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if anyone has any sources for a quilted chambray vest in black in size S - please get in touch. I'd be most indebted.
H&M cardigans are fucking amazing. They're the best low-priced garment I've ever bought.
Haha, yeah, what the hell? Who plans a date a month in advance?
I wish that were a 38. Where is this sweater from?
Vaclav is literally the greatest poster on any message board I've ever come across. Calling him a "troll" is like calling pate an unrefined goose organ. His threads, his posts, his personality go so far beyond trolling that they are more accurately described as performance art. Vaclav's banning was one of the saddest things I've ever seen. If I could choose only one person from this forum to meet in person, it would be -- without question -- Vaclav.
this thread made me think of Pulp Fiction
Quote: Originally Posted by macuser3of5 I'm still trying to figure out why you lumped Raf into this goth look... Raf is clearly influenced by goth, industrial, and punk music. Take a look at Trent Reznor circa Lollapalooza '91 and you pretty much have a huge part of Raf's aesthetic right there. Obviously there's a lot more to it -- lots of Raf's stuff is very futuristic and "areferential" like Fuuma said -- but saying he has nothing to do with...
You don't need to "agree" or "disagree" with my aesthetic preferences and choices. They're mine and mine alone. I'm hoping they give blank a better idea of why some people like the clothing he's asking about, or at least where I'm coming from.
Quote: Originally Posted by blank It doesn't bother me at all. I'm learning a lot from this thread. I have a sort of Americana style that I dig, it suits me well, and I'm trying to learn more about what appeals people to certain styles, specifically this one which I see popping up a lot lately. If I don't get it, I'd like to learn why or learn more. Ah. Okay. Well.. I mean, that's kind of a difficult question, since where exactly does our...
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