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Quote: Originally Posted by Infrasonic Gurus5000 your profile has a weblink for Nicholas Jones, which is a stones throw from Edwards, who stock G&G RTW, MTO and bespoke. Alan Clemence knows more about shoes than is healthy for a normal human being. Confused... I Hi Infrasonic, Yes I know Alan but I just wanted to know peoples opinions on here that have no benefit from selling them etc. Thanks.
Hi Jamaican, I posted you a private message and I am just enquiring to see if you have received it or if I have incorrectly sent it. Regards
What material is the stem of the umbrella made out of on a James Smith & Sons Whangee Handle Classic City Umbrella?
So how long did these shoes take to receive them? Also with the mto program that G&G run what options do you have with the shoes? Thanks in advance Jamaican
What a fantastic looking shoe I would certainly like to invest in a similar pair. Hope to see more pictures soon.
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