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Hey Mike, Do you remember what Epaulet gloves Matt (leftofthedial) was wearing last winter? He showed me in the shop one time, and I loved them. Were they the Sienna? I'm having trouble remembering, especially because his pair was so awesomely broken in.
Used this. Thank you!
I received the three-button hooded sweatshirt yesterday. I love it. It fits WAY better than the sweatshirts I picked up a year or so ago, longer and drapier. I really didn't expect to like it as much as I do, but it will see heavy rotation this fall.
Mine shrunk quite a bit. I got the 42 (I usually wear a 40), so it was still wearable, but I was a little annoyed at how much it shrank, given that it's supposed to be preshrunk.
Forgive me if I'm being dumb, but is a large in the loopwheeled tee equivalent to an XL in the henley?
No tees/henleys this week? *tear*
Sorry if I missed it, but any update on the shorts mentioned a while back?
It's been a few weeks since I saw mentions of the henleys and hoodies. Any updates?
Anybody get their star jack yet? Mine supposedly shipped out Monday, but I still haven't received it. (No tracking info available)
Thanks. I actually picked up the black mesh with white soles (still want white, but decided to wait for the leather version), and just got them today. (Which is insane. From TBS to NYC in two days? I'm in awe.) I really dig them. First pair of CP, and they're crazy comfortable and feel like how I wish all my good shoes would feel. C
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