bag out less as you wear them than the traditional fleece? The fit is always spot on out of the box or fresh from the wash on my burgundy escobars, but they get a bit baggy (especially in the butt) after a few hours of wear.
This morning I put on my (Derby Marl) Heirloom cardigan over my (tobacco) Union Jersey tee and asked my wife how I looked: "Good...but it's a shame to cover up that T-shirt."
I'm 6'4", 190 lb, 41" chest. Waver between large and xl in Epaulet shirts. Any guesses what I'd be in the tees?
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